383 ranked institutions
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1 (181)Africa Health Research InstituteZAFHealthQ1
2 (540)Cairo University *EGYUniversityQ1
3 (812)University of Cape TownZAFUniversityQ1
4 (898)South African Medical Research CouncilZAFHealthQ1
5 (1036)Arid Lands Cultivation Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
6 (1146)Stellenbosch UniversityZAFUniversityQ1
7 (1150)University of the Witwatersrand, JohannesburgZAFUniversityQ1
8 (1234)National Research Centre *EGYGovernmentQ1
9 (1239)National Health Laboratory ServicesZAFGovernmentQ1
10 (1249)Kenya Medical Research InstituteKENHealthQ1
11 (1279)International Livestock Research Institute KenyaKENNon-ProfitQ1
12 (1283)Ifakara Health InstituteTZAGovernmentQ1
13 (1349)Academy of Scientific Research and Technology *EGYNon-ProfitQ1
14 (1396)Centro de Investigacao em Saude da ManhicaMOZHealthQ1
15 (1408)University of KwaZulu-Natal *ZAFUniversityQ1
16 (1450)University of PretoriaZAFUniversityQ1
17 (1596)Medical Research CouncilGMBGovernmentQ1
18 (1599)Uganda Ministry of HealthUGAHealthQ1
19 (1708)University of JohannesburgZAFUniversityQ1
19 (1708)World Agroforestry Centre KenyaKENNon-ProfitQ1
21 (1757)Ain Shams University *EGYUniversityQ1
21 (1757)National Institute for Medical ResearchTZAHealthQ1
23 (1767)World Health Organization Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, EgyptEGYHealthQ1
24 (1823)International Livestock Research Institute EthiopiaETHNon-ProfitQ1
25 (1884)City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications *EGYGovernmentQ1
26 (1917)Zagazig University *EGYUniversityQ1
27 (1951)Ethiopian Public Health InstituteETHHealthQ1
28 (2099) Aga Khan University Hospital, NairobiKENHealthQ2
29 (2131)National Research Foundation *ZAFGovernmentQ2
30 (2145)University of GondarETHUniversityQ1
31 (2163)Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
32 (2168)Alexandria University *EGYUniversityQ1
33 (2181)Plant Pathology Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
33 (2181)Horus UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
35 (2330)Environment and Natural Materials Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
36 (2334)Al-Azhar University *EGYUniversityQ1
37 (2361)North-West UniversityZAFUniversityQ1
38 (2445)Kafrelsheikh UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
39 (2494)South African Astronomical ObservatoryZAFGovernmentQ2
40 (2511)Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la SanteBFAGovernmentQ1
41 (2572)Mansoura University *EGYUniversityQ1
42 (2630)International Institute of Tropical Agriculture NigeriaNGANon-ProfitQ1
42 (2630)International Centre of Insect Physiology and EcologyKENGovernmentQ2
44 (2668)Agricultural Research Center Egypt *EGYGovernmentQ1
45 (2726)New Valley UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
46 (2746)University of Sierra LeoneSLEUniversityQ1
47 (2770)Jimma University *ETHUniversityQ1
48 (2814)Advanced Technology and New Materials Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
49 (2855)Addis Ababa UniversityETHUniversityQ1
50 (2862)Future University in EgyptEGYUniversityQ1
51 (2908)Makerere University *UGAUniversityQ1
52 (2934)National Institute of Oceanography and FisheriesEGYGovernmentQ1
53 (2944)Horticulture Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
54 (2968)Covenant UniversityNGAUniversityQ1
55 (2973)Wollo UniversityETHUniversityQ2
56 (3013)Groote Schuur HospitalZAFHealthQ1
57 (3076)University Teaching HospitalZMBHealthQ1
58 (3092)Makerere University College of Health SciencesUGAUniversityQ1
59 (3116)University of GhanaGHAUniversityQ1
60 (3196)Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique et Technologique *BFAGovernmentQ2
61 (3311)Universite Mohammed Premier Oujda *MARUniversityQ1
62 (3440)Soil, Water and Environment Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
63 (3443)Faculte des Sciences Ain ChockMARUniversityQ1
64 (3456)Haramaya UniversityETHUniversityQ2
65 (3495)Debre Markos UniversityETHUniversityQ3
66 (3513)Benha University *EGYUniversityQ1
67 (3521)Hawassa UniversityETHUniversityQ1
68 (3554)Muhimbili University of Health and Allied SciencesTZAUniversityQ2
69 (3589)Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and TechnologyGHAUniversityQ1
70 (3650)Food Technology Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ2
71 (3670)Universite Hassan II de Casablanca *MARUniversityQ1
72 (3679)University of the Western CapeZAFUniversityQ2
73 (3688)Tanta UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
73 (3688)National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space SciencesEGYGovernmentQ2
73 (3688)Landmark UniversityNGAUniversityQ1
73 (3688) Wolaita Sodo UniversityETHUniversityQ3
77 (3775)Menoufia University *EGYUniversityQ1
78 (3791)University of South AfricaZAFUniversityQ1
79 (3799)Arba Minch UniversityETHUniversityQ3
80 (3828)Animal Health Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ2
81 (3853)Universite de la ReunionREUUniversityQ1
82 (3918)Bahir Dar UniversityETHUniversityQ2
83 (3965)University of CalabarNGAUniversityQ1
84 (3977)University of IbadanNGAUniversityQ1
85 (3981)Erdogan HospitalSOMHealthQ1
86 (3991)University of Cape CoastGHAUniversityQ2
87 (4001)Beni Suef University *EGYUniversityQ1
88 (4017)Universite Mohammed V de Rabat *MARUniversityQ1
89 (4026)University of NairobiKENUniversityQ1
90 (4040)Kenyatta UniversityKENUniversityQ1
91 (4047)University of the Free StateZAFUniversityQ1
92 (4052)Damanhour UniversityEGYUniversityQ2
93 (4147)South African National Biodiversity InstituteZAFGovernmentQ2
94 (4212)University College Hospital, IbadanNGAHealthQ1
95 (4235)Human Sciences Research Council of South AfricaZAFGovernmentQ2
96 (4300)Mbarara University of Science and TechnologyUGAUniversityQ2
97 (4389)Field Crops Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
98 (4398)Tygerberg HospitalZAFHealthQ2
98 (4398)Egyptian National Cancer InstituteEGYHealthQ2
100 (4437)Suez UniversityEGYUniversityQ2
101 (4448)University of MalawiMWIUniversityQ1
102 (4472)Mekelle UniversityETHUniversityQ1
103 (4476)Assiut University *EGYUniversityQ1
104 (4530)Fayoum University *EGYUniversityQ2
105 (4609)Universite Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah *MARUniversityQ1
106 (4621)Minia University *EGYUniversityQ1
107 (4693)Maseno UniversityKENUniversityQ3
108 (4701)Suez Canal University *EGYUniversityQ1
109 (4726)Institut Pasteur de TunisTUNHealthQ1
110 (4779)University of NigeriaNGAUniversityQ1
111 (4819)University of LagosNGAUniversityQ1
112 (4831)Mansoura University HospitalsEGYHealthQ1
113 (4888)Delta University for Science and TechnologyEGYUniversityQ2
114 (4914)Faculte des Sciences OujdaMARUniversityQ1
115 (4985)University of Fort HareZAFUniversityQ2
116 (5020)Lagos State University, OjoNGAUniversityQ1
117 (5034)Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Mohammed VI de OujdaMARHealthQ1
118 (5054)Universite de KinshasaCODUniversityQ1
119 (5070)Institut Agronomique et Veterinaire Hassan IIMARUniversityQ1
120 (5079)Sokoine University of AgricultureTZAUniversityQ1
120 (5079)Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and TechnologyKENUniversityQ1
122 (5095)Central Metallurgical Research and Development InstituteEGYGovernmentQ2
122 (5095)University of ZambiaZMBUniversityQ1
124 (5103)University of Sadat CityEGYUniversityQ2
125 (5141)Institut National de la Recherche AgronomiqueMARGovernmentQ1
126 (5190)Modern University for Technology and InformationEGYUniversityQ2
127 (5197)Kampala International UniversityUGAUniversityQ2
128 (5207)Universite 20 Aout 1955 SkikdaDZAUniversityQ1
129 (5224)University of IlorinNGAUniversityQ1
130 (5229)South Valley University *EGYUniversityQ2
131 (5251)Sohag University *EGYUniversityQ2
132 (5292)Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching HospitalNGAHealthQ1
133 (5294)Ladoke Akintola University of TechnologyNGAUniversityQ1
134 (5301)Universite Cadi Ayyad *MARUniversityQ1
135 (5319)University of Abuja *NGAUniversityQ2
136 (5338)University of TripoliLBYUniversityQ1
137 (5353)Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime TransportEGYUniversityQ1
138 (5373)Plant Protection Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ2
139 (5442)Moi UniversityKENUniversityQ2
139 (5442)Council for Scientific and Industrial ResearchZAFGovernmentQ1
141 (5475)Universite de Sfax *TUNUniversityQ1
141 (5475)Agricultural Research CouncilZAFGovernmentQ3
141 (5475)University of VendaZAFUniversityQ3
144 (5513)Egyptian Petroleum Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
145 (5549)Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique de TunisieTUNGovernmentQ1
146 (5559)Nnamdi Azikiwe UniversityNGAUniversityQ2
147 (5575)Ecole Normale Superieure de l’Enseignement Technique de MohammediaMARUniversityQ1
148 (5582)Universite Moulay Ismail *MARUniversityQ1
149 (5588)Federal University DutseNGAUniversityQ2
150 (5607)Misr International UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
150 (5607)Theodor Bilharz Research InstituteEGYHealthQ1
152 (5620)Centre National de l'Energie, des Sciences et des Techniques NucleairesMARGovernmentQ2
152 (5620)Busitema UniversityUGAUniversityQ3
152 (5620)Ministry of Health and Population of EgyptEGYHealthQ1
155 (5631)University of Rwanda *RWAUniversityQ1
156 (5638)Universite Ibn Tofail *MARUniversityQ1
157 (5652)Centre de Biotechnologie de SfaxTUNGovernmentQ1
157 (5652)Animal Production Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ3
159 (5664)Desert Research CenterEGYGovernmentQ3
160 (5684)Durban University of TechnologyZAFUniversityQ2
161 (5695)Aswan University *EGYUniversityQ2
162 (5700)University of ZimbabweZWEUniversityQ1
163 (5712)National Water Research Center, Egypt *EGYGovernmentQ3
163 (5712)University for Development StudiesGHAUniversityQ2
165 (5791)Nahda UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
166 (5807)Helwan University Cairo *EGYUniversityQ1
167 (5841)University of Education, WinnebaGHAUniversityQ3
168 (5859)Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyZAFUniversityQ3
168 (5859)Universite de Tunis El Manar *TUNUniversityQ1
170 (5885)Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, UmudikeNGAUniversityQ2
170 (5885)Egerton UniversityKENUniversityQ1
172 (5896)University of Gezira *SDNUniversityQ1
172 (5896)Faculte des Sciences Ben M'SickMARUniversityQ1
174 (5921)Universidade Eduardo MondlaneMOZUniversityQ1
175 (5928)Federal University of Technology AkureNGAUniversityQ1
176 (5941)Rhodes UniversityZAFUniversityQ2
177 (5952)Ahmadu Bello University *NGAUniversityQ1
178 (5967)Universite Ibn Zohr *MARUniversityQ1
179 (5985)Universite de BueaCMRUniversityQ1
180 (5995)Walter Sisulu UniversityZAFUniversityQ2
181 (6005)Universite d AntananarivoMDGUniversityQ1
182 (6009)Assiut University HospitalEGYHealthQ3
183 (6028)Centre de Biotechnologie de Borj CedriaTUNGovernmentQ1
184 (6039)Universite Abdelmalek Essaadi *MARUniversityQ2
185 (6048)University of Khartoum *SDNUniversityQ2
186 (6103)Universite Joseph Ki-ZerboBFAUniversityQ2
187 (6110)British University in EgyptEGYUniversityQ2
187 (6110)Kyambogo UniversityUGAUniversityQ3
189 (6189)Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Arts et Metiers de MeknesMARUniversityQ1
190 (6226)Obafemi Awolowo UniversityNGAUniversityQ1
191 (6229)Universite d Abomey CalaviBENUniversityQ1
192 (6237)Gulu UniversityUGAUniversityQ4
192 (6237)Institution de la Recherche et de l'Enseignement Superieur Agricoles *TUNGovernmentQ1
194 (6245)Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences UniversityZAFUniversityQ3
195 (6254)University of MaiduguriNGAUniversityQ1
195 (6254)Universite de Yaounde ICMRUniversityQ1
197 (6284)Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Ibn Rochd CasablancaMARHealthQ2
198 (6308)Institut National de Recherches en Genie Rural, Eaux et ForetsTUNGovernmentQ1
198 (6308)Port Said UniversityEGYUniversityQ3
200 (6320)Copperbelt UniversityZMBUniversityQ1
201 (6357)Damietta UniversityEGYUniversityQ2
202 (6361)Federal University of Agriculture, AbeokutaNGAUniversityQ2
203 (6397)Arish UniversityEGYUniversityQ3
204 (6430)South African Institute for Aquatic BiodiversityZAFGovernmentQ4
205 (6448)University of DodomaTZAUniversityQ3
206 (6490)Sinai UniversityEGYUniversityQ2
207 (6498)October 6 UniversityEGYUniversityQ2
208 (6561)Afe Babalola UniversityNGAUniversityQ1
209 (6570)Universite Nazi BoniBFAUniversityQ3
209 (6570)Bayero University, KanoNGAUniversityQ2
211 (6591)Universite Sultan Moulay SlimaneMARUniversityQ2
212 (6606)Federal University of Petroleum Resource EffurunNGAUniversityQ2
213 (6695)Nelson Mandela Metropolitan UniversityZAFUniversityQ2
213 (6695)Centre Hospitalier Ibn Sina Rabat *MARHealthQ3
215 (6703)Housing and Building National Research CenterEGYGovernmentQ3
216 (6712)Misr University for Science and TechnologyEGYUniversityQ1
216 (6712)National Research Institute of Astronomy and GeophysicsEGYGovernmentQ3
218 (6714)Nuclear Materials AuthorityEGYGovernmentQ3
219 (6717)Universite Cheikh Anta Diop de DakarSENUniversityQ1
220 (6734)Nuclear Research CenterEGYGovernmentQ2
221 (6762)Ebonyi State UniversityNGAUniversityQ1
221 (6762)Mohammed VI Polytechnic UniversityMARUniversityQ1
223 (6769)Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science, Innovation and Research *MARNon-ProfitQ1
224 (6790)Universite de MonastirTUNUniversityQ1
225 (6795)Ekiti State UniversityNGAUniversityQ2
225 (6795)University of Mines and TechnologyGHAUniversityQ1
227 (6804)Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority *EGYGovernmentQ3
228 (6813)University of Port HarcourtNGAUniversityQ2
229 (6816)Universite Djillali Liabes de Sidi Bel AbbesDZAUniversityQ1
230 (6833)Osun State UniversityNGAUniversityQ1
231 (6844)Universite Felix Houphouet-BoignyCIVUniversityQ1
232 (6853)Heliopolis UniversityEGYUniversityQ3
233 (6864)Central University of Technology, Free StateZAFUniversityQ3
234 (6895)Universite de DschangCMRUniversityQ1
234 (6895)Technical University of KenyaKENUniversityQ3
236 (6914)Adekunle Ajasin UniversityNGAUniversityQ3
237 (6929)Tshwane University of TechnologyZAFUniversityQ2
237 (6929)University of BotswanaBWAUniversityQ1
239 (6953)University of JosNGAUniversityQ3
240 (6965)University of NamibiaNAMUniversityQ1
241 (6970)Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Farhat Hached de SousseTUNHealthQ2
242 (6974)University of LimpopoZAFUniversityQ2
243 (6984)Fattouma Bourguiba University HospitalTUNHealthQ2
244 (6991)University of Dar es SalaamTZAUniversityQ1
245 (7021)Universite Marien NgouabiCOGUniversityQ1
246 (7028)Nephrology and Urology CenterEGYHealthQ3
247 (7039)Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto *NGAUniversityQ1
248 (7045)Faculte de Sciences et Techniques de MohammediaMARUniversityQ1
249 (7074)Delta State UniversityNGAUniversityQ2
250 (7092)Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique et TechniqueMARGovernmentQ1
250 (7092)Egyptian Drug AuthorityEGYGovernmentQ2
252 (7114)Pharos University in AlexandriaEGYUniversityQ1
253 (7136)Olabisi Onabanjo UniversityNGAUniversityQ1
254 (7163)The American University in CairoEGYUniversityQ1
254 (7163)Deraya UniversityEGYUniversityQ2
254 (7163)Vaal University of TechnologyZAFUniversityQ3
257 (7174)Ecole Nationale des Sciences Appliquees de KenitraMARUniversityQ2
258 (7191)Omdurman Islamic UniversitySDNUniversityQ1
259 (7206)Universite de Carthage *TUNUniversityQ1
260 (7219)Universite de LomeTGOUniversityQ1
260 (7219)University of ZululandZAFUniversityQ3
262 (7236)Universite de NgaoundereCMRUniversityQ1
263 (7243)National Open University of NigeriaNGAUniversityQ1
264 (7258)University of EswatiniSWZUniversityQ1
265 (7288)Ghana Institute of Management and Public AdministrationGHAUniversityQ3
266 (7308)October University for Modern Sciences and ArtsEGYUniversityQ1
267 (7342)Universite Hassan 1er *MARUniversityQ2
268 (7351)National University of Science and Technology, BulawayoZWEUniversityQ2
269 (7372)Universite de ParakouBENUniversityQ3
270 (7377)University of UyoNGAUniversityQ3
270 (7377)National Centre for Radiation Research and TechnologyEGYGovernmentQ3
270 (7377)Universite Gaston Berger de Saint-LouisSENUniversityQ3
270 (7377)Faculte des Sciences et Techniques SettatMARUniversityQ3
274 (7395)Ministere de l’Enseignement Superieur et de la Recherche Scientifique *TUNGovernmentQ1
275 (7407)Federal University of Technology, MinnaNGAUniversityQ3
276 (7449)Egyptian Russian UniversityEGYUniversityQ2
276 (7449)University of BeninNGAUniversityQ2
278 (7473)Universite Internationale de RabatMARUniversityQ1
279 (7519)Electronics Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
280 (7521)Federal University of Technology OwerriNGAUniversityQ1
281 (7560)Ecole Mohammadia d'IngenieursMARUniversityQ2
282 (7571)Midlands State UniversityZWEUniversityQ1
283 (7575)Redeemer's UniversityNGAUniversityQ2
283 (7575)Federal University Oye EkitiNGAUniversityQ2
285 (7586)Badr University in CairoEGYUniversityQ2
286 (7607)Higher Technological InstituteEGYUniversityQ2
287 (7616)Al Neelain UniversitySDNUniversityQ3
287 (7616)Botswana International University of Science and TechnologyBWAUniversityQ1
289 (7623)Universite de DoualaCMRUniversityQ3
290 (7636)University of BenghaziLBYUniversityQ3
291 (7662)Centre de Recherche en Numerique de SfaxTUNGovernmentQ1
292 (7731)Sudan University for Science and TechnologySDNUniversityQ1
293 (7745)Universite de SousseTUNUniversityQ2
294 (7752)Centre Hospitalier et Universitaire Hassan II FesMARHealthQ4
295 (7789)Universite Chouaib Doukkali *MARUniversityQ1
296 (7824)National Institute for StandardsEGYGovernmentQ2
297 (7841)Universite de BamendaCMRUniversityQ4
297 (7841)Faculte des Sciences d’El JadidaMARUniversityQ1
299 (7876)Centre de Developpement des Energies Renouvelables *DZAGovernmentQ1
300 (7896)Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Mohammed VI de MarrakechMARHealthQ3
301 (7908)Universite de La ManoubaTUNUniversityQ1
302 (7912)Hopital Militaire d'Instruction Mohammed VMARHealthQ3
303 (7918)Kumasi Technical UniversityGHAUniversityQ1
304 (7932)Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Electricite et de MecaniqueMARUniversityQ3
305 (7970)Universite Oran 1 Ahmed Ben Bella *DZAUniversityQ1
306 (7975)Military Technical CollegeEGYUniversityQ1
307 (7997)Al-Ahram Canadian UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
307 (7997)Universite Ferhat Abbas de SetifDZAUniversityQ1
309 (8002)Universite Mohamed-Cherif Messaadia Souk AhrasDZAUniversityQ1
310 (8047)Universite Constantine 1DZAUniversityQ1
311 (8051)Universite Ibn Khaldoun de TiaretDZAUniversityQ1
312 (8061)Universite Saad Dahlab de Blida 1DZAUniversityQ1
313 (8093)Kwara State UniversityNGAUniversityQ2
314 (8118)Universite Mohamed El Bachir El Ibrahimi de Bordj Bou ArreridjDZAUniversityQ1
315 (8131)Hopital La RabtaTUNHealthQ2
316 (8137)Universite Kasdi Merbah OuarglaDZAUniversityQ1
316 (8137)Universite de BoumerdesDZAUniversityQ1
316 (8137)Universite Badji Mokhtar - AnnabaDZAUniversityQ1
319 (8150)Universite de MarouaCMRUniversityQ2
320 (8155)Universite 8 mai 1945 GuelmaDZAUniversityQ2
321 (8162)Universite de BejaiaDZAUniversityQ1
321 (8162)Abubakar Tafawa Balewa UniversityNGAUniversityQ2
323 (8167)Al Akhawayn UniversityMARUniversityQ1
324 (8187)Universite de BecharDZAUniversityQ2
324 (8187)Zewail City of Science and TechnologyEGYUniversityQ1
326 (8192)Namibia University of Science and TechnologyNAMUniversityQ3
327 (8197)Universite Abou Bekr Belkaid TlemcenDZAUniversityQ1
328 (8210)Universite Hassiba BenBouali de ChlefDZAUniversityQ1
328 (8210)Universite Mohamed Boudiaf - M'silaDZAUniversityQ2
330 (8221)Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Analyses Physico-ChimiquesDZAGovernmentQ1
330 (8221)German University in CairoEGYUniversityQ1
332 (8245)Universite Mohamed Khider de BiskraDZAUniversityQ2
333 (8252)Universite Amar Telidji de LaghouatDZAUniversityQ2
334 (8283)Centre de Recherches et des Technologies des EauxTUNGovernmentQ2
335 (8319)Universite de JendoubaTUNUniversityQ1
336 (8325)University of MauritiusMUSUniversityQ1
337 (8363)Hopital Charles NicolleTUNHealthQ2
338 (8375)Universite des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari BoumedieneDZAUniversityQ1
339 (8384)Faculte des Sciences de BizerteTUNUniversityQ3
340 (8392)Ecole Nationale des Sciences Appliquees de AgadirMARUniversityQ3
341 (8421)Universite Mustapha Stambouli de MascaraDZAUniversityQ2
342 (8424)Universite de Gabes *TUNUniversityQ2
343 (8425)Ecole Nationale des Sciences Appliquees d'El JadidaMARUniversityQ2
344 (8426)Universite d'El OuedDZAUniversityQ1
345 (8447)Ecole Militaire PolytechniqueDZAUniversityQ1
346 (8491)Great Zimbabwe UniversityZWEUniversityQ4
347 (8531)Universite des Sciences et de la Technologie d'Oran-Mohamed BoudiafDZAUniversityQ2
348 (8541)Habib Bourguiba HopitalTUNHealthQ2
349 (8544)Universite Akli Mohand Oulhadj, BouiraDZAUniversityQ3
350 (8557)Universite Ahmed Draia d'AdrarDZAUniversityQ3
351 (8568)Universite de Batna 2DZAUniversityQ1
352 (8576)Centre de Recherche en Technologies IndustriellesDZAGovernmentQ3
353 (8588)Institut Superieur de Gestion de TunisTUNUniversityQ1
354 (8593)Universite de JijelDZAUniversityQ3
355 (8601)Universite Ziane Achour de DjelfaDZAUniversityQ3
356 (8615)Universite de Saida Dr. Moulay TaharDZAUniversityQ3
356 (8615)Hot Laboratory and Waste Management CenterEGYGovernmentQ3
358 (8620)Universite Abdelhamid Ibn Badis de MostaganemDZAUniversityQ2
359 (8623)Centre Hospitalo Universitaire Hedi ChakerTUNHealthQ3
360 (8630)Universite Larbi TebessiDZAUniversityQ2
361 (8654)Universite Yahia Fares de MedeaDZAUniversityQ2
362 (8675)Universite Larbi Ben M'hidi Oum El BouaghiDZAUniversityQ2
363 (8698)Universite Mouloud Mammeri de Tizi OuzouDZAUniversityQ1
364 (8713)Ecole Nationale d'Ingenieurs de TunisTUNUniversityQ1
364 (8713)Institut National des Sciences Appliquees et de TechnologieTUNUniversityQ1
366 (8727)Universite de Batna 1DZAUniversityQ1
367 (8755)Ecole Nationale d'Ingenieurs de GabesTUNUniversityQ3
368 (8758)Nile UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
369 (8762)Universite de Tunis *TUNUniversityQ2
370 (8780)Universite d'Alger 1DZAUniversityQ1
371 (8799)Centre de Recherches et des Technologies de l’EnergieTUNGovernmentQ4
372 (8811)Universite de GafsaTUNUniversityQ3
373 (8814)Centre de Developpement des Technologies AvanceesDZAGovernmentQ1
374 (8825)Ecole Nationale PolytechniqueDZAUniversityQ2
375 (8834)Universite Constantine 3DZAUniversityQ3
376 (8852)Ecole Nationale Superieure d'InformatiqueDZAUniversityQ1
377 (8858)Egypt-Japan University of Science and TechnologyEGYUniversityQ1
378 (8911)Universite Abbes Laghrour KhenchelaDZAUniversityQ4
379 (8917)Universite de KairouanTUNUniversityQ3
380 (8962)Universite d'Ain TemouchentDZAUniversityQ4
381 (8981)Universite Abdelhamid Mehri Constantine 2DZAUniversityQ2
382 (9000)Ecole Polytechnique de TunisieTUNUniversityQ3
383 (9018)Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Ingenieurs de TunisTUNUniversityQ1