22 ranked institutions
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1 (175)Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, USAUSANon-Profit
2 (219)Istituto Italiano di TecnologiaITANon-Profit
3 (271)Minatec Campus d'Innovation en Micro et NanotechnologiesFRANon-Profit
4 (372)Fondazione Bruno KesslerITANon-Profit
5 (464)Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers *MULNon-Profit
6 (484)TecnaliaESPNon-Profit
7 (491)Woods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionUSANon-Profit
8 (506)National Institute of AerospaceUSANon-Profit
9 (579)National Applied Research Laboratories *TWNNon-Profit
10 (581)Shanghai Institute of TechnologyCHNNon-Profit
11 (592)Chinese Research Academy of Environmental SciencesCHNNon-Profit
11 (592)National Engineering Research Center for Information Technology in AgricultureCHNNon-Profit
12 (614)Electric Power Research InstituteUSANon-Profit
13 (617)Shandong Computer Science CenterCHNNon-Profit
14 (628)National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical TeamCHNNon-Profit
15 (660)Southwest Research InstituteUSANon-Profit
16 (670)ITER OrganizationFRANon-Profit
17 (707)Central Research Institute of Electrical Power IndustryJPNNon-Profit
18 (714)China Electronics Technology Group Corp No 22 Research InstituteCHNNon-Profit
19 (717)Shanxi Electric Power Research InstituteCHNNon-Profit
20 (752)Jiangxi Electric Power Design InstituteCHNNon-Profit
21 (759)Wuhan Second Ship Design and Research InstituteCHNNon-Profit