422 ranked institutions
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1 (118)Inception Institute of Artificial IntelligenceARENon-ProfitQ1
2 (178)Amman Arab UniversityJORUniversityQ1
3 (210)King Saud University *SAUUniversityQ1
4 (359)Qatar Computing Research InstituteQATGovernmentQ1
5 (376)King Abdullah University of Science and TechnologySAUUniversityQ1
6 (440)King Abdulaziz University *SAUUniversityQ1
7 (768)Cairo University *EGYUniversityQ1
8 (932)Qatar Foundation *QATNon-ProfitQ1
9 (1028)Qatar UniversityQATUniversityQ1
10 (1086)Qatar Biomedical Research InstituteQATGovernmentQ1
11 (1088)Jordan University HospitalJORHealthQ1
12 (1150)Johns Hopkins Aramco HealthcareSAUHealthQ1
13 (1353)Hamad Bin Khalifa University *QATUniversityQ1
14 (1475)National Research Centre *EGYGovernmentQ1
15 (1505)ASPETAR - Qatar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine HospitalQATHealthQ2
16 (1599)Ministry of HealthSAUHealthQ1
17 (1690)Academy of Scientific Research and Technology *EGYNon-ProfitQ1
18 (1742)Dasman Diabetes InstituteKWTHealthQ1
19 (1747)Institut National de Sante Publique, d’Epidemiologie Clinique et de ToxicologieLBNHealthQ1
20 (1799)Prince Sultan UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
21 (1804)King Fahd University of Petroleum and MineralsSAUUniversityQ1
22 (1999)Arid Lands Cultivation Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
23 (2052)Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences *KWTNon-ProfitQ1
24 (2095)World Health Organization Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, EgyptEGYHealthQ1
25 (2097)Ministry of HealthOMNHealthQ1
26 (2120)British University in DubaiAREUniversityQ1
27 (2140)Plant Pathology Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
28 (2300)Ain Shams University *EGYUniversityQ1
29 (2332)United Arab Emirates UniversityAREUniversityQ1
29 (2332)Soil, Water and Environment Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
31 (2357)King Abdullah International Medical Research CenterSAUHealthQ1
32 (2408)International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas, MoroccoMARNon-ProfitQ1
33 (2413)Weill Cornell Medicine, QatarQATUniversityQ2
34 (2428)Sidra MedicineQATHealthQ2
35 (2446)University of BaghdadIRQUniversityQ1
36 (2458)Hamad Medical Corp *QATHealthQ2
37 (2464)Zagazig University *EGYUniversityQ1
38 (2475)University of Technology, IraqIRQUniversityQ1
39 (2512)Komar University of Science and TechnologyIRQUniversityQ1
39 (2512)Holy Spirit University of KaslikLBNUniversityQ1
41 (2601)Kafrelsheikh UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
42 (2705)Environment and Natural Materials Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
43 (2715)King Saud Medical CitySAUHealthQ1
44 (2739)American University of Beirut *LBNUniversityQ1
45 (2747)King Fahd Medical Research CenterSAUHealthQ1
46 (2773)University of SharjahAREUniversityQ1
47 (2789)Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University *SAUUniversityQ1
48 (2821)King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences *SAUUniversityQ1
49 (2842)Alexandria University *EGYUniversityQ1
50 (2866)King Fahad Medical City SAUHealthQ1
51 (2873)New York University, Abu DhabiAREUniversityQ1
52 (2881)Universite Mohammed Premier Oujda *MARUniversityQ1
53 (2914)King Abdulaziz Medical City, RiyadhSAUHealthQ1
54 (2959)Jordan University of Science and TechnologyJORUniversityQ1
55 (3004)Khalifa University *AREUniversityQ1
56 (3032)University of JordanJORUniversityQ1
57 (3043)Agricultural Research Center Egypt *EGYGovernmentQ1
58 (3056)Alfaisal UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
59 (3080)Mansoura University *EGYUniversityQ1
60 (3099)King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre *SAUHealthQ1
61 (3103)Prince Sultan Military Medical CitySAUHealthQ2
61 (3103)City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications *EGYGovernmentQ1
63 (3120)University of SulaimaniIRQUniversityQ1
64 (3147)Tishreen UniversitySYRUniversityQ1
65 (3193)Advanced Technology and New Materials Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
66 (3199)Dubai Health AuthorityAREHealthQ2
67 (3212)Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
68 (3214)Sultan Qaboos University *OMNUniversityQ1
69 (3218)Ministry of HealthKWTHealthQ1
70 (3245)National Institute of Oceanography and FisheriesEGYGovernmentQ1
71 (3271)Taif UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
72 (3296)University of BabylonIRQUniversityQ1
73 (3305)Ministry of National Guard - Health AffairsSAUHealthQ2
74 (3375)An-Najah National University *PSEUniversityQ1
75 (3402)University of WasitIRQUniversityQ1
76 (3413)Benha University *EGYUniversityQ1
77 (3416)Kuwait University Health Science CenterKWTHealthQ1
78 (3431)Al-Azhar University *EGYUniversityQ1
78 (3431)Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health SciencesAREUniversityQ2
80 (3442)Royal HospitalOMNHealthQ1
81 (3502)Faculte des Sciences Ain ChockMARUniversityQ1
82 (3517)A’Sharqiyah UniversityOMNUniversityQ2
83 (3540)Hamad General HospitalQATHealthQ4
84 (3559)King Abdulaziz City for Science and TechnologySAUGovernmentQ1
85 (3607)Animal Health Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
86 (3723)Horus UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
87 (3772)Egyptian National Cancer InstituteEGYHealthQ2
88 (3791)Islamic University, NajafIRQUniversityQ1
89 (3800)Kuwait University *KWTUniversityQ1
90 (3809)College of Medicine and Medical SciencesBHRUniversityQ1
91 (3830)Cleveland Clinic Abu DhabiAREHealthQ2
92 (3837)Beni Suef University *EGYUniversityQ1
93 (3853)King Saud University Medical CitySAUHealthQ2
94 (3889)Universite Hassan II de Casablanca *MARUniversityQ1
95 (3895)Zayed UniversityAREUniversityQ1
96 (3944)Universite Mohammed V de Rabat *MARUniversityQ1
97 (3954)Najran UniversitySAUUniversityQ2
98 (3963)King Faisal UniversitySAUUniversityQ2
99 (3989)Majmaah UniversitySAUUniversityQ2
99 (3989)Mustansiriyah UniversityIRQUniversityQ1
101 (3997)Al-Qasim Green UniversityIRQUniversityQ1
102 (4001)Texas A&M University at QatarQATUniversityQ2
103 (4007)Menoufia University *EGYUniversityQ1
104 (4013)Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
105 (4042)Assiut University *EGYUniversityQ1
105 (4042)Qatar Environment and Energy Research InstituteQATGovernmentQ2
107 (4052)University of Information Technology and CommunicationsIRQUniversityQ1
108 (4079)King Khalid UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
109 (4109)King Fahad Specialist Hospital, DammamSAUHealthQ2
110 (4200)Al-Balqa Applied UniversityJORUniversityQ1
111 (4228)Sultan Qaboos University HospitalOMNHealthQ1
112 (4266)Princess Nourah bint Abdul Rahman University *SAUUniversityQ1
113 (4294)Tanta UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
114 (4304)University of Hafr Al-BatinSAUUniversityQ3
115 (4445)Effat UniversitySAUUniversityQ2
116 (4464)Fayoum University *EGYUniversityQ1
117 (4470)University of Al-QadisiyahIRQUniversityQ1
118 (4479)Tabuk UniversitySAUUniversityQ2
119 (4481)University of MosulIRQUniversityQ1
120 (4509)Universite Mohammed VI des Sciences de la SanteMARUniversityQ1
121 (4516)Palestine Technical UniversityPSEUniversityQ1
122 (4522)Jazan UniversitySAUUniversityQ2
123 (4526)Umm Al-Qura UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
123 (4526)Heliopolis UniversityEGYUniversityQ2
123 (4526)King Abdulaziz Medical City, JeddahSAUHealthQ3
126 (4532)Abu Dhabi Health Services Co *ARECompanyQ1
127 (4570)National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space SciencesEGYGovernmentQ2
128 (4586)Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research *IRQGovernmentQ2
129 (4621)University of DuhokIRQUniversityQ2
130 (4636)King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable EnergySAUGovernmentQ3
131 (4652)Arabian Gulf University *BHRUniversityQ1
132 (4663)Qassim UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
133 (4668)King Abdulaziz University Hospital, JeddahSAUHealthQ3
134 (4697)Environment and Life Sciences Research CenterKWTGovernmentQ2
135 (4705)Koya UniversityIRQUniversityQ2
136 (4719)Taibah UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
137 (4736)Islamic University of GazaPSEUniversityQ2
138 (4748)King Fahd University Hospital, KhobarSAUHealthQ2
139 (4762)Amity University, DubaiAREUniversityQ2
140 (4782)University of TripoliLBYUniversityQ1
141 (4788)Al Mustaqbal University CollegeIRQUniversityQ2
142 (4796)Universite Cadi Ayyad *MARUniversityQ1
143 (4798)Hadhramout UniversityYEMUniversityQ1
143 (4798)American University of Beirut Medical CenterLBNHealthQ1
145 (4814)University of AnbarIRQUniversityQ1
146 (4852)Abu Dhabi UniversityAREUniversityQ2
146 (4852)Ajman University of Science and TechnologyAREUniversityQ2
148 (4865)Damanhour UniversityEGYUniversityQ2
149 (4872)Suez Canal University *EGYUniversityQ1
150 (4900)Jadara UniversityJORUniversityQ1
151 (4907)Universite Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah *MARUniversityQ1
151 (4907)Central Metallurgical Research and Development InstituteEGYGovernmentQ2
153 (4913)Saudi Electronic UniversitySAUUniversityQ3
154 (4919)Universite Djillali Liabes de Sidi Bel AbbesDZAUniversityQ1
154 (4919)Applied Science Private UniversityJORUniversityQ1
156 (4925)Saudi Arabian Oil Co, Saudi ArabiaSAUCompanyQ1
157 (4945)Minia University *EGYUniversityQ1
158 (4953)Institut National de la Recherche AgronomiqueMARGovernmentQ1
159 (4963)Saint George Hospital University Medical CenterLBNHealthQ2
159 (4963)University of NizwaOMNUniversityQ1
161 (5020)Universite de Sfax *TUNUniversityQ1
162 (5061)Egyptian Petroleum Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
162 (5061)University of KerbalaIRQUniversityQ2
164 (5076)Tawam HospitalAREHealthQ1
165 (5123)Al-Zaytoonah University of JordanJORUniversityQ1
166 (5156)University of BasrahIRQUniversityQ1
167 (5187)South Valley University *EGYUniversityQ2
168 (5224)Middle Technical UniversityIRQUniversityQ1
169 (5229)University of BishaSAUUniversityQ3
170 (5239)Suez UniversityEGYUniversityQ2
171 (5255)Universite de Tunis El Manar *TUNUniversityQ1
171 (5255)Institut Pasteur de TunisTUNHealthQ1
173 (5275)University of ZakhoIRQUniversityQ2
174 (5281)King Khaled Eye Specialist HospitalSAUHealthQ3
175 (5288)King Hussein Cancer CenterJORHealthQ2
175 (5288)Hashemite UniversityJORUniversityQ1
177 (5296)Lebanese American University *LBNUniversityQ2
178 (5310)Birzeit UniversityPSEUniversityQ2
179 (5328)Isra UniversityJORUniversityQ2
180 (5349)University of KufaIRQUniversityQ1
181 (5370)Ministry of EducationIRQGovernmentQ2
181 (5370)Canadian University of DubaiAREUniversityQ3
183 (5381)Riyadh Elm UniversitySAUUniversityQ4
184 (5400)University of HailSAUUniversityQ2
185 (5433)Beirut Arab UniversityLBNUniversityQ2
186 (5441)Al-Quds UniversityPSEUniversityQ1
187 (5451)Assiut University HospitalEGYHealthQ2
188 (5487) American University of the Middle EastKWTUniversityQ2
189 (5501)University of RaparinIRQUniversityQ1
190 (5556)Applied Science UniversityBHRUniversityQ2
190 (5556)German Jordanian UniversityJORUniversityQ1
192 (5571)Universite Moulay Ismail *MARUniversityQ1
192 (5571)Egyptian Russian UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
194 (5586)Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Arts et Metiers de MeknesMARUniversityQ1
195 (5590)Universite Ibn Tofail *MARUniversityQ1
195 (5590)Public Authority for Applied Education and Training *KWTGovernmentQ2
197 (5598)Dhofar UniversityOMNUniversityQ2
197 (5598)Exploration and Petroleum Engineering Advanced Research Center, SAUSAUCompanyQ1
199 (5621)Al-Ahliyya Amman UniversityJORUniversityQ2
200 (5661)Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd UniversitySAUUniversityQ3
201 (5679)Al-Karkh University of ScienceIRQUniversityQ3
201 (5679)Delta University for Science and TechnologyEGYUniversityQ2
203 (5691)Sulaimani Polytechnic UniversityIRQUniversityQ2
204 (5703)Al Al-Bayt UniversityJORUniversityQ3
205 (5740)Centre de Biotechnologie de Borj CedriaTUNGovernmentQ1
206 (5747)Almaarefa UniversitySAUUniversityQ3
206 (5747)Centre de Biotechnologie de SfaxTUNGovernmentQ1
208 (5760)British University in EgyptEGYUniversityQ2
209 (5786)Institut Agronomique et Veterinaire Hassan IIMARUniversityQ2
210 (5792)Technology Innovation InstituteAREGovernmentQ3
210 (5792)Yarmouk UniversityJORUniversityQ2
210 (5792)Southern Technical UniversityIRQUniversityQ3
210 (5792)Lebanese UniversityLBNUniversityQ1
214 (5801)Northern Border UniversitySAUUniversityQ3
215 (5810)University of AdenYEMUniversityQ1
216 (5823)Sanaa UniversityYEMUniversityQ1
217 (5832)Al-Nahrain UniversityIRQUniversityQ1
218 (5838)Northern Technical UniversityIRQUniversityQ3
218 (5838)Universite 20 Aout 1955 SkikdaDZAUniversityQ1
220 (5855)Tishk International UniversityIRQUniversityQ1
221 (5876)Universite Hassiba BenBouali de ChlefDZAHealthQ1
222 (5910)American University of SharjahAREUniversityQ1
223 (5921)Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Mohammed VI de OujdaMARHealthQ2
224 (5934)Sohag University *EGYUniversityQ2
224 (5934)Taiz UniversityYEMUniversityQ1
226 (5970)Universite Ibn Zohr *MARUniversityQ2
227 (5976)Faculte des Sciences Ben M'SickMARUniversityQ2
227 (5976)Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime TransportEGYUniversityQ2
229 (5984)Theodor Bilharz Research InstituteEGYHealthQ2
230 (6002)Hodeidah UniversityYEMUniversityQ3
231 (6015)University of PetraJORUniversityQ3
232 (6033)Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science, Innovation and Research *MARNon-ProfitQ1
233 (6040)Helwan University Cairo *EGYUniversityQ1
234 (6049)University of JeddahSAUUniversityQ2
235 (6087)Gulf Medical University *AREUniversityQ3
235 (6087)Jordanian Royal Medical Services *JORHealthQ3
237 (6099)Aswan University *EGYUniversityQ2
238 (6107)Desert Research CenterEGYGovernmentQ3
238 (6107)University of Sadat CityEGYUniversityQ2
240 (6119)Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research *KWTGovernmentQ1
241 (6131)Universite Saint-Joseph *LBNUniversityQ2
242 (6132)Damascus UniversitySYRUniversityQ1
243 (6152)Misr International UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
244 (6166)Middle East UniversityJORUniversityQ1
245 (6175)Ministry of Science and TechnologyIRQGovernmentQ3
246 (6191)Future University in EgyptEGYUniversityQ1
247 (6195)Hawler Medical UniversityIRQUniversityQ1
248 (6205)Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Ibn Rochd CasablancaMARHealthQ2
249 (6210)Modern University for Technology and InformationEGYUniversityQ3
250 (6219)Damietta UniversityEGYUniversityQ2
251 (6274)Aljouf UniversitySAUUniversityQ2
252 (6308)Universite Sultan Moulay SlimaneMARUniversityQ2
253 (6325)Institution de la Recherche et de l'Enseignement Superieur Agricoles *TUNGovernmentQ1
254 (6333)Universite Abdelmalek Essaadi *MARUniversityQ1
254 (6333)National University of Science and Technology, OmanOMNUniversityQ3
256 (6342)Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical UniversityIRQUniversityQ2
257 (6378)University MutahJORUniversityQ2
257 (6378)Diyala UniversityIRQUniversityQ1
259 (6386)Al Ain UniversityAREUniversityQ2
260 (6389)Baghdad Medical CityIRQHealthQ3
261 (6396)Faculte de Sciences et Techniques de MohammediaMARUniversityQ1
262 (6413)Balamand UniversityLBNUniversityQ2
263 (6430)Ministry of Health and Population of EgyptEGYHealthQ2
264 (6436)Shaqra UniversitySAUUniversityQ3
265 (6444)Plant Protection Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ2
266 (6475)University of Khartoum *SDNUniversityQ1
267 (6490)Batterjee Medical CollegeSAUUniversityQ1
268 (6522)Ministry of AgricultureIRQGovernmentQ1
269 (6552)Nuclear Materials AuthorityEGYGovernmentQ3
270 (6610)Centre Hospitalier Ibn Sina Rabat *MARHealthQ2
271 (6613)Tafila Technical UniversityJORUniversityQ2
272 (6637)Lebanese International UniversityLBNUniversityQ2
273 (6646)Field Crops Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ2
274 (6657)Salahaddin University-ErbilIRQUniversityQ1
275 (6661)Port Said UniversityEGYUniversityQ2
276 (6680)Tikrit UniversityIRQUniversityQ2
277 (6686)University of Gezira *SDNUniversityQ2
278 (6719)Princess Sumaya University of TechnologyJORUniversityQ2
279 (6727)Erbil Polytechnic UniversityIRQUniversityQ4
280 (6735)Universite de MonastirTUNUniversityQ1
281 (6741)University of MisanIRQUniversityQ2
282 (6743)National Water Research Center, Egypt *EGYGovernmentQ3
283 (6782)Misr University for Science and TechnologyEGYUniversityQ1
284 (6803)Ministere de l’Enseignement Superieur et de la Recherche Scientifique *TUNGovernmentQ1
284 (6803)Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic UniversitySAUUniversityQ3
286 (6814)Universite Ibn Khaldoun de TiaretDZAUniversityQ1
287 (6832)Universite de SousseTUNUniversityQ1
288 (6840)Ibb UniversityYEMUniversityQ1
289 (6922)Islamic University of MadinahSAUUniversityQ2
290 (6948)Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority *EGYGovernmentQ2
290 (6948)Al Neelain UniversitySDNUniversityQ2
292 (6961)Egyptian Drug AuthorityEGYGovernmentQ2
292 (6961)Nahda UniversityEGYUniversityQ3
294 (6987)Mohammed VI Polytechnic UniversityMARUniversityQ1
295 (7001)Albaha UniversitySAUUniversityQ3
296 (7010)University of Thi-QarIRQUniversityQ1
297 (7028)Gulf University for Science and TechnologyKWTUniversityQ3
297 (7028)Fattouma Bourguiba University HospitalTUNHealthQ2
299 (7043)Universite Internationale de RabatMARUniversityQ1
300 (7052)Deraya UniversityEGYUniversityQ3
300 (7052)Centre Hospitalier et Universitaire Hassan II FesMARHealthQ3
302 (7055)Al-Azhar University GazaPSEUniversityQ1
302 (7055)Universite de Carthage *TUNUniversityQ1
304 (7068)Nephrology and Urology CenterEGYHealthQ1
305 (7071)National Research Institute of Astronomy and GeophysicsEGYGovernmentQ3
306 (7086)Universite Chouaib Doukkali *MARUniversityQ1
307 (7106)Hotel Dieu de France University HospitalLBNHealthQ3
308 (7144)Thamar UniversityYEMUniversityQ1
309 (7164)Zarqa UniversityJORUniversityQ1
310 (7175)Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Farhat Hached de SousseTUNHealthQ2
311 (7192)National Centre for Radiation Research and TechnologyEGYGovernmentQ3
311 (7192)University of Technology and Applied SciencesOMNUniversityQ3
313 (7209)October University for Modern Sciences and ArtsEGYUniversityQ1
314 (7215)Universite Oran 1 Ahmed Ben Bella *DZAUniversityQ1
315 (7222)Faculte des Sciences d’El JadidaMARUniversityQ1
316 (7258)Nuclear Research CenterEGYGovernmentQ2
317 (7264)Al-Hussein Bin Talal UniversityJORUniversityQ2
318 (7277)Soran UniversityIRQUniversityQ1
319 (7281)Centre de Developpement des Energies Renouvelables *DZAGovernmentQ1
320 (7288)Universite Hassan 1er *MARUniversityQ2
320 (7288)Ecole Mohammadia d'IngenieursMARUniversityQ2
322 (7295)Universite 8 mai 1945 GuelmaDZAUniversityQ1
323 (7302)University of AleppoSYRUniversityQ2
324 (7327)Philadelphia UniversityJORUniversityQ1
324 (7327)University of KirkukIRQUniversityQ3
326 (7343)Ahlia UniversityBHRUniversityQ3
326 (7343)Hopital Militaire d'Instruction Mohammed VMARHealthQ3
328 (7349)Sohar UniversityOMNUniversityQ3
328 (7349)Notre Dame University-LouaizeLBNUniversityQ1
330 (7353)Al-Muthanna UniversityIRQUniversityQ3
331 (7360)Electronics Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ3
332 (7366)Universite Abou Bekr Belkaid TlemcenDZAUniversityQ1
333 (7375)The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland – Medical University of BahrainBHRUniversityQ1
334 (7376)Ecole Nationale des Sciences Appliquees de AgadirMARUniversityQ4
335 (7380)Sinai UniversityEGYUniversityQ4
336 (7385)Arab American UniversityPSEUniversityQ3
337 (7411)Universite Constantine 1DZAUniversityQ1
338 (7414)Military Technical CollegeEGYUniversityQ3
339 (7418)Universite de La ManoubaTUNUniversityQ1
340 (7436)Universite Amar Telidji de LaghouatDZAUniversityQ1
341 (7451)The American University in CairoEGYUniversityQ1
342 (7475)Centre de Recherches et des Technologies des EauxTUNGovernmentQ2
343 (7480)Al-Iraqia UniversityIRQUniversityQ4
343 (7480)Universite Kasdi Merbah OuarglaDZAUniversityQ1
345 (7489)Zewail City of Science and TechnologyEGYUniversityQ1
346 (7516)Ecole Militaire PolytechniqueDZAUniversityQ2
347 (7519)Universite Mohamed-Cherif Messaadia Souk AhrasDZAUniversityQ2
348 (7532)Pharos University in AlexandriaEGYUniversityQ1
349 (7535)Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, Dubai CampusAREUniversityQ3
350 (7539)Universite Saad Dahlab de Blida 1DZAUniversityQ2
351 (7554)Universite Ferhat Abbas de SetifDZAUniversityQ1
352 (7561)Faculte des Sciences et Techniques SettatMARUniversityQ4
353 (7575)Universite des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari BoumedieneDZAUniversityQ1
354 (7588)Ministry of HealthIRQHealthQ3
355 (7602)University of Science and Technology Yemen *YEMUniversityQ2
355 (7602)Universite Badji Mokhtar - AnnabaDZAUniversityQ1
357 (7610)Al-Ahram Canadian UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
358 (7650)Higher Technological InstituteEGYUniversityQ4
359 (7654)Universite de BecharDZAUniversityQ2
360 (7661)Australian College of KuwaitKWTUniversityQ4
361 (7675)Hopital Charles NicolleTUNHealthQ2
362 (7683)Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Mohammed VI de Marrakech *MARHealthQ4
363 (7692)University of BenghaziLBYUniversityQ1
364 (7694)Higher Colleges of TechnologyAREUniversityQ2
365 (7703)Universite de Saida Dr. Moulay TaharDZAUniversityQ2
365 (7703)Universite Akli Mohand Oulhadj, BouiraDZAUniversityQ2
365 (7703)Universite de JijelDZAUniversityQ1
365 (7703)Nile UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
369 (7709)Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Electricite et de MecaniqueMARUniversityQ3
369 (7709)October 6 UniversityEGYUniversityQ3
369 (7709)Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique et TechniqueMARGovernmentQ2
372 (7725)Universite Mohamed Khider de BiskraDZAUniversityQ2
373 (7736)Universite de BejaiaDZAUniversityQ1
374 (7743)Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Analyses Physico-ChimiquesDZAGovernmentQ1
375 (7766)Universite de BoumerdesDZAUniversityQ1
376 (7794)Cihan UniversityIRQUniversityQ3
377 (7797)Badr University in CairoEGYUniversityQ4
378 (7820)American University of Ras Al KhaimahAREUniversityQ2
379 (7836)German University in CairoEGYUniversityQ2
379 (7836)Kuwait College of Science and TechnologyKWTUniversityQ4
381 (7876)Hopital La RabtaTUNHealthQ2
382 (7880)Centre de Recherche en Technologies IndustriellesDZAGovernmentQ3
383 (7896)Sudan University for Science and TechnologySDNUniversityQ1
384 (7914)Universite de Gabes *TUNUniversityQ2
385 (7920)Universite d'El OuedDZAUniversityQ3
386 (7922)Universite de JendoubaTUNUniversityQ1
387 (7945)Universite Mohamed Boudiaf - M'silaDZAUniversityQ1
388 (7975)National Institute for StandardsEGYGovernmentQ3
389 (7994)Universite Abdelhamid Ibn Badis de MostaganemDZAUniversityQ2
390 (7998)Universite Mouloud Mammeri de Tizi OuzouDZAUniversityQ1
391 (8003)Universite des Sciences et de la Technologie d'Oran-Mohamed BoudiafDZAUniversityQ1
392 (8046)Institut Superieur de Gestion de TunisTUNUniversityQ3
393 (8053)Faculte des Sciences de BizerteTUNUniversityQ2
394 (8056)Universite Larbi TebessiDZAUniversityQ2
395 (8060)Universite Mohamed El Bachir El Ibrahimi de Bordj Bou ArreridjDZAUniversityQ2
395 (8060)University of BahrainBHRUniversityQ1
397 (8081)Universite Mustapha Stambouli de MascaraDZAUniversityQ3
398 (8094)Egypt-Japan University of Science and TechnologyEGYUniversityQ2
399 (8100)Universite Larbi Ben M'hidi Oum El BouaghiDZAUniversityQ3
400 (8104)Universite Yahia Fares de MedeaDZAUniversityQ4
401 (8117)Universite de Batna 2DZAUniversityQ2
402 (8124)Universite de Tunis *TUNUniversityQ1
403 (8133)Ecole Nationale d'Ingenieurs de TunisTUNUniversityQ2
404 (8150)Universite Constantine 3DZAUniversityQ1
405 (8164)Centre de Recherches et des Technologies de l’EnergieTUNGovernmentQ1
406 (8182)Habib Bourguiba HopitalTUNHealthQ3
407 (8187)Universite Ziane Achour de DjelfaDZAUniversityQ3
408 (8196)Faculte des Sciences et Techniques de TangerMARUniversityQ3
409 (8201)Centre de Developpement des Technologies AvanceesDZAGovernmentQ1
410 (8219)Ecole Nationale PolytechniqueDZAUniversityQ1
411 (8225)Institut National des Sciences Appliquees et de TechnologieTUNUniversityQ1
412 (8238)Ecole Nationale Superieure d'InformatiqueDZAUniversityQ1
413 (8240)Centre Hospitalo Universitaire Hedi ChakerTUNHealthQ4
414 (8257)Ecole Nationale d'Ingenieurs de GabesTUNUniversityQ3
415 (8274)Hot Laboratory and Waste Management CenterEGYGovernmentQ1
416 (8307)Universite de KairouanTUNUniversityQ4
417 (8309)Universite de Batna 1DZAUniversityQ2
418 (8316)Universite de GafsaTUNUniversityQ1
419 (8342)Universite Abbes Laghrour KhenchelaDZAUniversityQ4
420 (8357)Kuwait Oil CompanyKWTCompanyQ3
421 (8365)Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Ingenieurs de TunisTUNUniversityQ4
422 (8428)Ecole Polytechnique de TunisieTUNUniversityQ3