143 ranked institutions
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1 (6)State Grid Corporation of China *CHNCompany
2 (37)AstraZeneca *MULCompany
3 (38)Microsoft Corp *MULCompany
4 (40)Samsung Corp *MULCompany
5 (48)State Grid Tianjin Electric Power CoCHNCompany
6 (67)GlaxoSmithKline *MULCompany
7 (101)IBM Research *MULCompany
8 (119)Google International LLCMULCompany
9 (122)Toyota Group *MULCompany
10 (124)GlaxoSmithKline, United KingdomGBRCompany
11 (154)Novo Nordisk *MULCompany
12 (155)China Southern Power Grid Co Ltd *CHNCompany
13 (157)AstraZeneca, United KingdomGBRCompany
14 (211)China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation *CHNCompany
15 (221)Novo Nordisk A/SDNKCompany
16 (235)State Grid Jibei Electric Power CoCHNCompany
17 (243)BASF Group *MULCompany
18 (245)Lockheed Martin Corp *USACompany
19 (247)Corteva Agriscience, USAUSACompany
20 (252)Shell, United StatesUSACompany
21 (267)Pfizer *MULCompany
22 (287)Aramco *MULCompany
23 (299)China Railway Construction Corp Ltd *MULCompany
24 (346)Mitsubishi Corp *MULCompany
25 (347)Bayer *MULCompany
26 (351)Merck & Co Inc *MULCompany
27 (375)State Grid Henan Electric Power CoCHNCompany
28 (379)Australian SynchrotronAUSCompany
29 (389)Siemens *MULCompany
30 (404)Shell *MULCompany
31 (435)Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry SciencesCHNCompany
32 (440)Corteva Agriscience *MULCompany
33 (447)China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co LtdCHNCompany
34 (463)Novartis *MULCompany
35 (486)IMEC InternationalBELCompany
36 (493)VTT Technical Research Centre of FinlandFINCompany
37 (498)China National Petroleum Corp *CHNCompany
38 (516)Sumitomo Group *MULCompany
39 (554)ExxonMobil *MULCompany
40 (558)State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power CoCHNCompany
41 (560)TotalEnergies *MULCompany
42 (575)Guangdong Power Grid Co LtdCHNCompany
43 (578)BASF, GermanyDEUCompany
44 (654)State Grid Liaoning Electric Power Co LtdCHNCompany
45 (718)ExxonMobil, USAUSACompany
46 (792)Ford Motor Co, USAUSACompany
47 (804)State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power CoCHNCompany
48 (808)Merck & Co Inc, United StatesUSACompany
49 (812)Wuhan Textile UniversityCHNCompany
50 (840)State Grid Hebei Electric Power Research InstituteCHNCompany
51 (894)Bayer AG, GermanyDEUCompany
52 (914)State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power CoCHNCompany
53 (915)Ford Motor Company *MULCompany
54 (920)Nestle *MULCompany
55 (924)General Dynamics Information TechnologyUSACompany
56 (997)AECOM *MULCompany
57 (1014)SINTEF Group *NORCompany
58 (1051)Pfizer Inc, United StatesUSACompany
59 (1070)Agilent Technologies *MULCompany
60 (1080)General Dynamics *MULCompany
61 (1114)State Grid Hebei Electric Power CoCHNCompany
62 (1128)Saudi Arabian Oil Co, Saudi ArabiaSAUCompany
63 (1150)PetroChina Co LtdCHNCompany
64 (1166)TotalEnergies, FranceFRACompany
65 (1223)Alphabet Inc *MULCompany
66 (1230)RTI International, United StatesUSACompany
67 (1232)Syngenta, United KingdomGBRCompany
68 (1269)China Electric Power Research InstituteCHNCompany
69 (1285)Hitachi *MULCompany
70 (1291)Procter & Gamble Co *MULCompany
71 (1378)Shell, NetherlandsNLDCompany
72 (1461)Electricite de France, S.A. *FRACompany
73 (1540)General Dynamics Co, USAUSACompany
74 (1582)State Grid Ningxia Electric Power CoCHNCompany
75 (1597)China Railway Engineering Corp *CHNCompany
76 (1639)Dow Chemical Co *MULCompany
77 (1678)F Hoffmann-La Roche *MULCompany
78 (1722)State Grid Hunan Electric Power CorpCHNCompany
79 (1737)Unilever *MULCompany
80 (1784)State Grid Hubei Electric Power CoCHNCompany
81 (1788)China National Offshore Oil Corp *CHNCompany
82 (1952)Syngenta *MULCompany
83 (1969)E United Group *TWNCompany
84 (2064)NARI Group CorpCHNCompany
85 (2087)State Grid Shandong Electric Power CoCHNCompany
86 (2110)Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute Group Co LtdCHNCompany
87 (2134)Robert Bosch *MULCompany
88 (2139)China Railway Group LtdCHNCompany
88 (2139)State Grid Energy Research InstituteCHNCompany
90 (2165)General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals *CHNCompany
91 (2182)Volkswagen AG *MULCompany
92 (2345)Dow Chemical Co USAUSACompany
93 (2374)Yellow River Engineering Consulting Co Ltd, ChinaCHNCompany
94 (2414)NARI Technology CoCHNCompany
94 (2414)State Grid Beijing Electric Power CoCHNCompany
96 (2424)Google Inc, USAUSACompany
97 (2514)China Energy Investment Corp *CHNCompany
98 (2654)China Three Gorges CorpCHNCompany
99 (2692)Genentech IncUSACompany
100 (2716)Petrobras *MULCompany
101 (2777)China Electronics Technology Group Corp *CHNCompany
102 (2915)National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon EnergyCHNCompany
103 (2921)State Grid Sichuan Electric Power CoCHNCompany
104 (2951)Volgograd State Agricultural UniversityRUSCompany
105 (2979)Plant and Food ResearchNZLCompany
106 (2987)State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co LtdCHNCompany
107 (3102)General Motors Company *MULCompany
108 (3135)Grupo Tiradentes *BRACompany
109 (3236)Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, United StatesUSACompany
110 (3275)Manipal Global Education Group *MULCompany
111 (3383)Vale SA *MULCompany
112 (3414)Tata Group *MULCompany
113 (3425)China Nuclear Power Engineering CoCHNCompany
114 (3465)Tata Steel Ltd, IndiaINDCompany
115 (3541)General Motors Company, United StatesUSACompany
116 (3582)State Grid Chongqing Electric Power CoCHNCompany
117 (3627)WSP Global *MULCompany
118 (3635)State Grid Shanghai Electric Power CoCHNCompany
119 (3771)State Grid Anhui Electric Power CoCHNCompany
120 (3798)Petrobras, BrazilBRACompany
121 (3807)Asian Development Bank *MULCompany
122 (3826)State Grid Gansu Electric Power CoCHNCompany
123 (3937)State Grid Shanxi Electric Power CoCHNCompany
124 (3941)Daqing Oilfield Co Ltd, CNCHNCompany
125 (4011)GNS ScienceNZLCompany
126 (4036)Anima Holding SA *BRACompany
127 (4112)ICF International IncUSACompany
128 (4140)Science System and Applications, IncUSACompany
129 (4159)PowerChina Huadong Engineering Corp Ltd, ChinaCHNCompany
130 (4298)Gazprom Group, Russian FederationRUSCompany
131 (4376)Vale SA, BrazilBRACompany
132 (4447)Korea Electric Power Corp *KORCompany
133 (4540)Gazprom Group *MULCompany
134 (4583)Ser Educacional SA *BRACompany
135 (4638)Schlumberger *MULCompany
136 (4760)Petroliam Nasional BerhadMYSCompany
137 (4787)Cogna Educacao SA *BRACompany
138 (4851)Tata Group, IndiaINDCompany
139 (4858)CCCC Highway Consultants Co LtdCHNCompany
140 (4888)China Coal Technology and Engineering GroupCHNCompany
141 (4945)China General Nuclear Power Corp *CHNCompany
142 (4964)Marine Design and Research Institute of ChinaCHNCompany
143 (5017)China Guangdong Nuclear Power Research Institute Co LtdCHNCompany