23 ranked institutions
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1 (1807)Politehnica University of BucharestROUUniversity
2 (2154)Institute for Space SciencesROUGovernment
3 (2351)Romanian AcademyROUGovernment
4 (2685)Politehnica University of TimisoaraROUUniversity
5 (2706)Babes-Bolyai UniversityROUUniversity
6 (2757)Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of IasiROUUniversity
7 (3165)Institute of Atomic PhysicsROUGovernment
8 (3187)Carol Davila University of Medicine and PharmacyROUUniversity
9 (3422)Technical University of Cluj-NapocaROUUniversity
10 (3457)University of BucharestROUUniversity
11 (3581)Alexandru Ioan Cuza UniversityROUUniversity
12 (3643)West University of TimisoaraROUUniversity
13 (3829)University of CraiovaROUUniversity
14 (3958)University Dunarea de Jos of GalatiROUUniversity
15 (4195)Transilvania University of BrasovROUUniversity
16 (4347)Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj NapocaROUUniversity
17 (4488)University of Medicine and Pharmacy Victor BabesROUUniversity
18 (4549)National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular TechnologiesROUGovernment
19 (4778)Bucharest Academy of Economic StudiesROUUniversity
20 (4851)Universitatea Petrol-Gaze din PloiestiROUUniversity
21 (5010)University of OradeaROUUniversity
22 (5013)Ovidius UniversityROUUniversity
23 (5071)Universitatea Lucian Blaga din SibiuROUUniversity