70 ranked institutions
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1 (47)University of Amsterdam *NLDUniversityQ1
2 (68)Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam *NLDUniversityQ1
3 (82)Utrecht University *NLDUniversityQ1
4 (115)University of Groningen *NLDUniversityQ1
5 (135)Leiden University *NLDUniversityQ1
6 (136)Erasmus University Rotterdam *NLDUniversityQ1
7 (163)Academisch Medisch CentrumNLDHealthQ1
8 (183)Delft University of TechnologyNLDUniversityQ1
9 (185)Erasmus Medical CenterNLDHealthQ1
10 (208)Wageningen University and Research Centre *NLDUniversityQ1
11 (240)Hubrecht InstituteNLDGovernmentQ1
12 (242)University Medical Center UtrechtNLDHealthQ1
13 (244)University Medical Center GroningenNLDHealthQ1
14 (262)Radboud University Nijmegen Medical CentreNLDHealthQ1
15 (279)Leiden University Medical CenterNLDHealthQ1
16 (337)Netherlands Environmental Assessment AgencyNLDGovernmentQ1
17 (444)Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences *NLDGovernmentQ1
18 (534)Royal Netherlands Meteorological InstituteNLDGovernmentQ1
19 (542)University Hospital MaastrichtNLDHealthQ2
20 (572)Netherlands Institute of EcologyNLDGovernmentQ2
21 (579)National Institute for Subatatomic PhysicsNLDGovernmentQ2
22 (582)Eindhoven University of TechnologyNLDUniversityQ1
23 (585)Radboud University NijmegenNLDUniversityQ1
24 (603)Max Planck Institut fur PsycholinguistikNLDGovernmentQ2
25 (605)Maastricht UniversityNLDUniversityQ1
26 (630)University of TwenteNLDUniversityQ1
27 (665)Netherlands Cancer Institute - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek HospitalNLDHealthQ1
28 (814)Netherlands Heart InstituteNLDGovernmentQ2
29 (842)Danone Nederland BVNLDCompanyQ1
30 (958)SRON Netherlands Institute for Space ResearchNLDGovernmentQ2
31 (1017)Netherlands Institute for NeuroscienceNLDGovernmentQ2
32 (1039)Netherlands Institute for Radio AstronomyNLDGovernmentQ2
33 (1110)National Institute for Public Health and the EnvironmentNLDHealthQ2
34 (1157)KWR Watercycle Research InstituteNLDGovernmentQ2
35 (1196)Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea ResearchNLDGovernmentQ2
36 (1348)Centre of Excellence for Epilepsy and Sleep MedicineNLDHealthQ3
37 (1367)Centrum Wiskunde & InformaticaNLDGovernmentQ2
38 (1426)Netherlands Institute for Health Services ResearchNLDNon-ProfitQ3
39 (1519)Tilburg UniversityNLDUniversityQ2
40 (1574)FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular PhysicsNLDGovernmentQ1
40 (1574)Canisius Wilhelmina ZiekenhuisNLDHealthQ2
42 (1609)DeltaresNLDNon-ProfitQ3
43 (1713)Meander Medical CentreNLDHealthQ2
44 (1781)St Antonius HospitalNLDHealthQ2
45 (1849)Amphia Hospital NLDHealthQ3
46 (1954)UNU Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and TechnologyNLDNon-ProfitQ3
47 (2242)Onze Lieve Vrouwe HospitalNLDHealthQ2
48 (2252)Sanquin Blood SupplyNLDHealthQ1
49 (2269)Medisch Spectrum TwenteNLDHealthQ3
50 (2374)Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific ResearchNLDGovernmentQ1
51 (2487)European Space Research and Technology CentreNLDGovernmentQ2
52 (2611)Rijnstate ZiekenhuisNLDHealthQ3
53 (2654)Catharina HospitalNLDHealthQ3
54 (2966)Jeroen Bosch HospitalNLDHealthQ3
55 (3016)Isala ClinicsNLDHealthQ3
56 (3060)Sint MaartenskliniekNLDHealthQ4
57 (3216)Naturalis Biodiversity CenterNLDGovernmentQ2
58 (3271)Open University NetherlandsNLDUniversityQ2
59 (3532)Zuyd University of Applied SciencesNLDUniversityQ4
59 (3532)Shell, NetherlandsNLDCompanyQ2
61 (3548)Philips Research, EindhovenNLDCompanyQ1
62 (3553)Martini HospitalNLDHealthQ3
63 (3666)Hanze University of Applied Sciences, GroningenNLDUniversityQ3
64 (3733)Hogeschool van AmsterdamNLDUniversityQ3
65 (4276)HAN University of Applied SciencesNLDUniversityQ3
66 (4489)Rotterdam University of Applied SciencesNLDUniversityQ4
67 (5073)HU University of Applied Sciences UtrechtNLDUniversityQ3
68 (5719)The Hague University of Applied SciencesNLDUniversityQ3
69 (6258)UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water EducationNLDUniversityQ2
70 (7769)Tinbergen InstituteNLDUniversityQ4