8 ranked institutions
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1 (1284)Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian *PRTNon-ProfitQ1
2 (1313)Instituto Gulbenkian de CienciaPRTNon-ProfitQ1
3 (1744)Instituto de TelecomunicacoesPRTNon-ProfitQ1
4 (1748)Rede de Quimica e TecnologiaPRTNon-ProfitQ1
5 (2719)Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and SciencePRTNon-ProfitQ1
6 (4832)Center for Health Technology and Services ResearchPRTNon-ProfitQ2
7 (5611)Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringPRTNon-ProfitQ3
8 (5977)Associate Laboratory of Robotics and Engineering Systems *PRTNon-ProfitQ2