23 ranked institutions
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1 (220)Bulgarian Academy of Sciences *BGRGovernmentQ1
2 (230)Sofia UniversityBGRUniversityQ1
3 (241)Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGRGovernmentQ1
4 (243)Medical University of Sofia *BGRUniversityQ1
5 (245)University of Plovdiv Paisii HilendarskiBGRUniversityQ1
6 (246)Technical University of SofiaBGRUniversityQ1
6 (246)Medical University - PlovdivBGRUniversityQ1
7 (247)Institute of Mathematics and Informatics Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGRGovernmentQ2
8 (248)Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystems Research Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGRGovernmentQ1
8 (248)Trakia UniversityBGRUniversityQ1
8 (248)Medical University of Varna Pof. Dr. Paraskev StoyanoBGRUniversityQ2
8 (248)University of Chemical Technology and MetallurgyBGRUniversityQ1
8 (248)University of RousseBGRUniversityQ3
8 (248)Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGRGovernmentQ1
9 (249)South West University Neofit RilskiBGRUniversityQ2
9 (249)Georgi Nadjakov Institute of Solid State Physic Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGRGovernmentQ1
9 (249)University of Food Technologies, PlovdivBGRUniversityQ1
9 (249)Technical University of VarnaBGRUniversityQ3
9 (249)Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGRGovernmentQ3
9 (249)University of Forestry SofiaBGRUniversityQ1
9 (249)Institute of Information and Communication Technologies Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGRGovernmentQ4
9 (249)Academician Emil Djakov Institute of Electronics Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGRGovernmentQ2
9 (249)University Prof. Dr. Assen ZlatarovBGRUniversityQ2