2093 ranked institutions
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1 (1)Chinese Academy of Sciences *CHNGovernment
2 (3)Samsung Electronics, South KoreaKORCompany
3 (17)State Grid Corporation of China *CHNCompany
4 (22)Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of ChinaCHNGovernment
5 (34)Huawei Software Technology Co Ltd, ChinaCHNCompany
6 (53)Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
7 (66)Genome Institute of SingaporeSGPGovernment
8 (68)Samsung Advanced Institute TechnologyKORGovernment
9 (73)Singapore Immunology NetworkSGPGovernment
10 (74)Microsoft Research, AsiaCHNCompany
10 (74)Sony JapanJPNCompany
11 (82)Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.TWNCompany
12 (88)Toshiba Corp JapanJPNCompany
13 (93)Agency for Science, Technology and Research Singapore *SGPGovernment
14 (100)Tsinghua University *CHNUniversity
15 (102)Fujitsu, JapanJPNCompany
16 (106)Institute of Molecular and Cell BiologySGPGovernment
17 (112)Panasonic Corp, JapanJPNCompany
18 (124)Zhejiang University *CHNUniversity
19 (126)ZTE, ChinaCHNCompany
20 (128)Institute of MicroelectronicsSGPGovernment
21 (147)LG Electronics, South KoreaKORCompany
22 (148)Genomics Research Center, Academia SinicaTWNGovernment
23 (154)Peking University *CHNUniversity
24 (155)National University of Singapore *SGPUniversity
25 (156)The University of Hong Kong *HKGUniversity
26 (158)Japan Science & Technology AgencyJPNGovernment
27 (161)NEC JapanJPNCompany
28 (162)Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Inc, JapanJPNCompany
29 (163)Institute of Materials Research and EngineeringSGPGovernment
29 (163)National University Cancer InstituteSGPHealth
30 (164)Singapore-MIT AllianceSGPGovernment
30 (164)National Research Foundation Singapore *SGPGovernment
30 (164)Institute of Chemical and Engineering SciencesSGPGovernment
30 (164)Shanghai Jiao Tong University *CHNUniversity
30 (164)Institute of Medical BiologySGPGovernment
31 (166)Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
32 (169)Nanyang Technological University *SGPUniversity
33 (171)Mitsubishi Electric Corp, JapanJPNCompany
34 (180)Bioinformatics InstituteSGPGovernment
35 (182)Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
36 (183)Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
37 (191)National Institute of Biological Sciences, BeijingCHNGovernment
38 (194)University of Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNUniversity
39 (197)Institute of Biomedical Science, Academia SinicaTWNGovernment
40 (199)Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
41 (201)Toyota Motor Corp, JapanJPNCompany
42 (202)Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology *KORUniversity
43 (206)Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular SciencesCHNGovernment
44 (209)Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. JapanJPNCompany
45 (212)Korea Institute of Science and TechnologyKORGovernment
46 (213)Beijing Institute of Microbiology and EpidemiologyCHNNon-Profit
47 (216)Jiangnan University *CHNUniversity
47 (216)Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
48 (217)Mechanobiology InstituteSGPGovernment
49 (219)Astellas Pharma IncJPNCompany
50 (221)Seoul National University *KORUniversity
51 (222)Electronics Telecommunication Research InstituteKORGovernment
52 (225)Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
52 (225)Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
53 (227)National Chemical LaboratoryINDGovernment
53 (227)Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
54 (228)South China University of TechnologyCHNUniversity
55 (230)University of Tokyo *JPNUniversity
56 (234)Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
56 (234)National Cancer CentreSGPHealth
57 (235)Tianjin University *CHNUniversity
58 (238)Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Academia SinicaTWNGovernment
59 (242)Fudan University *CHNUniversity
60 (243)Soochow University, Suzhou *CHNUniversity
61 (246)Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemical Science and EngineeringCHNGovernment
61 (246)Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and BiotechnologyKORGovernment
61 (246)Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
62 (247)Institute of Chemistry, Academia SinicaTWNGovernment
62 (247)China Pharmaceutical UniversityCHNUniversity
62 (247)Huazhong University of Science and Technology *CHNUniversity
63 (248)Tata Consultancy Services LtdINDCompany
63 (248)China State Institute of Pharmaceutical IndustryCHNCompany
64 (253)Shenyang Pharmaceutical UniversityCHNUniversity
64 (253)Shanghai Cancer InstituteCHNGovernment
65 (254)Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
66 (256)Institute for Basic ScienceKORGovernment
66 (256)Ngee Ann PolytechnicSGPUniversity
67 (257)Jilin University *CHNUniversity
68 (259)Council of Scientific and Industrial Research *INDGovernment
69 (260)Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia SinicaTWNGovernment
70 (261)Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and TechnologyCHNGovernment
70 (261)IBM India Research LaboratoryINDCompany
71 (262)National Center for Nanoscience and Technology of ChinaCHNGovernment
72 (263)Korea Research Institute of Chemical TechnologyKORGovernment
73 (264)Southeast University, Nanjing *CHNUniversity
74 (266)Hyundai Motor Co, South KoreaKORCompany
75 (268)Denso Corp, JapanJPNCompany
75 (268)Nankai University *CHNUniversity
76 (270)Industrial Technology Research Institute of TaiwanTWNGovernment
77 (274)Nippon Telegraph and Telephone CorpJPNCompany
78 (275)Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific ResearchINDUniversity
79 (276)Korea University *KORUniversity
80 (277)Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
81 (279)Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences *CHNGovernment
81 (279)Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology *KORUniversity
82 (280)Chengdu Organic Chemicals Company Ltd. Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
83 (281)Indian Institute of Integrative MedicineINDGovernment
84 (283)Institute for Infocomm ResearchSGPGovernment
85 (285)RIKEN-Institute of Physical and Chemical ResearchJPNGovernment
86 (286)Sungkyunkwan UniversityKORUniversity
86 (286)Pohang University of Science and TechnologyKORUniversity
87 (287)University of Science and Technology of ChinaCHNUniversity
87 (287)Harbin Institute of TechnologyCHNUniversity
88 (288)Hamamatsu Photonics KK, JapanJPNCompany
89 (289)The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyHKGUniversity
90 (291)Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia SinicaTWNGovernment
91 (293)Osaka University *JPNUniversity
91 (293)Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research InstituteINDGovernment
92 (294)TencentCHNCompany
92 (294)Academy of Military Medical Sciences *CHNHealth
92 (294)Shandong University *CHNUniversity
93 (297)Indian Institute of Chemical TechnologyINDGovernment
94 (298)Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical ScienceJPNHealth
95 (299)Nanjing University *CHNUniversity
96 (301)Kyoto University *JPNUniversity
96 (301)Academia Sinica *TWNGovernment
96 (301)National Taiwan UniversityTWNUniversity
96 (301)Sichuan University *CHNUniversity
97 (302)Beijing University of Chemical TechnologyCHNUniversity
97 (302)Sumitomo Electric Ind Ltd, JapanJPNCompany
98 (304)University of Electronic Science and Technology of ChinaCHNUniversity
99 (305)Hanyang University *KORUniversity
100 (306)Sun Yat-Sen University *CHNUniversity
101 (307)Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
101 (307)National Tsing Hua UniversityTWNUniversity
102 (308)National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & TechnologyJPNGovernment
102 (308)Tata Sons LtdINDCompany
103 (309)Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
103 (309)Yonsei University *KORUniversity
104 (310)Wuhan University *CHNUniversity
105 (311)Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information TechnologyCHNGovernment
106 (312)The Chinese University of Hong Kong *HKGUniversity
107 (313)East China University of Science and TechnologyCHNUniversity
108 (315)Singapore Eye Research InstituteSGPHealth
109 (317)Korea Electronics Technology InstituteKORGovernment
109 (317)Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life ScienceJPNUniversity
109 (317)Hitachi Ltd, JapanJPNCompany
110 (318)National Chiao Tung UniversityTWNUniversity
110 (318)Guangdong Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
110 (318)Shionogi & Co LtdJPNCompany
110 (318)State Key Laboratory of Millimeter WavesHKGGovernment
111 (320)Xiamen University *CHNUniversity
112 (321)Wuhan National Laboratory for OptoelectronicsCHNGovernment
112 (321)Singapore National Eye Centre *SGPHealth
113 (326)Zhejiang Sci-Tech UniversityCHNUniversity
113 (326)Xidian UniversityCHNUniversity
114 (327)Korea Basic Science InstituteKORGovernment
114 (327)Institute of Information Science, Academia SinicaTWNGovernment
115 (330)National Institute of Health SciencesJPNHealth
115 (330)Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate UniversityJPNUniversity
116 (332)Air Force Medical University *CHNUniversity
116 (332)Korea University of Science and TechnologyKORUniversity
117 (336)Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
118 (337)National Cancer CenterJPNHealth
118 (337)State Key Laboratory of Structural Chemistry of Unstable and Stable SpeciesCHNGovernment
118 (337)Central Drug Research InstituteINDGovernment
118 (337)Xi'an Jiaotong University *CHNUniversity
118 (337)Centre for Cellular and Molecular BiologyINDGovernment
118 (337)Gwangju Institute of Science and TechnologyKORUniversity
118 (337)Beijing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsCHNUniversity
119 (338)ShanghaiTech UniversityCHNUniversity
120 (339)Sojo UniversityJPNUniversity
120 (339)Zhejiang University of TechnologyCHNUniversity
121 (340)Nanjing Medical University *CHNUniversity
121 (340)National Cancer CenterKORHealth
122 (341)Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
122 (341)National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and ResearchINDUniversity
122 (341)Kyung Hee University *KORUniversity
122 (341)Dalian University of TechnologyCHNUniversity
122 (341)National Center for Genetic Engineering and BiotechnologyTHAGovernment
123 (342)Tongji University *CHNUniversity
123 (342)National Institute for Materials ScienceJPNGovernment
123 (342)Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
124 (343)Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
124 (343)Institute of Microbial TechnologyINDGovernment
125 (344)Central South University *CHNUniversity
125 (344)Nanjing University of TechnologyCHNUniversity
125 (344)Fujian Institute of Research On the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
126 (345)International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, New DelhiINDGovernment
126 (345)Shanghai Medical College of Fudan UniversityCHNUniversity
126 (345)Second Military Medical University *CHNUniversity
126 (345)Hospital for Tropical Diseases *VNMHealth
127 (346)Chinese Academy of Inspection and QuarantineCHNGovernment
128 (347)Tohoku University *JPNUniversity
128 (347)Singapore University of Technology and DesignSGPUniversity
128 (347)National Institutes for Food and Drug ControlCHNGovernment
129 (348)Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
130 (349)State Key Joint Laboratory of Integrated OptoelectronicsCHNGovernment
130 (349)Konkuk University *KORUniversity
130 (349)Fuji Electric, JapanJPNCompany
130 (349)Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
131 (351)Shanghai Institute of Ceramics Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
132 (352)Oxford University Clinical Research UnitVNMUniversity
132 (352)Academy of Scientific and Innovative ResearchINDUniversity
132 (352)Gifu Pharmaceutical UniversityJPNUniversity
133 (353)China National Rice Research InstituteCHNGovernment
134 (355)Changzhou UniversityCHNUniversity
135 (357)Army Medical University *CHNUniversity
135 (357)BeiHang UniversityCHNUniversity
135 (357)Jiangsu University *CHNUniversity
136 (358)Beijing Institute of TechnologyCHNUniversity
137 (359)City University of Hong Kong *HKGUniversity
137 (359)Guangdong Pharmaceutical UniversityCHNUniversity
137 (359)National Heart Centre SingaporeSGPHealth
137 (359)Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College *CHNUniversity
138 (361)Aichi Cancer Center ResearchJPNHealth
138 (361)Nanjing University of Science and TechnologyCHNUniversity
139 (363)North East Institute of Science and TechnologyINDGovernment
139 (363)National Hospital for Tropical Diseases *VNMHealth
140 (365)Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
140 (365)Jinan University *CHNUniversity
140 (365)Sun Yat-sen University Cancer CenterCHNHealth
140 (365)Institute of Genomics and Integrative BiologyINDGovernment
141 (366)National Health Research InstitutesTWNHealth
141 (366)Shenzhen UniversityCHNUniversity
141 (366)Taipei Medical UniversityTWNUniversity
142 (367)Affiliated Jiangsu Cancer HospitalCHNHealth
142 (367)Hong Kong Baptist UniversityHKGUniversity
143 (368)China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation *CHNCompany
143 (368)University of JinanCHNUniversity
143 (368)Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of ScienceCHNGovernment
144 (370)Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
144 (370)Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
144 (370)Kyushu University *JPNUniversity
144 (370)National University Health System *SGPHealth
145 (371)Nanjing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsCHNUniversity
146 (372)Ajou UniversityKORUniversity
146 (372)Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine *CHNUniversity
147 (373)Ministry of AgricultureCHNGovernment
147 (373)Donghua UniversityCHNUniversity
148 (374)The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang UniversityCHNHealth
148 (374)Fuzhou UniversityCHNUniversity
149 (375)National Institute of Public Health of JapanJPNHealth
149 (375)Hunan UniversityCHNUniversity
149 (375)Ningbo UniversityCHNUniversity
150 (376)Yijishan HospitalCHNHealth
150 (376)National Chung Hsing UniversityTWNUniversity
151 (377)Nanjing Agricultural UniversityCHNUniversity
151 (377)Ewha Womans University *KORUniversity
151 (377)Shanghai Jiao Tong University Affiliated First People's HospitalCHNHealth
151 (377)Macau University of Science and TechnologyMACUniversity
152 (378)Shanghai Public Health Clinical CenterCHNHealth
152 (378)Hubei Engineering UniversityCHNUniversity
152 (378)Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences *CHNGovernment
152 (378)Honda Motor Co Ltd, JapanJPNCompany
153 (379)Cha University *KORUniversity
153 (379)Singapore Institute for Clinical SciencesSGPGovernment
153 (379)Shanghai Institute of TechnologyCHNNon-Profit
154 (380)Aichi Gakuin UniversityJPNUniversity
154 (380)Qingdao University of Science and TechnologyCHNUniversity
154 (380)Hanbat National UniversityKORUniversity
154 (380)Shanghai UniversityCHNUniversity
154 (380)Tohoku University HospitalJPNHealth
155 (381)Myongji UniversityKORUniversity
155 (381)Tokyo Institute of TechnologyJPNUniversity
155 (381)Gachon UniversityKORUniversity
155 (381)Dongguk University *KORUniversity
155 (381)China Medical University, Taichung *TWNUniversity
156 (382)University of MacauMACUniversity
156 (382)Keio University *JPNUniversity
156 (382)Peking University Health Science CenterCHNUniversity
157 (383)National Center of Neurology and PsychiatryJPNHealth
158 (384)Tianjin University of Science and TechnologyCHNUniversity
158 (384)China Agricultural UniversityCHNUniversity
158 (384)Wenzhou UniversityCHNUniversity
159 (385)Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical UniversityCHNHealth
159 (385)Tokyo Medical and Dental UniversityJPNUniversity
159 (385)Shanghai East HospitalCHNHealth
159 (385)Sogang UniversityKORUniversity
160 (386)Kandang Kerbau Women's and Children's HospitalSGPHealth
161 (387)The General Hospital of the People's Liberation ArmyCHNHealth
161 (387)Korea Institute of Energy ResearchKORGovernment
161 (387)Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and HospitalCHNHealth
161 (387)Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute InternationalJPNGovernment
161 (387)Fujian University of Traditional Chinese MedicineCHNUniversity
161 (387)Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal UniversityCHNUniversity
162 (388)Southern Medical University *CHNUniversity
162 (388)Jinling HospitalCHNHealth
162 (388)Nagoya University *JPNUniversity
162 (388)Korea Electrotechnology Research InstituteKORGovernment
162 (388)China National Petroleum Corp *CHNCompany
163 (389)Kyungpook National University *KORUniversity
163 (389)Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical UniversityCHNHealth
163 (389)Third Affiliated Hospital of Soochow UniversityCHNHealth
163 (389)National Cheng Kung UniversityTWNUniversity
163 (389)Hubei UniversityCHNUniversity
163 (389)Nagoya University HospitalJPNHealth
163 (389)Institute of High Performance ComputingSGPGovernment
164 (390)University of Ulsan *KORUniversity
164 (390)Huazhong Agricultural UniversityCHNUniversity
165 (391)Ministry of HealthCHNHealth
165 (391)Institute of Nuclear Energy ResearchTWNGovernment
165 (391)Renji HospitalCHNHealth
166 (392)Chonnam National UniversityKORUniversity
166 (392)Shanghai Fifth People's HospitalCHNHealth
166 (392)First Affiliated Southwest Hospital to Third Military Medical UniversityCHNHealth
166 (392)Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic PlantsINDGovernment
166 (392)Nagoya City University *JPNUniversity
167 (393)Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery HospitalCHNHealth
167 (393)Sunchon National UniversityKORUniversity
167 (393)Korea Institute of Machinery and MaterialsKORGovernment
168 (394)Harbin Medical University *CHNUniversity
168 (394)Japanese Foundation for Cancer ResearchJPNHealth
168 (394)Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
169 (395)Guangdong Medical UniversityCHNUniversity
169 (395)Dankook UniversityKORUniversity
169 (395)Lanzhou University *CHNUniversity
169 (395)Hefei University of TechnologyCHNUniversity
170 (396)Tunghai UniversityTWNUniversity
170 (396)Tianjin Medical University *CHNUniversity
170 (396)Shanghai Tenth People's HospitalCHNHealth
170 (396)National Agriculture and Food Research OrganizationJPNGovernment
171 (397)Yangzhou UniversityCHNUniversity
171 (397)Sun Yat-sen University Sixth HospitalCHNHealth
172 (398)Niigata University Medical and Dental HospitalJPNHealth
172 (398)Hokkaido University of Health SciencesJPNUniversity
172 (398)Okayama University HospitalJPNHealth
172 (398)Second Affiliated Xinqiao Hospital to Third Military Medical UniversityCHNHealth
172 (398)Chungnam National UniversityKORUniversity
172 (398)Yancheng Institute of TechnologyCHNUniversity
173 (399)Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of ScienceCHNGovernment
173 (399)Nanfang HospitalCHNHealth
173 (399)Chongqing UniversityCHNUniversity
173 (399)Inha UniversityKORUniversity
174 (400)Osaka National HospitalJPNHealth
174 (400)National Center for Global Health and MedicineJPNHealth
174 (400)Hengyang Normal UniversityCHNUniversity
174 (400)South China Normal UniversityCHNUniversity
174 (400)National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical TeamCHNNon-Profit
174 (400)Zhengzhou University *CHNUniversity
175 (401)Chang Gung UniversityTWNUniversity
175 (401)State Grid Shandong Electric Power CoCHNCompany
175 (401)Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
175 (401)Xijing HospitalCHNHealth
176 (402)Northwest Normal UniversityCHNUniversity
176 (402)Nantong University *CHNUniversity
176 (402)Kyoto Pharmaceutical UniversityJPNUniversity
177 (403)National University of Defense TechnologyCHNUniversity
177 (403)Wenzhou Medical University *CHNUniversity
177 (403)Samsung Medical Center SeoulKORHealth
177 (403)Hokkaido University *JPNUniversity
177 (403)Institute of Chemical Technology, MumbaiINDUniversity
178 (404)Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
178 (404)Qingdao University *CHNUniversity
178 (404)Sapporo Medical University *JPNUniversity
178 (404)Shandong University Qilu HospitalCHNHealth
178 (404)South Central University for NationalitiesCHNUniversity
178 (404)Toyota Central R&D Labs Inc, JapanJPNCompany
178 (404)Chonbuk National University *KORUniversity
178 (404)Zhejiang Normal UniversityCHNUniversity
179 (405)Affiliated Nanjing First HospitalCHNHealth
179 (405)National Institute of GeneticsJPNHealth
179 (405)Nara Institute of Science and TechnologyJPNUniversity
179 (405)Shaanxi University of Science and TechnologyCHNUniversity
179 (405)Anhui Normal UniversityCHNUniversity
180 (406)Nanjing University of Aeronautics and AstronauticsCHNUniversity
180 (406)Shuang Ho HospitalTWNHealth
180 (406)Pusan National UniversityKORUniversity
180 (406)Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityHKGUniversity
180 (406)Central Electrochemical Research InstituteINDGovernment
180 (406)Yeungnam UniversityKORUniversity
180 (406)Kumamoto University *JPNUniversity
180 (406)Dalian Medical University *CHNUniversity
181 (407)Jiangxi Agricultural UniversityCHNUniversity
181 (407)Chung-Ang University *KORUniversity
181 (407)China University of PetroleumCHNUniversity
181 (407)Jiangxi Normal UniversityCHNUniversity
181 (407)Shanghai Changzheng HospitalCHNHealth
181 (407)Gannan Normal UniversityCHNUniversity
182 (408)Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical SciencesKORHealth
182 (408)Anhui Agricultural UniversityCHNUniversity
182 (408)University of Malaya *MYSUniversity
182 (408)Shanghai Cancer Center Fudan UniversityCHNHealth
182 (408)East China Normal UniversityCHNUniversity
183 (409)Jiangsu Provincial Government *CHNGovernment
183 (409)Nanjing Botanical Garden Memorial Sun Yat-Sen Jiangsu Province and Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
183 (409)West China HospitalCHNHealth
183 (409)Jilin Normal UniversityCHNUniversity
183 (409)Third Affiliated Daping Hospital to Third Military Medical UniversityCHNHealth
183 (409)Animal and Plant Quarantine AgencyKORGovernment
183 (409)Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, ChiayiTWNHealth
183 (409)Second Hospital of Shandong UniversityCHNHealth
183 (409)Kookmin UniversityKORUniversity
183 (409)China Three Gorges UniversityCHNUniversity
184 (410)Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine *CHNUniversity
184 (410)Ministry of Public SecurityCHNGovernment
184 (410)Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
184 (410)Ruijin HospitalCHNHealth
184 (410)Kyoto Prefectural University of MedicineJPNUniversity
184 (410)National Yang-Ming UniversityTWNUniversity
184 (410)National Taiwan University HospitalTWNHealth
184 (410)Second Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University CHNHealth
184 (410)National Hospital Organization Nagoya Medical CenterJPNHealth
184 (410)Kunming University of Science and TechnologyCHNUniversity
185 (411)Guangdong University of TechnologyCHNUniversity
185 (411)Shanghai Shuguang HospitalCHNHealth
185 (411)Northeast Normal UniversityCHNUniversity
185 (411)Hefei Institutes of Physical Sciences, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
185 (411)Xi'An Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
185 (411)China Medical University HospitalTWNHealth
185 (411)Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
185 (411)West China Hospital of StomatologyCHNHealth
186 (412)Shanxi Datong UniversityCHNUniversity
186 (412)Anyang Normal UniversityCHNUniversity
186 (412)Sookmyung Womens UniversityKORUniversity
186 (412)Harbin Engineering UniversityCHNUniversity
186 (412)Guangxi Normal UniversityCHNUniversity
187 (413)Central Food Technological Research InstituteINDGovernment
187 (413)Liaocheng University *CHNUniversity
187 (413)Kangwon National University *KORUniversity
187 (413)Hangzhou Normal University *CHNUniversity
187 (413)Kaohsiung Medical UniversityTWNUniversity
187 (413)Tokyo University of Agriculture and TechnologyJPNUniversity
187 (413)Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
187 (413)Center for Disease Control and Prevention ChinaCHNHealth
188 (414)Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
189 (415)Xiangtan UniversityCHNUniversity
189 (415)Kurume University *JPNUniversity
189 (415)Tianjin Normal UniversityCHNUniversity
189 (415)Tokushima Bunri UniversityJPNUniversity
189 (415)Catholic University of Korea *KORUniversity
189 (415)Institute of Himalayan Bioresource TechnologyINDGovernment
189 (415)Yonsei University Health SystemKORHealth
189 (415)Guangxi UniversityCHNUniversity
190 (416)Singapore General HospitalSGPHealth
190 (416)Juntendo University *JPNUniversity
190 (416)Ningxia Medical UniversityCHNUniversity
190 (416)Blood Diseases HospitalCHNHealth
190 (416)Northwestern Polytechnical UniversityCHNUniversity
191 (417)Jianghan UniversityCHNUniversity
191 (417)University Hospital Kumamoto UniversityJPNHealth
191 (417)Indian Institute of ScienceINDUniversity
191 (417)Zhongshan HospitalCHNHealth
191 (417)Daegu Haany UniversityKORUniversity
191 (417)University of ShizuokaJPNUniversity
191 (417)Osaka Prefecture UniversityJPNUniversity
191 (417)Tianjin University of TechnologyCHNUniversity
192 (418)Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials ScienceCHNGovernment
192 (418)Yanbian University *CHNUniversity
192 (418)North Maharashtra UniversityINDUniversity
192 (418)Qilu University of TechnologyCHNUniversity
192 (418)National Institute of Radiological SciencesJPNHealth
192 (418)Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural SciencesCHNUniversity
192 (418)Heilongjiang UniversityCHNUniversity
193 (419)Wuhan Union HospitalCHNHealth
193 (419)Nanchang University *CHNUniversity
193 (419)Gyeongsang National University *KORUniversity
193 (419)First Hospital of Shanxi Medical UniversityCHNHealth
193 (419)Chiba University *JPNUniversity
193 (419)Shandong Agricultural UniversityCHNUniversity
193 (419)University of Tsukuba *JPNUniversity
193 (419)National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and TechnologyINDGovernment
194 (420)Okayama University of ScienceJPNUniversity
194 (420)Tianjin Polytechnic UniversityCHNUniversity
194 (420)Tangdu HospitalCHNHealth
194 (420)Huazhong Normal UniversityCHNUniversity
194 (420)First Affiliated Jiangsu Province Hospital with Nanjing Medical UniversityCHNHealth
194 (420)Shenyang University of Chemical TechnologyCHNUniversity
194 (420)PetroChina Co LtdCHNCompany
194 (420)National Chung Cheng UniversityTWNUniversity
194 (420)Huashan HospitalCHNHealth
195 (421)Taipei Medical University HospitalTWNHealth
195 (421)China University of Mining and TechnologyCHNUniversity
195 (421)Singapore Institute of Manufacturing TechnologySGPGovernment
195 (421)Khulna UniversityBGDUniversity
195 (421)Huangshan UniversityCHNUniversity
195 (421)Korea Research Institute of Standards and ScienceKORGovernment
196 (422)Sun Yat-sen University Second HospitalCHNHealth
196 (422)Southwest University *CHNUniversity
196 (422)Saga University *JPNUniversity
196 (422)Tokyo University of ScienceJPNUniversity
197 (423)National Taipei University of TechnologyTWNUniversity
197 (423)Sichuan Agricultural UniversityCHNUniversity
197 (423)Ocean University of ChinaCHNUniversity
197 (423)Central Mechanical Engineering Research InstituteINDGovernment
197 (423)Qingdao Agricultural UniversityCHNUniversity
197 (423)Wonkwang University *KORUniversity
197 (423)Chung Shan Medical University HospitalTWNHealth
198 (424)Korea Food Research InstituteKORGovernment
198 (424)Nagoya Institute of TechnologyJPNUniversity
198 (424)Kwangwoon UniversityKORUniversity
198 (424)National Taiwan University of Science and TechnologyTWNUniversity
198 (424)Indian Association for the Cultivation of ScienceINDGovernment
199 (425)Weifang Medical UniversityCHNUniversity
199 (425)Kindai University *JPNUniversity
199 (425)Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
199 (425)Indian Institute of Chemical BiologyINDGovernment
199 (425)Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
199 (425)Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernment
199 (425)Taiyuan University of TechnologyCHNUniversity
199 (425)Asan Medical Center Seoul *KORHealth
200 (426)University of KitakyushuJPNUniversity
200 (426)China National Tobacco Corp *CHNGovernment
200 (426)Chungbuk National UniversityKORUniversity
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