1041 ranked institutions
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1 (5)Ionis PharmaceuticalsUSACompanyQ1
2 (6)Google Inc, USAUSACompanyQ1
3 (12)Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
4 (14)Baidu Inc, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
5 (16)IBM United StatesUSACompanyQ1
6 (17)Microsoft, USAUSACompanyQ1
7 (20)Facebook Inc, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
8 (21)Microsoft Research Redmond, USAUSACompanyQ1
9 (24)Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and TecnologyUSAUniversityQ1
10 (26)Sarah Cannon Research InstituteUSAHealthQ1
11 (31)Regeneron Pharmaceuticals IncUSACompanyQ1
12 (32)NVIDIA CorpUSACompanyQ1
13 (33)Scripps Research InstituteUSAHealthQ1
14 (34)Intel Labs, USAUSACompanyQ1
15 (37)Whitehead Institute for Biomedical ResearchUSAHealthQ1
16 (39)The New York Genome CenterUSAHealthQ1
17 (40)Mitsubishi Electric Research LaboratoriesUSACompanyQ1
18 (41)Mitsubishi Electric Corp, USAUSACompanyQ1
19 (44)Broad Institute of MIT and HarvardUSAHealthQ1
20 (45)Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and HarvardUSAHealthQ1
21 (46)Howard Hughes Medical Institute *USAHealthQ1
22 (47)Wistar InstituteUSAHealthQ1
23 (48)Joint BioEnergy InstituteUSAGovernmentQ1
24 (51)Qualcomm Inc, USAUSACompanyQ1
25 (52)Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
26 (55)Genentech IncUSACompanyQ1
27 (57)Harvard University *USAUniversityQ1
28 (60)Massachusetts Institute of Technology *USAUniversityQ1
29 (65)J. David Gladstone InstitutesUSAHealthQ1
30 (66)Intel Corp, USAUSACompanyQ1
31 (68)IBM Thomas J Watson Research CenterUSACompanyQ1
32 (76)Siemens Healthineers, USAUSACompanyQ1
33 (80)Nokia Bell Labs, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
34 (82)Nokia, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
35 (83)Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
36 (91)Chan Zuckerberg BiohubUSAHealthQ1
37 (92)New York Blood CenterUSAHealthQ1
38 (99)Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research *USAHealthQ1
39 (100)Foundation Medicine IncUSACompanyQ1
40 (102)Dana Farber Cancer Institute USAHealthQ1
41 (104)Harvard Medical SchoolUSAUniversityQ1
42 (118)National Center for Biotechnology InformationUSAGovernmentQ1
43 (124)Sanofi, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
44 (125)GlaxoSmithKline, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
45 (127)Stanford University *USAUniversityQ1
46 (131)Janssen Biotech IncUSACompanyQ1
47 (134)Salk Institute for Biological StudiesUSAHealthQ1
48 (144)UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer CenterUSAHealthQ1
49 (145)Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryUSAHealthQ1
50 (147)National Institutes of HealthUSAHealthQ1
51 (148)U.S. Department of Health & Human Services *USAHealthQ1
52 (152)Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery InstituteUSAHealthQ1
53 (159)Gilead Sciences Inc, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
54 (167)Siemens AG, USAUSACompanyQ1
55 (173)Saudi Arabian Oil Co, USAUSACompanyQ1
56 (180)Sun Health *USAHealthQ1
57 (182)Amgen, USAUSACompanyQ1
58 (184)Biogen Idec, USAUSACompanyQ1
59 (188)Institute for Systems BiologyUSAHealthQ1
60 (189)National Institute of Allergy and Infectious DiseasesUSAHealthQ1
61 (204)Translational Genomics Research InstituteUSAHealthQ1
62 (205)Jackson LaboratoryUSAHealthQ1
63 (208)Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer CenterUSAHealthQ1
64 (211)Merck & Co Inc, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
65 (223)Boehringer Ingelheim, USAUSACompanyQ1
66 (224)Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant ResearchUSANon-ProfitQ1
67 (226)Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Inc, USAUSACompanyQ1
68 (227)AstraZeneca, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
69 (237)Pfizer Inc, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
70 (238)Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer CenterUSAHealthQ1
71 (248)Texas Instruments, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
72 (250)AbbVie Inc, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
73 (271)University of Colorado Cancer CenterUSAHealthQ1
74 (273)HudsonAlpha Institute for BiotechnologyUSANon-ProfitQ1
75 (278)The Rockefeller University *USAUniversityQ1
76 (279)Massachusetts General HospitalUSAHealthQ1
77 (287)Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterUSAHealthQ1
78 (293)Eli Lilly and Company, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
79 (301)Carnegie Mellon University *USAUniversityQ1
80 (303)Cornell University *USAUniversityQ1
81 (305)Morgridge Institute for ResearchUSAHealthQ1
82 (306)J. Craig Venter InstituteUSAHealthQ1
83 (307)The Buck Institute for Research on AgingUSAHealthQ1
84 (322)University of California, San Diego *USAUniversityQ1
85 (331)University of California, Berkeley *USAUniversityQ1
86 (333)Corteva Agriscience, USAUSACompanyQ1
87 (335)General Electric Co, USAUSACompanyQ1
88 (338)Center for Biologics Evaluation and ResearchUSAGovernmentQ1
89 (347)Lankenau Institute for Medical ResearchUSAHealthQ1
90 (349)National Library of MedicineUSAHealthQ1
91 (353)Georgia Institute of Technology *USAUniversityQ1
92 (359)National Cancer InstituteUSAHealthQ1
93 (361)University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center USAHealthQ1
94 (365)Johns Hopkins University *USAUniversityQ1
95 (385)University of California, Los Angeles *USAUniversityQ1
96 (389)Weill Cornell MedicineUSAUniversityQ1
97 (393)SRI InternationalUSANon-ProfitQ1
97 (393)Fox Chase Cancer CenterUSAHealthQ1
99 (406)University of Washington *USAUniversityQ1
100 (419)OHSU Knight Cancer InstituteUSAHealthQ1
101 (425)Stanford MedicineUSAHealthQ1
102 (433)University of Michigan, Ann Arbor *USAUniversityQ1
103 (441)City of HopeUSAHealthQ1
104 (442)University of California, San Francisco *USAUniversityQ1
105 (449)University of Pennsylvania *USAUniversityQ1
106 (454)Raytheon Co, USAUSACompanyQ1
107 (455)Northwestern University, Evanston *USAUniversityQ1
108 (461)Northeastern State University USAUniversityQ1
109 (465)Brigham and Women's HospitalUSAHealthQ1
110 (472)Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer InstituteUSAHealthQ1
111 (478)Roswell Park Cancer InstituteUSAHealthQ1
112 (485)UC San Diego Health SystemUSAHealthQ1
113 (491)GE Healthcare, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
114 (493)GE Global Research, USAUSACompanyQ1
115 (502)Dow Chemical Co USAUSACompanyQ1
116 (505)National Human Genome Research InstituteUSAHealthQ1
117 (509)Corning, USAUSACompanyQ1
118 (516)St Jude Childrens Research HospitalUSAHealthQ1
119 (527)Duke University *USAUniversityQ1
120 (528)Doe Joint Genome InstituteUSAGovernmentQ1
121 (537)University of North Carolina Health CareUSAHealthQ1
122 (541)Applied Materials Inc, USAUSACompanyQ1
123 (542)Columbia University *USAUniversityQ1
124 (550)University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill *USAUniversityQ1
125 (551)Johns Hopkins MedicineUSAHealthQ1
126 (564)Synopsys, USAUSACompanyQ1
127 (572)Emory HealthcareUSAHealthQ1
128 (577)Hackensack University Medical CenterUSAHealthQ1
129 (586)Washington University in Saint Louis *USAUniversityQ1
130 (592)Children's Hospital Boston *USAHealthQ1
131 (599)Yale University *USAUniversityQ1
132 (600)Procter & Gamble, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
133 (601)Ford Motor Co, USAUSACompanyQ1
134 (606)University of Massachusetts Medical SchoolUSAUniversityQ1
135 (613)Seidman Cancer CenterUSAHealthQ1
135 (613)H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research InstituteUSAHealthQ1
137 (616)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory *USAGovernmentQ1
138 (620)Joslin Diabetes CenterUSAHealthQ1
139 (622)State University of New York, New PaltzUSAUniversityQ1
140 (623)National Eye InstituteUSAHealthQ1
141 (628)UCLA Health SystemUSAHealthQ1
141 (628)University of Southern California *USAUniversityQ1
143 (635)Donald Danforth Plant Science CenterUSANon-ProfitQ1
144 (637)University of Pennsylvania Health SystemUSAHealthQ1
145 (639)Mayo Clinic *USAHealthQ1
146 (643)University of South Alabama Health SystemUSAHealthQ1
147 (647)University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign *USAUniversityQ1
148 (656)Novartis Pharmaceuticals, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
149 (659)Veterans Affairs Medical Centers *USAHealthQ1
150 (672)National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin DiseasesUSAHealthQ1
151 (674)National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney DiseasesUSAHealthQ1
152 (676)University of Minnesota, Twin Cities *USAUniversityQ1
153 (681)Washington University Medical Center USAHealthQ1
154 (685)KentuckyOne HealthUSAHealthQ1
155 (688)Rutgers Cancer Institute of New JerseyUSAHealthQ1
156 (689)University of Pittsburgh *USAUniversityQ1
157 (699)Bayer Corp, USAUSACompanyQ1
158 (701)Icahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiUSAUniversityQ1
159 (703)Vanderbilt University *USAUniversityQ1
160 (713)Mount Sinai Health System *USAHealthQ1
161 (714)University of Wisconsin, Madison *USAUniversityQ1
162 (717)National Institute of Standards and Technology *USAGovernmentQ1
163 (724)New York University *USAUniversityQ1
164 (725)Rice UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
165 (733)Athinoula A Martinos Center for Biomedical ImagingUSAHealthQ1
166 (737)National Heart Lung and Blood InstituteUSAHealthQ1
167 (738)Emory University *USAUniversityQ1
168 (741)Sandia National Laboratories, CaliforniaUSAGovernmentQ1
169 (751)University of Maryland, BaltimoreUSAUniversityQ1
169 (751)National Institute on AgingUSAHealthQ1
171 (754)National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial ResearchUSAHealthQ1
172 (755)University of Texas, AustinUSAUniversityQ1
173 (760)Purdue UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
174 (766)California Institute of Technology *USAUniversityQ1
175 (770)The Arizona Cancer CenterUSAHealthQ1
175 (770)University of California, Davis *USAUniversityQ1
177 (779)Cedars-Sinai Medical Center USAHealthQ1
178 (784)University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center USAUniversityQ1
179 (787)Boston Scientific Corp, USAUSACompanyQ1
180 (795)Johnson & Johnson, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
181 (800)Chevron CorpUSACompanyQ1
182 (802)General Motors Company, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
183 (813)Baylor Scott & White HealthUSAHealthQ1
184 (822)Ohio State University, Columbus *USAUniversityQ1
185 (824)Northrop Grumman Corp, USAUSACompanyQ1
185 (824)Vanderbilt University Medical CenterUSAHealthQ1
187 (831)Yale University Health & MedicineUSAHealthQ1
188 (837)National Renewable Energy LaboratoryUSAGovernmentQ1
189 (839)University of Chicago *USAUniversityQ1
190 (841)Temple HealthUSAHealthQ1
191 (846)Duke MedicineUSAHealthQ1
192 (848)Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp, USAUSACompanyQ1
193 (852)Oklahoma Medical Research FoundationUSAHealthQ1
194 (866)Houston MethodistUSAHealthQ1
195 (871)North Carolina State UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
196 (874)Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteUSAUniversityQ1
197 (878)National Institute of Health Clinical CenterUSAHealthQ1
198 (883)Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterUSAHealthQ1
199 (888)CareGroup Healthcare System *USAHealthQ1
199 (888)NYU Langone Medical CenterUSAHealthQ1
201 (891)Schlumberger, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
202 (906)Northeastern University, USAUSAUniversityQ1
203 (908)University of Maryland, College Park *USAUniversityQ1
203 (908)Woodruff Health Sciences CenterUSAHealthQ1
205 (912)Baylor College of MedicineUSAUniversityQ1
205 (912)Seattle Cancer Care Alliance USAHealthQ1
207 (916)National Jewish HealthUSAHealthQ1
208 (923)Sandia National Laboratories, New MexicoUSAGovernmentQ1
209 (930)University of Texas Medical Branch USAUniversityQ1
210 (946)The Florida A&M University and The Florida State University College of EngineeringUSAUniversityQ1
211 (964)Case Western Reserve UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
212 (968)New Jersey Institute of TechnologyUSAUniversityQ1
212 (968)Texas A&M University, Health Science CenterUSAUniversityQ1
214 (972)Pittsburg State UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
215 (977)Argonne National LaboratoryUSAGovernmentQ1
216 (994)University of AkronUSAUniversityQ1
217 (998)Los Angeles Biomedical Research InstituteUSAHealthQ1
218 (1000)University of Texas, DallasUSAUniversityQ1
219 (1006)University of Florida *USAUniversityQ1
219 (1006)Shell, United StatesUSACompanyQ1
221 (1021)Lockheed Martin Corp *USACompanyQ1
222 (1036)University of California, Irvine *USAUniversityQ1
223 (1051)National Institute of Neurological Disorders and StrokeUSAHealthQ1
224 (1057)ExxonMobil, USAUSACompanyQ1
224 (1057)Princeton UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
226 (1059)Wadsworth CenterUSAHealthQ1
227 (1063)Arizona State University *USAUniversityQ1
228 (1073)Medtronic Inc, USAUSACompanyQ1
229 (1074)Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryUSAGovernmentQ1
230 (1076)University of Colorado, Denver *USAUniversityQ1
231 (1091)Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
232 (1097)Temple University *USAUniversityQ1
233 (1099)University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical CampusUSAUniversityQ1
234 (1105)University of Pittsburgh Health SciencesUSAUniversityQ1
235 (1109)California Pacific Medical CenterUSAHealthQ1
236 (1120)Center for Devices and Radiological HealthUSAGovernmentQ1
237 (1129)University of Alabama, Birmingham *USAUniversityQ1
238 (1133)Oregon Health & Science University *USAUniversityQ1
239 (1142)Cardiovascular Research FoundationUSAHealthQ1
240 (1145)University of California, Santa BarbaraUSAUniversityQ1
241 (1147)Northwestern MedicineUSAHealthQ1
242 (1148)Doheny Eye InstituteUSAHealthQ1
243 (1161)Rutgers, The State University of New JerseyUSAUniversityQ1
244 (1163)Tennessee Valley Healthcare SystemUSAHealthQ1
245 (1166)US Food and Drug AdministrationUSAGovernmentQ1
246 (1168)Pennsylvania State University *USAUniversityQ1
247 (1175)Walter Reed Army Institute of Research *USANon-ProfitQ1
248 (1191)Joint Quantum InstituteUSAGovernmentQ1
249 (1196)Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary USAHealthQ1
250 (1200)National Institute of Environmental Health SciencesUSAHealthQ1
251 (1202)Albert Einstein College of MedicineUSAUniversityQ1
252 (1206)Columbia University Irving Medical CenterUSAHealthQ1
253 (1211)Indiana University-Purdue University IndianapolisUSAUniversityQ1
254 (1214)UC Davis Health SystemUSAHealthQ1
255 (1218)Jesse Brown VA Medical CenterUSAHealthQ1
256 (1221)University of Rochester *USAUniversityQ1
257 (1225)University of Nebraska Medical CenterUSAUniversityQ1
258 (1233)Stevens Institute of TechnologyUSAUniversityQ1
259 (1235)US Naval Research LaboratoryUSAGovernmentQ1
260 (1237)Oak Ridge National LaboratoryUSAGovernmentQ1
261 (1241)Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical CenterUSAHealthQ1
262 (1243)University of Massachusetts, AmherstUSAUniversityQ1
263 (1263)Boston University *USAUniversityQ1
263 (1263)Montefiore Medical Center *USAHealthQ1
265 (1272)Children's Medical Center DallasUSAHealthQ2
266 (1281)University of HoustonUSAUniversityQ1
267 (1288)Texas Biomedical Research InstituteUSAHealthQ2
268 (1289)UES IncUSACompanyQ2
269 (1302)U.S. Army *USAGovernmentQ1
270 (1305)Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary MedicineUSAUniversityQ2
271 (1309)University of Michigan Health SystemUSAHealthQ1
271 (1309)Worcester Polytechnic InstituteUSAUniversityQ2
273 (1324)University of Pittsburgh Medical Center USAHealthQ1
274 (1330)South Texas Veterans Health Care SystemUSAHealthQ2
275 (1335)VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare SystemUSAHealthQ2
276 (1337)University of California, MercedUSAUniversityQ2
277 (1341)Maine Medical Center Research InstituteUSAHealthQ2
278 (1344)University of Southern California Health Sciences CampusUSAHealthQ1
279 (1350)New York Presbyterian HospitalUSAHealthQ2
280 (1355)University of Central FloridaUSAUniversityQ1
281 (1359)National Institute of AerospaceUSANon-ProfitQ2
282 (1370)National Center for Toxicological ResearchUSAGovernmentQ1
283 (1377)University of Miami Health SystemUSAHealthQ1
284 (1381)University of Texas Health Center at Tyler USAHealthQ2
285 (1390)University of California, RiversideUSAUniversityQ1
286 (1397)Texas A&M University, College Station *USAUniversityQ1
287 (1399)Iowa State UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
288 (1401)University of Illinois, Chicago *USAUniversityQ1
289 (1407)Cleveland Clinic *USAHealthQ1
290 (1417)Center for Drug Evaluation & ResearchUSAGovernmentQ1
291 (1435)University of Michigan, DearbornUSAUniversityQ2
292 (1438)Boeing Co, USAUSACompanyQ2
292 (1438)Kennedy Krieger InstituteUSAHealthQ2
294 (1443)VCU Medical CenterUSAHealthQ2
295 (1449)Indiana University HealthUSAHealthQ2
296 (1464)Battelle Memorial Institute *USANon-ProfitQ2
297 (1470)University of Utah *USAUniversityQ1
298 (1492)Eastern Virginia Medical SchoolUSAUniversityQ2
299 (1494)University of South FloridaUSAUniversityQ1
300 (1501)Illinois Institute of TechnologyUSAUniversityQ2
301 (1508)Ohio State University Wexner Medical CenterUSAHealthQ1
302 (1516)Iowa City VA Health Care SystemUSAHealthQ2
303 (1519)Dartmouth College *USAUniversityQ1
304 (1524)United States Department of AgricultureUSAGovernmentQ1
305 (1539)VA Northern California Health Care SystemUSAHealthQ2
306 (1544)Harbor–UCLA Medical CenterUSAHealthQ2
307 (1546)Children's Hospital of PhiladelphiaUSAHealthQ1
308 (1551)University of South Florida System *USAUniversityQ1
309 (1553)University of Miami *USAUniversityQ1
310 (1569)University of Colorado, Boulder *USAUniversityQ1
311 (1574)Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory *USAGovernmentQ1
312 (1582)Tufts UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
313 (1586)Butler Hospital USAHealthQ2
314 (1589)Henry M Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military MedicineUSAHealthQ2
315 (1598)SLAC National Accelerator LaboratoryUSAGovernmentQ1
316 (1607)University of Rochester Medical CenterUSAHealthQ1
317 (1610)University of DelawareUSAUniversityQ1
318 (1623)University of Illinois, College of Medicine at ChicagoUSAHealthQ2
319 (1625)Drexel UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
320 (1639)State University of New York, Stony Brook *USAUniversityQ1
321 (1648)State University of New York at BinghamtonUSAUniversityQ2
321 (1648)University of GeorgiaUSAUniversityQ1
323 (1668)Virginia Mason Medical Center USAHealthQ2
323 (1668)University of Iowa Health CareUSAHealthQ1
325 (1672)State University of New York, BuffaloUSAUniversityQ1
326 (1681)Carnegie Institution for Science *USANon-ProfitQ1
326 (1681)Michigan State UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
328 (1683)University of Tennessee, Knoxville *USAUniversityQ1
329 (1689)Meharry Medical CollegeUSAUniversityQ2
330 (1701)University of Virginia *USAUniversityQ1
331 (1705)University of Texas, Health Science Center at HoustonUSAUniversityQ1
332 (1708)Inova Fairfax HospitalUSAHealthQ2
333 (1717)Wake Forest University Baptist Medical CenterUSAHealthQ1
333 (1717)University of Iowa *USAUniversityQ1
333 (1717)Atrium Health *USAHealthQ2
336 (1721)University of Texas, San AntonioUSAUniversityQ2
337 (1730)University of Nebraska, LincolnUSAUniversityQ1
338 (1732)Washington State University, Pullman *USAUniversityQ1
339 (1737)Rhode Island Hospital USAHealthQ2
339 (1737)University of Utah Health CareUSAHealthQ1
341 (1744)National Institute of Mental HealthUSAHealthQ1
342 (1752)University of Kentucky *USAUniversityQ1
343 (1762)UCSF Benioff Children's HospitalUSAHealthQ2
344 (1783)Virginia Commonwealth University *USAUniversityQ1
344 (1783)Magee-Womens Research InstituteUSAHealthQ2
346 (1789)National Institute of Child Health and Human DevelopmentUSAHealthQ1
347 (1803)VA Palo Alto Health Care SystemUSAHealthQ1
348 (1821)New York State Department of Health *USAHealthQ2
349 (1840)Marine Biological LaboratoryUSANon-ProfitQ2
350 (1842)Texas Children's Hospital USAHealthQ2
351 (1847)University of Minnesota Health and MedicineUSAUniversityQ1
352 (1855)Prairie View A&M UniversityUSAUniversityQ2
353 (1857)Missouri University of Science & TechnologyUSAUniversityQ2
354 (1869)Medical College of WisconsinUSAUniversityQ1
355 (1871)Children's Healthcare of Atlanta USAHealthQ2
356 (1877)Atlanta VA Medical CenterUSAHealthQ2
357 (1880)VA Maryland Health Care SystemUSAHealthQ2
358 (1884)Rady Children's Hospital-San DiegoUSAHealthQ2
358 (1884)University of Wisconsin HealthUSAHealthQ1
360 (1897)ARUP LaboratoriesUSACompanyQ2
360 (1897)Boston University Medical Campus USAHealthQ1
362 (1912)Scripps HealthUSAHealthQ2
363 (1916)Saint Louis University CareUSAHealthQ2
363 (1916)Wake Forest University *USAUniversityQ1
365 (1923)San Francisco VA Medical CenterUSAHealthQ1
366 (1928)University of California, Santa CruzUSAUniversityQ1
366 (1928)U.S. Air ForceUSAGovernmentQ2
368 (1944)VA Puget Sound Health Care SystemUSAHealthQ1
369 (1954)University of Kansas *USAUniversityQ1
369 (1954)University of New Mexico Health Sciences CenterUSAHealthQ2
371 (1957)Nationwide Children's Hospital USAHealthQ2
372 (1967)University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio USAUniversityQ1
373 (1969)University of Cincinnati *USAUniversityQ1
374 (1973)Augusta University *USAUniversityQ2
375 (1993)VA San Diego Healthcare SystemUSAHealthQ1
376 (2013)University of Hawai'i Cancer CenterUSAHealthQ1
377 (2018)University of Connecticut, Storrs *USAUniversityQ1
377 (2018)University of Missouri, Kansas CityUSAUniversityQ2
379 (2027)University of Kansas Medical CenterUSAHealthQ1
380 (2033)Brookhaven National Laboratory *USAGovernmentQ1
381 (2053)University of Arizona *USAUniversityQ1
382 (2060)Clarkson UniversityUSAUniversityQ2
383 (2064)The EARLY Program Mind Research NetworkUSANon-ProfitQ2
384 (2067)Albany Medical CollegeUSAUniversityQ2
384 (2067)VA Long Beach Healthcare SystemUSAHealthQ2
384 (2067)Glenn Research CenterUSAGovernmentQ1
387 (2072)Philadelphia VA Medical CenterUSAHealthQ1
388 (2075)Georgetown University Medical CenterUSAHealthQ2
388 (2075)Lehigh UniversityUSAUniversityQ2
390 (2084)Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical CenterUSAHealthQ2
391 (2095)Children's National Health SystemUSAHealthQ2
392 (2101)Wayne State UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
393 (2103)Texas Tech University Health Sciences CenterUSAUniversityQ2
393 (2103)Children's Hospital Los Angeles USAHealthQ2
395 (2116)University of Notre DameUSAUniversityQ1
396 (2119)University of Florida Health Science CenterUSAHealthQ1
397 (2121)University Hospitals of Cleveland *USAHealthQ2
397 (2121)Seattle Children's HospitalUSAHealthQ2
399 (2124)University of Oklahoma Health Sciences CenterUSAUniversityQ2
399 (2124)New York Medical CollegeUSAUniversityQ2
401 (2128)U.S. Department of Energy *USAGovernmentQ1
402 (2140)University of Washington Medicine USAHealthQ1
403 (2150)University of Missouri Health Care USAHealthQ2
404 (2157)City University of New York, City CollegeUSAUniversityQ2
405 (2168)Center for Food Safety and Applied NutritionUSAGovernmentQ2
406 (2172)Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical CenterUSAHealthQ2
407 (2183)University of North Texas Health Science CenterUSAHealthQ2
408 (2185)Brown UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
409 (2190)University of DaytonUSAUniversityQ2
409 (2190)University of California, Irvine HealthcareUSAHealthQ2
411 (2215)University of Texas, ArlingtonUSAUniversityQ2
412 (2229)The North Shore-LIJ Health System *USAHealthQ2
413 (2237)Care New England Health System *USAHealthQ2
414 (2247)Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterUSAHealthQ2
415 (2251)Children's Hospital of Orange County USAHealthQ2
416 (2260)Davidson CollegeUSAUniversityQ2
417 (2281)University of New HavenUSAUniversityQ2
418 (2284)Georgia State UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
418 (2284)Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Care SystemUSAHealthQ2
420 (2312)Colorado School of MinesUSAUniversityQ2
421 (2315)EMMES CorpUSACompanyQ2
422 (2331)University of Toledo Medical CenterUSAHealthQ2
423 (2351)University of Missouri, Columbia *USAUniversityQ1
424 (2353)Tufts Medical CenterUSAHealthQ2
424 (2353)University of New Mexico *USAUniversityQ1
426 (2357)Washington State University, Spokane CampusUSAUniversityQ2
426 (2357)University of Connecticut Health CenterUSAUniversityQ2
428 (2364)Florida International UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
428 (2364)Ames LaboratoryUSAGovernmentQ2
430 (2374)Marshfield ClinicUSAHealthQ2
431 (2385)University of Louisiana, LafayetteUSAUniversityQ2
432 (2394)Wichita State UniversityUSAUniversityQ2
433 (2397)University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyUSAUniversityQ2
433 (2397)University of Kentucky HealthCareUSAHealthQ2
435 (2401)University of Tennessee Health Science CenterUSAHealthQ1
436 (2411)University of Rhode IslandUSAUniversityQ2
437 (2422)Hampton UniversityUSAUniversityQ2
437 (2422)Medical University of South Carolina *USAUniversityQ1
439 (2426)Los Alamos National Laboratory *USAGovernmentQ1
439 (2426)University of Oklahoma *USAUniversityQ1
441 (2435)Texas Tech UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
442 (2454)Louisiana State University, Baton RougeUSAUniversityQ1
443 (2460)Miami VA Healthcare SystemUSAHealthQ2
443 (2460)George Washington University *USAUniversityQ1
445 (2483)University of New OrleansUSAUniversityQ2
446 (2487)Western New England UniversityUSAUniversityQ2
446 (2487)VA Pittsburgh Healthcare SystemUSAHealthQ1
448 (2490)BJC HealthCareUSAHealthQ2
448 (2490)USF HealthUSAUniversityQ2
450 (2494)Oregon State UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
450 (2494)University of IdahoUSAUniversityQ2
452 (2505)University of Massachusetts, DartmouthUSAUniversityQ2
453 (2508)University of Cincinnati Medical CenterUSAHealthQ1
454 (2514)Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/NorthwellUSAUniversityQ2
454 (2514)Louisiana State University, Health Sciences CenterUSAUniversityQ2
456 (2519)Albany Medical Center *USAHealthQ2
457 (2524)New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist HospitalUSAHealthQ2
458 (2527)University of Arkansas for Medical SciencesUSAUniversityQ2
458 (2527)Auburn UniversityUSAUniversityQ1
460 (2532)American Cancer SocietyUSAHealthQ1
461 (2536)University of Virginia Health SystemUSAHealthQ2
461 (2536)University of Arkansas, FayettevilleUSAUniversityQ1
463 (2543)Saint Louis University, Saint Louis *USAUniversityQ1
463 (2543)South Dakota State UniversityUSAUniversityQ2
465 (2548)Portland VA Medical CenterUSAHealthQ1
465 (2548)Utah State University *USAUniversityQ1
467 (2554)National High Magnetic Field LaboratoryUSAGovernmentQ2
467 (2554)University of North Carolina, CharlotteUSAUniversityQ2
467 (2554)Howard University Health SciencesUSAHealthQ2
470 (2563)University of Massachusetts, LowellUSAUniversityQ2
471 (2567)Thomas Jefferson University *USAUniversityQ1
472 (2584)MITRE Corp *USACompanyQ2
472 (2584)Georgetown University *USAUniversityQ1
474 (2592)University of Louisville *USAUniversityQ1
475 (2606)Northshore University HealthSystemUSAHealthQ2
475 (2606)North Carolina A&T State UniversityUSAUniversityQ2
477 (2616)West Virginia University *USAUniversityQ1
478 (2640)University of Central ArkansasUSAUniversityQ2
479 (2648)National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and AlcoholismUSAHealthQ1
480 (2663)Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart InstituteUSAHealthQ1
481 (2669)Hartford Hospital USAHealthQ2
482 (2675)Colorado State University, Fort Collins *USAUniversityQ1
483 (2683)St Josephs Hospital and Medical Center USAHealthQ2
484 (2713)Louisiana State University Agricultural CenterUSANon-ProfitQ2
485 (2716)Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and ScienceUSAUniversityQ2
485 (2716)Uniformed Services University of the Health SciencesUSAUniversityQ2
487 (2720)RTI Health Solutions, United StatesUSACompanyQ2
488 (2724)Tennessee State UniversityUSAUniversityQ2
489 (2732)Henry Ford Health SystemUSAHealthQ2
490 (2744)South Dakota School of Mines and TechnologyUSAUniversityQ2
490 (2744)James J. Peters VA Medical CenterUSAHealthQ2
490 (2744)Florida Atlantic UniversityUSAUniversityQ2
490 (2744)Nova Southeastern University, Estados UnidosUSAUniversityQ2
494 (2750)Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island USAHealthQ2
495 (2766)VA St Louis Health Care SystemUSAHealthQ1
496 (2777)New York Institute of Technology *USAUniversityQ2
497 (2784)Tulane University *USAUniversityQ1
498 (2792)Loma Linda University *USAUniversityQ2
498 (2792)Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center USAHealthQ2
500 (2803)University of Toledo *USAUniversityQ2