67 ranked institutions
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1 (20)Russian Academy of Sciences *RUSGovernment
2 (34)Peoples'Friendship University of RussiaRUSUniversity
3 (111)Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic *CZEGovernment
4 (156)Polish Academy of Sciences *POLGovernment
5 (261)University of Novi SadSRBUniversity
6 (262)University of ZagrebHRVUniversity
7 (288)Institute of Botany of the ASCRCZEGovernment
8 (298)Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life SciencesHUNUniversity
9 (312)University of DebrecenHUNUniversity
10 (361)Charles University *CZEUniversity
11 (366)Masaryk UniversityCZEUniversity
12 (367)Jagiellonian UniversityPOLUniversity
13 (443)Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernment
14 (463)Institute of Microbiology of the ASCRCZEGovernment
15 (492)Bulgarian Academy of Sciences *BGRGovernment
16 (504)University of BialystokPOLUniversity
17 (520)University of South BohemiaCZEUniversity
18 (559)West Pomeranian University of TechnologyPOLUniversity
19 (564)A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution Russian Academy of SciencesRUSGovernment
20 (568)Zoological Institute Russian Academy of SciencesRUSGovernment
21 (574)Czech University of Life Sciences PragueCZEUniversity
22 (627)Krasnoyarsk Science Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of SciencesRUSGovernment
23 (660)P P Shirshov Institute of Oceanology Russian Academy of SciencesRUSGovernment
24 (670)Hungarian Academy of Sciences *HUNGovernment
25 (715)Federal Research Centre Fundamentals of Biotechnology Russian Academy of SciencesRUSGovernment
26 (726)University of Warmia and MazuryPOLUniversity
27 (733)Centre for Ecological ResearchHUNGovernment
28 (738)Siberian Federal UniversityRUSUniversity
29 (747)Adam Mickiewicz UniversityPOLUniversity
30 (759)Technical University of KosiceSVKUniversity
31 (807)University of Ljubljana *SVNUniversity
32 (843)University of TartuESTUniversity
33 (854)University of WarsawPOLUniversity
34 (855)University of GdanskPOLUniversity
35 (911)Lomonosov Moscow State UniversityRUSUniversity
36 (931)Comenius University in BratislavaSVKUniversity
37 (956)Ruder Boskovic Institute *HRVGovernment
38 (973)Poznan University of Life SciencesPOLUniversity
39 (974)Institute of Vertebrate Biology of the ASCRCZEGovernment
40 (975)National Institute of BiologySVNGovernment
41 (981)University of LodzPOLUniversity
42 (1006)Biology Centre of the ASCRCZEGovernment
43 (1030)University of MontenegroMNEUniversity
44 (1033)University of BucharestROUUniversity
45 (1034)Warsaw University of Life SciencesPOLUniversity
46 (1048)Klaipeda UniversityLTUUniversity
47 (1058)Saint Petersburg State UniversityRUSUniversity
48 (1069)Kazimierz Wielki UniversityPOLUniversity
49 (1074)University of Silesia in KatowicePOLUniversity
50 (1093)Nicolaus Copernicus UniversityPOLUniversity
51 (1096)University of BelgradeSRBUniversity
52 (1114)Tallinn University of TechnologyESTUniversity
53 (1128)Estonian University of Life SciencesESTUniversity
54 (1150)Slovak Academy of Sciences *SVKGovernment
55 (1208)Limnological Institute Russian Academy of SciencesRUSGovernment
56 (1224)Karelian Research Center Russian Academy of SciencesRUSGovernment
57 (1226)University of SplitHRVUniversity
58 (1229)University of SzczecinPOLUniversity
59 (1244)Mendel University in BrnoCZEUniversity
60 (1269)National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine *UKRGovernment
61 (1283)Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystems Research Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGRGovernment
62 (1306)Tomsk State UniversityRUSUniversity
63 (1308)Sofia UniversityBGRUniversity
64 (1314)Papanin Institute for Biology of Inland Waters Russian Academy of SciencesRUSGovernment
65 (1319)Kazan Federal UniversityRUSUniversity
66 (1348)Far Eastern Federal UniversityRUSUniversity
67 (1368)V.I. Il'ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute Russian Academy of SciencesRUSGovernment