34 ranked institutions
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1 (64)National Institutes of HealthUSAHealth
2 (152)U.S. Department of Health & Human Services *USAHealth
3 (197)Centers for Disease Control and PreventionUSAHealth
4 (207)Centre for Addiction and Mental HealthCANHealth
5 (243)Kennedy Krieger InstituteUSAHealth
6 (245)Medical Research CouncilGBRHealth
7 (300)Erasmus Medical CenterNLDHealth
8 (308)Yale University Health & MedicineUSAHealth
9 (315)University of Michigan Health SystemUSAHealth
10 (342)Johns Hopkins MedicineUSAHealth
11 (361)University Medical Center GroningenNLDHealth
12 (363)Woodruff Health Sciences CenterUSAHealth
13 (381)Veterans Affairs Medical Centers *USAHealth
14 (402)George Washington The School of Medicine & Health SciencesUSAHealth
15 (421)VU University Medical CenterNLDHealth
16 (441)Murdoch Children's Research InstituteAUSHealth
17 (445)Brigham and Women's HospitalUSAHealth
18 (459)Stanford MedicineUSAHealth
19 (481)Columbia University Irving Medical CenterUSAHealth
20 (512)University of Miami Health SystemUSAHealth
21 (535)Northwestern MedicineUSAHealth
22 (573)Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale *FRAHealth
23 (578)UC San Diego Health SystemUSAHealth
24 (583)University of Pennsylvania Health SystemUSAHealth
25 (591)Instituto de Salud Carlos III *ESPHealth
26 (603)Children's Hospital Boston *USAHealth
27 (617)Boston University Medical Campus USAHealth
28 (621)Mount Sinai Health System *USAHealth
29 (636)National Institute for Health and WelfareFINHealth
30 (638)UCLA Health SystemUSAHealth
31 (657)NYU Langone Medical CenterUSAHealth
32 (710)Women's College HospitalCANHealth
33 (741)Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz *BRAHealth
34 (863)Kaiser Permanente, Oakland *USAHealth