17 ranked institutions
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1 (106)Russian Academy of Sciences *RUSGovernment
2 (117)Russian Academy of Medical SciencesRUSHealth
3 (138)VA Nasonova Scientific Research Institute of Rheumatology of the Russian Academy of Medical SciencesRUSHealth
4 (155)Charles University *CZEUniversity
5 (226)Semmelweis UniversityHUNUniversity
6 (265)University of Ljubljana *SVNUniversity
7 (295)Ljubljana University Medical CentreSVNHealth
8 (300)I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical UniversityRUSUniversity
9 (305)University of DebrecenHUNUniversity
10 (351)Wroclaw Medical UniversityPOLUniversity
11 (451)Medical University of Sofia *BGRUniversity
12 (492)Carol Davila University of Medicine and PharmacyROUUniversity
13 (544)Medical University of LodzPOLUniversity
14 (608)University of ZagrebHRVUniversity
15 (611)University Hospital Centre ZagrebHRVHealth
16 (696)Lviv National Medical University Danylo HalyckyUKRUniversity
17 (812)Pirogov Russian National Research Medical UniversityRUSUniversity