376 ranked institutions
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1 (323)Sun Yat-sen University Fifth HospitalCHNHealthQ1
2 (343)Center for Disease Control and Prevention ChinaCHNHealthQ1
3 (361)Wuhan Union HospitalCHNHealthQ1
4 (366)Wuhan Tongji HospitalCHNHealthQ1
5 (380)Shanghai Public Health Clinical CenterCHNHealthQ1
6 (390)West China HospitalCHNHealthQ1
7 (434)Yonsei University Health SystemKORHealthQ1
8 (436)Sun Yat-sen University Cancer CenterCHNHealthQ1
9 (443)National Institute of GeneticsJPNHealthQ1
10 (449)Samsung Medical Center SeoulKORHealthQ1
11 (452)National Cancer CenterJPNHealthQ1
12 (460)Academy of Military Medical Sciences *CHNHealthQ1
12 (460)Singapore Eye Research InstituteSGPHealthQ2
13 (461)Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei *TWNHealthQ1
14 (463)Asan Medical Center Seoul *KORHealthQ1
15 (469)Singapore National Eye Centre *SGPHealthQ2
16 (471)National Taiwan University HospitalTWNHealthQ1
17 (473)Ministry of HealthCHNHealthQ1
17 (473)Seoul National University Hospital *KORHealthQ1
18 (476)National Cancer CentreSGPHealthQ2
19 (478)Wuhan Children's HospitalCHNHealthQ1
20 (479)National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and NutritionJPNHealthQ1
21 (484)The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang UniversityCHNHealthQ1
22 (490)Nanfang HospitalCHNHealthQ1
23 (493)National Heart Centre SingaporeSGPHealthQ2
23 (493)China Medical University HospitalTWNHealthQ1
23 (493)The General Hospital of the People's Liberation ArmyCHNHealthQ1
23 (493)Zhongnan Hospital at Wuhan UniversityCHNHealthQ1
24 (497)Xiangya Hospital Affiliated to Central South UniversityCHNHealthQ1
25 (499)National University Cancer InstituteSGPHealthQ2
26 (501)Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical ScienceJPNHealthQ1
26 (501)Japanese Foundation for Cancer ResearchJPNHealthQ1
27 (502)Renji HospitalCHNHealthQ1
28 (503)Korea Centers for Disease Control and PreventionKORHealthQ1
29 (504)National University Health System *SGPHealthQ1
30 (505)First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou UniversityCHNHealthQ1
30 (505)National Cancer CenterKORHealthQ1
31 (508)Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery HospitalCHNHealthQ1
32 (512)Shanghai Tenth People's HospitalCHNHealthQ1
32 (512)Shanghai Cancer Center Fudan UniversityCHNHealthQ1
32 (512)Jinling HospitalCHNHealthQ1
33 (513)Shanghai East HospitalCHNHealthQ1
34 (514)Zhongshan HospitalCHNHealthQ1
35 (517)Renmin Hospital of Wuhan UniversityCHNHealthQ1
36 (519)Ruijin HospitalCHNHealthQ1
37 (522)National Health Research InstitutesTWNHealthQ1
37 (522)Peking Union Medical College Hospital BeijingCHNHealthQ1
38 (523)Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
39 (525)Second Xiangya Hospital Affiliated to Central South UniversityCHNHealthQ1
40 (528)West China Hospital of StomatologyCHNHealthQ1
41 (533)The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang UniversityCHNHealthQ1
41 (533)Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, TaoyuanTWNHealthQ1
42 (534)Shanghai Sixth People's HospitalCHNHealthQ1
42 (534)Sun Yat-sen University First HospitalCHNHealthQ1
43 (535)First Affiliated Jiangsu Province Hospital with Nanjing Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
44 (536)Taipei Veterans General HospitalTWNHealthQ1
44 (536)Affiliated Jiangsu Cancer HospitalCHNHealthQ1
44 (536)Prince of Wales HospitalHKGHealthQ2
45 (540)The Central Hospital of WuhanCHNHealthQ1
46 (541)Sun Yat-sen University Second HospitalCHNHealthQ1
46 (541)Aichi Cancer Center ResearchJPNHealthQ1
46 (541)First Hospital of Jilin UniversityCHNHealthQ1
47 (542)First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong UniversityCHNHealthQ1
48 (544)Tumour Hospital of Harbin Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
49 (545)First Affiliated Southwest Hospital to Third Military Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
50 (546)Xijing HospitalCHNHealthQ1
50 (546)National Institute of Public Health of JapanJPNHealthQ1
50 (546)Sir Run Run Shaw HospitalCHNHealthQ1
50 (546)Shanghai Chest HospitalCHNHealthQ1
51 (547)Shanghai Ninth People's HospitalCHNHealthQ1
52 (548)Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Health HospitalCHNHealthQ1
52 (548)China-Japan Friendship HospitalCHNHealthQ1
53 (549)Cancer Institute and Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical SciencesCHNHealthQ1
54 (550)Seoul National University Bundang HospitalKORHealthQ1
54 (550)Huashan HospitalCHNHealthQ1
55 (551)Shandong University Qilu HospitalCHNHealthQ1
56 (552)Beijing Institute for Brain DisordersCHNHealthQ1
57 (553)First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow UniversityCHNHealthQ1
58 (554)National Institute of Health SciencesJPNHealthQ1
59 (555)Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and HospitalCHNHealthQ1
60 (556)Shanghai Pulmonary HospitalCHNHealthQ1
61 (559)Sun Yat-sen University Third HospitalCHNHealthQ1
62 (561)Nanjing Drum Tower HospitalCHNHealthQ1
62 (561)Shanghai Jiao Tong University Affiliated First People's HospitalCHNHealthQ1
63 (562)Hospital for Tropical Diseases *VNMHealthQ1
64 (563)Zhujiang HospitalCHNHealthQ1
65 (564)National Hospital for Tropical Diseases *VNMHealthQ1
66 (566)Third Affiliated Daping Hospital to Third Military Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
66 (566)First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
67 (569)Tan Tock Seng HospitalSGPHealthQ1
68 (570)Affiliated People's Hospital of Jiangsu UniversityCHNHealthQ1
68 (570)Saitama Cancer CenterJPNHealthQ1
69 (571)National Defense Medical CenterTWNHealthQ1
69 (571)Shanghai Shuguang HospitalCHNHealthQ1
69 (571)Blood Diseases HospitalCHNHealthQ1
70 (573)Queen Mary Hospital Hong KongHKGHealthQ2
71 (574)Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, KaohsiungTWNHealthQ1
72 (575)Second Affiliated Hospital & Yuying Children s Hospital of Wenzhou Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
72 (575)First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan UniversityCHNHealthQ1
73 (576)Chung-Ho Memorial HospitalTWNHealthQ1
73 (576)Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical SciencesKORHealthQ1
74 (577)First Affiliated Hospital Harbin Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
74 (577)First Affilated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
74 (577)Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of GerontologyJPNHealthQ1
74 (577)Tangdu HospitalCHNHealthQ1
74 (577)Second Affiliated Hospital Harbin Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
75 (578)Shanghai Changzheng HospitalCHNHealthQ2
75 (578)General Hospital of Tianjin Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
75 (578)Linkou Chang Gung Memorial HospitalTWNHealthQ1
76 (579)Seoul St. Mary's HospitalKORHealthQ1
77 (580)International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease ResearchBGDHealthQ1
77 (580)National Center of Neurology and PsychiatryJPNHealthQ1
78 (581)Second Affiliated Xinqiao Hospital to Third Military Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
79 (582)Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences *CHNHealthQ2
79 (582)Yonsei University Severance HospitalKORHealthQ1
80 (583)Xinhua HospitalCHNHealthQ1
80 (583)Changhai Hospital of ShanghaiCHNHealthQ1
80 (583)Affiliated Nanjing First HospitalCHNHealthQ1
80 (583)Zhongda HospitalCHNHealthQ1
81 (584)Third Affiliated Hospital of NanchangCHNHealthQ2
82 (585)Zhejiang Cancer HospitalCHNHealthQ1
82 (585)Second Hospital of Shandong UniversityCHNHealthQ1
82 (585)Mackay Memorial HospitalTWNHealthQ1
83 (586)Shandong Provincial HospitalCHNHealthQ1
84 (587)Third Hospital Affiliated to Central South UniversityCHNHealthQ1
84 (587)First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
85 (588)National Research Institute for Child Health and DevelopmentJPNHealthQ1
85 (588)China-Japan Union Hospital of Jilin UniversityCHNHealthQ1
86 (589)Indian Council of Medical Research *INDHealthQ1
86 (589)Chiba Cancer CenterJPNHealthQ1
87 (591)Hallym University Medical CenterKORHealthQ1
87 (591)Second Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University-Sheng Jing HospitalCHNHealthQ1
87 (591)Tongji HospitalCHNHealthQ2
88 (592)Zibo Central Hospital Affiliated to Binzhou Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
88 (592)Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou UniversityCHNHealthQ1
88 (592)Kyoto University HospitalJPNHealthQ1
89 (593)Singapore General HospitalSGPHealthQ1
89 (593)Shenzhen Peoples Hospital, 2nd Clinical Medical College of Jinan UniversityCHNHealthQ1
90 (594)Qingdao Municipal HospitalCHNHealthQ2
90 (594)First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University CHNHealthQ2
90 (594)Kanagawa Cancer CenterJPNHealthQ1
90 (594)Gangnam Severance HospitalKORHealthQ1
90 (594)The Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical CollegeCHNHealthQ1
91 (595)Taipei Medical University HospitalTWNHealthQ1
91 (595)Sun Yat-sen University Sixth HospitalCHNHealthQ2
92 (596)National Hospital Organization Nagoya Medical CenterJPNHealthQ1
92 (596)Second Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University CHNHealthQ2
92 (596)National Center for Global Health and MedicineJPNHealthQ1
92 (596)Chonnam National University Hwasun HospitalKORHealthQ2
92 (596)National Cheng Kung University HospitalTWNHealthQ1
93 (597)Third Affiliated Hospital of Soochow UniversityCHNHealthQ1
94 (598)Kyungpook National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
95 (599)National Institute of ImmunologyINDHealthQ1
96 (600)Seoul National University Boramae HospitalKORHealthQ1
97 (601)First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
98 (602)Buddhist Tzu Chi General HospitalTWNHealthQ2
99 (603)First Affiliated Hospital of Jiamusi UniversityCHNHealthQ2
99 (603)Zhongshan Hospital Xiamen UniversityCHNHealthQ2
100 (604)Public Health Foundation of India *INDHealthQ1
100 (604)National Cerebral and Cardiovascular CenterJPNHealthQ1
101 (605)Gachon University Gil Medical CenterKORHealthQ2
102 (606)Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow UniversityCHNHealthQ2
102 (606)Bundang Cha Medical CenterKORHealthQ2
102 (606)Gyeongsang National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
102 (606)Korea University Medical CenterKORHealthQ1
103 (607)Longhua Hospital Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese MedicineCHNHealthQ1
104 (608)First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
104 (608)Chung Shan Medical University HospitalTWNHealthQ1
105 (609)World Health Organization, IndiaINDHealthQ1
106 (610)Affiliated Suzhou HospitalCHNHealthQ2
107 (611)Tri-Service General HospitalTWNHealthQ1
108 (612)United Christian HospitalHKGHealthQ2
108 (612)Affiliated Provincial Hospital of Anhui Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
108 (612)Guilin Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
109 (613)Second Clinical Hospital of Jilin UniversityCHNHealthQ1
109 (613)First Affiliated Wuxi People's HospitalCHNHealthQ2
109 (613)Kandang Kerbau Women's and Children's HospitalSGPHealthQ2
110 (614)Yanbian University HospitalCHNHealthQ2
110 (614)Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital Fudan UniversityCHNHealthQ2
110 (614)XuanWu HospitalCHNHealthQ1
111 (615)National Kyushu Cancer CenterJPNHealthQ2
111 (615)National Neuroscience InstituteSGPHealthQ3
111 (615)Second Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
111 (615)Changhua Christian HospitalTWNHealthQ2
111 (615)Ajou University Medical CenterKORHealthQ2
112 (616)Second Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical CollegeCHNHealthQ2
113 (617)Taipei City HospitalTWNHealthQ2
113 (617)The Affiliated Hospital of Jiangnan UniversityCHNHealthQ2
113 (617)Okayama University HospitalJPNHealthQ1
113 (617)Tohoku University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
113 (617)Ministry of Public HealthTHAHealthQ1
114 (618)Taichung Veterans General HospitalTWNHealthQ2
114 (618)First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang UniversityCHNHealthQ1
115 (619)National Institute of Radiological SciencesJPNHealthQ1
115 (619)Chungbuk National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
115 (619)Kobe University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
116 (620)Affiliated Hospital of Nantong UniversityCHNHealthQ2
116 (620)Shuang Ho HospitalTWNHealthQ2
116 (620)First Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical CollegeCHNHealthQ2
117 (621)Children's Hospital Fudan UniversityCHNHealthQ2
117 (621)Nagoya University HospitalJPNHealthQ1
117 (621)National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical CenterJPNHealthQ1
117 (621)Wan Fang HospitalTWNHealthQ2
118 (623)University of Tokyo HospitalJPNHealthQ1
118 (623)Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
118 (623)St.John's National Academy of Health Sciences *INDHealthQ1
118 (623)Osaka National HospitalJPNHealthQ1
118 (623)Konkuk University Medical CenterKORHealthQ2
119 (624)First Affiliated Hospital of Lanzhou UniversityCHNHealthQ1
119 (624)Shizuoka Cancer CenterJPNHealthQ1
119 (624)Second Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong UniversityCHNHealthQ2
120 (625)The Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing University of Chinese MedicineCHNHealthQ2
120 (625)The First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
120 (625)Chonnam National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
120 (625)Children's Hospital Affiliated to Soochow UniversityCHNHealthQ2
121 (626)University Hospital Kumamoto UniversityJPNHealthQ1
121 (626)Xuzhou Central HospitalCHNHealthQ2
122 (627)Institute of Liver & Biliary SciencesINDHealthQ1
122 (627)Pusan National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
123 (628)Chi Mei Medical CenterTWNHealthQ2
123 (628)University of Malaya Medical CentreMYSHealthQ1
124 (629)National Institute of Cholera and Enteric DiseasesINDHealthQ1
124 (629)Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang UniversityCHNHealthQ2
124 (629)Chiba University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
125 (630)Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital and Institute of GerontologyJPNHealthQ2
125 (630)Queen Elizabeth Hospital Hong KongHKGHealthQ2
125 (630)Affiliated Hospital of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese MedicineCHNHealthQ2
126 (631)Fuwai Heart Hospital and Cardiovascular InstituteCHNHealthQ2
126 (631)Kaohsiung Veterans General HospitalTWNHealthQ2
126 (631)Amrita Institute for Medical Science and ResearchINDHealthQ1
127 (632)Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Fudan UniversityCHNHealthQ2
127 (632)Henan University Huaihe HospitalCHNHealthQ1
127 (632)Sanming First Hospital Affiliated to Fujian Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
128 (633)Seoul National University Children's HospitalKORHealthQ2
128 (633)Wonkwang University School of Medicine & HospitalKORHealthQ2
128 (633)Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, ChiayiTWNHealthQ1
129 (635)Hokkaido University HospitalJPNHealthQ1
129 (635)Ulsan University HospitalKORHealthQ2
129 (635)Hanyang University Medical CenterKORHealthQ2
130 (636)Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial HospitalTWNHealthQ2
130 (636)Shanghai Fifth People's HospitalCHNHealthQ2
130 (636)Inje University Sanggye-Paik HospitalKORHealthQ2
131 (638)Far Eastern Memorial HospitalTWNHealthQ2
131 (638)Chonbuk National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
131 (638)Dongguk University Medical CenterKORHealthQ3
131 (638)West China Second University HospitalCHNHealthQ2
131 (638)Fujian Medical University Union HospitalCHNHealthQ2
132 (639)First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
132 (639)Daejeon St. Mary's HospitalKORHealthQ2
133 (640)Ewha Women University Medical CenterKORHealthQ2
133 (640)Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital of Dalian UniversityCHNHealthQ2
133 (640)Fourth Hospital of WuhanCHNHealthQ2
134 (641)Children's Hospital School of Medicine Zhejiang UniversityCHNHealthQ2
134 (641)Toranomon HospitalJPNHealthQ1
135 (643)First Hospital of Shanxi Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
135 (643)Yeouido St Marys HospitalKORHealthQ2
135 (643)The Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal UniversityCHNHealthQ2
135 (643)Jinshan HospitalCHNHealthQ1
136 (644)Cathay General HospitalTWNHealthQ2
136 (644)Dankook University HospitalKORHealthQ2
137 (645)Osaka University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
137 (645)Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome HospitalJPNHealthQ2
137 (645)Tumor Hospital of Guangxi Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ1
138 (646)Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, KeelungTWNHealthQ2
138 (646)L. V. Prasad Eye InstituteINDHealthQ1
138 (646)First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Science and TechnologyCHNHealthQ2
138 (646)West China Fourth HospitalCHNHealthQ1
139 (647)St. Lukes International HospitalJPNHealthQ1
140 (650)St.Johns Medical College HospitalINDHealthQ1
140 (650)Kyung Hee University Medical CenterKORHealthQ2
140 (650)Afiliated Taizhou Hospital of Wenzhou Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
141 (652)Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology Dongfang HospitalCHNHealthQ2
141 (652)Sir Ganga Ram HospitalINDHealthQ1
142 (654)Dong A University HospitalKORHealthQ2
142 (654)Osaka Police HospitalJPNHealthQ2
142 (654)Kyushu University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
143 (655)Tribhuvan University Teaching HospitalNPLHealthQ1
143 (655)Third Hospital of Hebei Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
143 (655)Yueyang HospitalCHNHealthQ2
143 (655)Inje University Busan-Paik HospitalKORHealthQ3
143 (655)The Second Hospital of TianjinCHNHealthQ2
143 (655)Aichi Medical University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
144 (656)Uijeongbu St Mary's HospitalKORHealthQ2
145 (657)Chung-Ang University HospitalKORHealthQ2
145 (657)Yokohama City University Medical CenterJPNHealthQ1
146 (659)Binzhou Medical University HospitalCHNHealthQ2
146 (659)Inje University Haeundae-Paik HospitalKORHealthQ3
146 (659)St. Vincent's HospitalKORHealthQ2
146 (659)Saitama Medical University Saitama International Medical CenterJPNHealthQ2
146 (659)Siriraj HospitalTHAHealthQ1
147 (660)Eulji University HospitalKORHealthQ2
147 (660)Second Hospital of Hebei Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
148 (661)The Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
149 (663)Changi General Hospital SGPHealthQ3
150 (664)Tuen Mun HospitalHKGHealthQ3
150 (664)Fourth Hospital of China Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
151 (665)Kangwon National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
151 (665)Affiliated Hospital of Hebei UniversityCHNHealthQ2
151 (665)Yantai Affiliated Hospital of Binzhou Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
152 (666)Japanese Red Cross Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
152 (666)Women's Hospital School of Medicine Zhejiang UniversityCHNHealthQ2
152 (666)Hiroshima University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
153 (667)Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching HospitalNPLHealthQ2
153 (667)Jeju National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
154 (668)Inje University Ilsan-Paik HospitalKORHealthQ2
154 (668)Binzhou People's Hospital Affiliated to Binzhou Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
154 (668)Princess Margaret Hospital Hong KongHKGHealthQ3
154 (668)Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ3
154 (668)Tianjin Eye HospitalCHNHealthQ2
155 (669)Yeungnam National University Medical CenterKORHealthQ2
155 (669)Ramathibodi HospitalTHAHealthQ1
156 (670)First Teaching Hospital of T.J.U.T.C.MCHNHealthQ2
156 (670)Ichikawa General HospitalJPNHealthQ2
156 (670)Incheon St. Mary's HospitalKORHealthQ2
157 (671)Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern HospitalHKGHealthQ3
158 (672)Chungnam National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
158 (672)National Hospital Organization Tokyo Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
158 (672)National University of Malaysia Medical CenterMYSHealthQ2
159 (673)Maulana Azad Medical CollegeINDHealthQ1
159 (673)First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
159 (673)Nagasaki University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
159 (673)Yijishan HospitalCHNHealthQ2
159 (673)The First Affilliated Hospital of Kunming Medical CollegeCHNHealthQ2
159 (673)Mie University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
160 (674)Osaka General Medical CenterJPNHealthQ2
160 (674)Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
160 (674)King Chulalongkorn Memorial HospitalTHAHealthQ2
160 (674)Kanazawa University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
160 (674)Institute of Mental HealthSGPHealthQ3
161 (675)Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou UniversityCHNHealthQ2
162 (676)Gifu University HospitalJPNHealthQ3
163 (677)Niigata University Medical and Dental HospitalJPNHealthQ3
164 (678)Yongin Severance HospitalKORHealthQ2
164 (678)Safdarjang HospitalINDHealthQ1
165 (679)Eunpyeong St Mary's HospitalKORHealthQ2
166 (681)First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese MedicineCHNHealthQ2
166 (681)Shizuoka General HospitalJPNHealthQ2
166 (681)Third Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
166 (681)Kurashiki Central HospitalJPNHealthQ3
167 (683)Toho University Sakura Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
168 (684)Ministry of HealthMYSHealthQ2
169 (685)Second Affiliated Hospital of Lanzhou UniversityCHNHealthQ2
170 (686)Jichi Medical University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
170 (686)Shanghai Institute of Mental HealthCHNHealthQ2
171 (687)Sendai Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
172 (689)Dongzhimen HospitalCHNHealthQ2
173 (690)National Hospital Organization Kyushu Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
173 (690)Saitama Medical University Saitama Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
173 (690)Affiliated Changzhou Second HospitalCHNHealthQ2
174 (691)Kanagawa Children's Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
174 (691)Tokyo Womens Medical University HospitalJPNHealthQ3
175 (692)Juntendo University Urayasu HospitalJPNHealthQ3
176 (694)Guru Tegh Bahadur HospitalINDHealthQ1
176 (694)Hospital Universiti Sains MalaysiaMYSHealthQ2
176 (694)Lady Hardinge Medical CollegeINDHealthQ1
177 (695)Medical College and Hospital KolkataINDHealthQ1
178 (696)Teikyo University Group HospitalsJPNHealthQ3
178 (696)Yokohama City University HospitalJPNHealthQ3
179 (697)Holy Family HospitalKORHealthQ3
179 (697)Toho University Ohashi Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
179 (697)Tokushima University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
180 (699)First Hospital of Hebei Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
180 (699)Osaka City General HospitalJPNHealthQ3
181 (701)Aga Khan University Hospital, KarachiPAKHealthQ1
181 (701)Saitama Children's Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
182 (702)Khoo Teck Puat HospitalSGPHealthQ4
183 (706)Kokura Memorial HospitalJPNHealthQ2
184 (708)Kansai Rosai HospitalJPNHealthQ3
185 (709)Tenri HospitalJPNHealthQ3
186 (710)Government Medical College and Hospital, ChandigarhINDHealthQ1
186 (710)Juntendo University Shizuoka HospitalJPNHealthQ3
187 (714)Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical UniversityCHNHealthQ2
188 (727)Osaka Rosai HospitalJPNHealthQ3
189 (733)National Institute of Nutrition, HyderabadINDHealthQ2
190 (753)Philippine General HospitalPHLHealthQ3
191 (786)Khyber Teaching HospitalPAKHealthQ4