129 ranked institutions
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1 (124)Melanoma Institute AustraliaAUSGovernment
2 (129)Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchAUSHealth
3 (208)Queensland Institute of Medical ResearchAUSHealth
4 (232)Garvan Institute of Medical ResearchAUSHealth
5 (249)Peter Maccallum Cancer CentreAUSHealth
6 (296)University of MelbourneAUSUniversity
7 (304)Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials ScienceAUSGovernment
8 (316)Monash University, Melbourne *AUSUniversity
9 (339)The University of Queensland *AUSUniversity
10 (344)Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes InstituteAUSHealth
11 (345)Florey Neuroscience InstitutesAUSHealth
12 (358)Harry Perkins Institute of Medical ResearchAUSHealth
13 (359)University of SydneyAUSUniversity
14 (363)University of New South WalesAUSUniversity
15 (370)Westmead Hospital AUSHealth
16 (373)Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonicsAUSGovernment
17 (381)Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization *AUSGovernment
18 (388)Springer Nature, New ZealandNZLCompany
19 (389)Australian Research Council *AUSGovernment
20 (393)Riddet InstituteNZLGovernment
21 (394)Centre for Eye Research AustraliaAUSHealth
22 (397)St Vincent's Hospital MelbourneAUSHealth
23 (400)Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital AUSHealth
24 (402)The University of AdelaideAUSUniversity
25 (403)University of South AustraliaAUSUniversity
26 (405)The Queen Elizabeth HospitalAUSHealth
27 (415)University of AucklandNZLUniversity
28 (418)Royal Melbourne HospitalAUSHealth
29 (419)Royal Prince Alfred Hospital AUSHealth
30 (420)Australian SynchrotronAUSCompany
31 (424)Princess Alexandra Hospital AUSHealth
32 (425)Burnet InstituteAUSHealth
32 (425)Austin HealthAUSHealth
33 (427)Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology *AUSUniversity
34 (428)Flinders Medical CentreAUSHealth
35 (429)Murdoch Children's Research InstituteAUSHealth
36 (430)Australian National UniversityAUSUniversity
36 (430)John Hunter Hospital AUSHealth
36 (430)St Vincent's Hospital SydneyAUSHealth
37 (431)The University of Western AustraliaAUSUniversity
38 (432)Neuroscience Research AustraliaAUSHealth
39 (433)Royal Adelaide Hospital AUSHealth
40 (434)Plant and Food ResearchNZLCompany
41 (435)Royal North Shore HospitalAUSHealth
42 (436)St George Hospital AUSHealth
43 (440)University of Wollongong *AUSUniversity
44 (441)Monash Medical Centre AUSHealth
44 (441)Concord Repatriation General Hospital AUSHealth
45 (442)Royal Perth Hospital AUSHealth
46 (445)University of Technology, SydneyAUSUniversity
47 (446)Royal Children's Hospital MelbourneAUSHealth
48 (447)Women's and Children's HospitalAUSHealth
48 (447)Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital *AUSHealth
49 (448)Queensland University of TechnologyAUSUniversity
50 (450)Griffith UniversityAUSUniversity
51 (451)AgResearch LtdNZLGovernment
52 (452)Barwon HealthAUSNon-Profit
52 (452)Deakin UniversityAUSUniversity
52 (452)Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital AUSHealth
53 (453)Defence and Science Technology Organisation AustraliaAUSGovernment
54 (454)University of OtagoNZLUniversity
55 (455)Alfred HealthAUSHealth
56 (456)Macquarie University *AUSUniversity
57 (457)Flinders UniversityAUSUniversity
58 (460)The Prince Charles HospitalAUSHealth
59 (461)La Trobe UniversityAUSUniversity
59 (461)Swinburne University of Technology *AUSUniversity
60 (462)Australian Nuclear Science & Technology OrganisationAUSGovernment
61 (464)Auckland City HospitalNZLHealth
62 (471)The University of NewcastleAUSUniversity
63 (472)Massey UniversityNZLUniversity
63 (472)Monash Health *AUSHealth
64 (475)The Children's Hospital at WestmeadAUSHealth
65 (476)Prince of Wales Hospital AUSHealth
66 (479)Christchurch HospitalNZLHealth
66 (479)Victoria University of WellingtonNZLUniversity
67 (480)Cancer Council VictoriaAUSHealth
68 (481)Curtin UniversityAUSUniversity
69 (483)Royal Women's Hospital AUSHealth
70 (485)University of CanterburyNZLUniversity
71 (488)University of Southern QueenslandAUSUniversity
72 (489)George Institute for International HealthAUSHealth
72 (489)University of TasmaniaAUSUniversity
73 (493)Murdoch UniversityAUSUniversity
74 (494)Auckland University of TechnologyNZLUniversity
75 (495)James Cook University *AUSUniversity
75 (495)Princess Margaret Hospital for Children AUSHealth
76 (496)Victoria UniversityAUSUniversity
76 (496)South Australian Research and Development InstituteAUSGovernment
77 (497)Nepean HospitalAUSHealth
78 (498)Edith Cowan UniversityAUSUniversity
79 (501)Charles Sturt UniversityAUSUniversity
79 (501)University of Western SydneyAUSUniversity
80 (504)University of WaikatoNZLUniversity
81 (505)Lincoln University, LincolnNZLUniversity
81 (505)Federation UniversityAUSUniversity
81 (505)Liverpool Hospital AUSHealth
82 (507)Orygen Youth HealthAUSHealth
83 (510)University of the Sunshine CoastAUSUniversity
84 (513)Black Dog InstituteAUSHealth
85 (514)University of CanberraAUSUniversity
86 (515)Southern Cross UniversityAUSUniversity
87 (516)Central Queensland UniversityAUSUniversity
87 (516)Australian Maritime CollegeAUSUniversity
88 (517)University of the South Pacific, FijiFJIUniversity
88 (517)University of Notre Dame AustraliaAUSUniversity
89 (519)New Zealand Forest Research InstituteNZLGovernment
90 (520)Bond UniversityAUSUniversity
90 (520)University of New England, AustraliaAUSUniversity
91 (521)Australian Catholic UniversityAUSUniversity
91 (521)Townsville HospitalAUSHealth
92 (522)GNS ScienceNZLCompany
93 (524)Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef StudiesAUSGovernment
93 (524)Australian Defence Force AcademyAUSUniversity
94 (525)Telethon Kids InstituteAUSHealth
94 (525)Menzies School of Health ResearchAUSUniversity
95 (529)Charles Darwin UniversityAUSUniversity
95 (529)Australian Institute of Marine ScienceAUSGovernment
95 (529)South Australian MuseumAUSNon-Profit
96 (532)National Institute of Water & Atmospheric ResearchNZLGovernment
96 (532)Landcare ResearchNZLGovernment
96 (532)ARC Centre of Excellence for All-Sky AstrophysicsAUSGovernment
97 (533)Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its DisordersAUSGovernment
98 (534)Bureau of Meteorology *AUSGovernment
99 (540)Australian MuseumAUSNon-Profit
99 (540)Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Core to Crust Fluid SystemsAUSGovernment
99 (540)Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Climate System ScienceAUSGovernment
99 (540)Australian Antarctic DivisionAUSGovernment
99 (540)Australian Astronomical ObservatoryAUSGovernment