36 ranked institutions
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1 (6)State Grid Corporation of China *CHNCompany
2 (44)State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power CoCHNCompany
3 (209)BASF Group *MULCompany
4 (250)SINTEF Group *NORCompany
5 (274)State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power CoCHNCompany
6 (275)China National Offshore Oil Corp *CHNCompany
7 (284)VTT Technical Research Centre of FinlandFINCompany
8 (336)China National Petroleum Corp *CHNCompany
9 (352)China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation *CHNCompany
10 (391)China Electric Power Research InstituteCHNCompany
11 (401)Lockheed Martin Corp *USACompany
12 (425)Electricite de France, S.A. *FRACompany
13 (456)PetroChina Co LtdCHNCompany
14 (531)China Southern Power Grid Co Ltd *CHNCompany
15 (728)Sumitomo Group *MULCompany
16 (892)China Railway Engineering Corp *CHNCompany
17 (1020)Nippon Steel Corp, JapanJPNCompany
18 (1046)State Grid Anhui Electric Power CoCHNCompany
19 (1049)WSP Global *MULCompany
20 (1051)AECOM *MULCompany
21 (1061)Guangdong Power Grid Co LtdCHNCompany
22 (1065)China Railway Group LtdCHNCompany
23 (1228)CCCC Highway Consultants Co LtdCHNCompany
24 (1249)China Three Gorges CorpCHNCompany
25 (1268)Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute Group Co LtdCHNCompany
26 (1274)China Railway Construction Corp Ltd *MULCompany
27 (1290)Manipal Global Education Group *MULCompany
28 (1306)State Grid Shandong Electric Power CoCHNCompany
29 (1320)Nippon Steel Corp *MULCompany
30 (1339)China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co LtdCHNCompany
31 (1341)PowerChina Huadong Engineering Corp Ltd, ChinaCHNCompany
32 (1351)State Grid Gansu Electric Power CoCHNCompany
33 (1356)China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co LtdCHNCompany
34 (1378)China Coal Technology and Engineering GroupCHNCompany
35 (1379)Yellow River Engineering Consulting Co Ltd, ChinaCHNCompany
36 (1380)China Railway Design CorporationCHNCompany