16 ranked institutions
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1 (629)National Research CentreEGYGovernmentQ1
2 (649)King Abdulaziz City for Science and TechnologySAUGovernmentQ1
3 (692)Academy of Scientific Research and TechnologyEGYGovernmentQ1
4 (713)Egyptian Petroleum Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
5 (746)Agricultural Research Center Egypt *EGYGovernmentQ2
6 (759)National Institute of Oceanography and FisheriesEGYGovernmentQ1
7 (774)Central Metallurgical Research and Development InstituteEGYGovernmentQ2
8 (777)Centre National de l'Energie, des Sciences et des Techniques NucleairesMARGovernmentQ1
9 (778)Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority *EGYGovernmentQ2
10 (799)Kuwait Institute for Scientific ResearchKWTGovernmentQ1
11 (821)Electronic Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ3
12 (843)Centre de Developpement des Energies Renouvelables *DZAGovernmentQ1
13 (856)Research Centre in Industrial TechnologiesDZAGovernmentQ3
14 (858)Centre de Developpement des Technologies AvanceesDZAGovernmentQ2
15 (864)National Research Institute of Astronomy and GeophysicsEGYGovernmentQ4
16 (890)Kuwait Oil CompanyKWTGovernmentQ4