58 ranked institutions
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1 (9)State Grid Corporation of China *CHNCompany
2 (17)Toyota Group *MULCompany
3 (39)Huawei Technologies Co Ltd *MULCompany
4 (54)Toyota Motor Corp, USAUSACompany
5 (58)Robert Bosch *MULCompany
6 (60)Volkswagen AG *MULCompany
7 (69)Bosch, GermanyDEUCompany
8 (91)BMW Group *MULCompany
9 (92)Ford Motor Company *MULCompany
10 (93)BMW AG, GermanyDEUCompany
11 (112)Ford Motor Co, USAUSACompany
12 (129)General Motors Company *MULCompany
13 (139)Tata Group *MULCompany
14 (178)Aramco *MULCompany
15 (199)Lockheed Martin Corp *USACompany
16 (218)China Electric Power Research InstituteCHNCompany
17 (232)Intel Corp *MULCompany
18 (237)Siemens *MULCompany
19 (239)Mitsubishi Corp *MULCompany
20 (245)China Electronics Technology Group Corp *CHNCompany
21 (284)Mitsubishi Electric CorpMULCompany
22 (305)CRRC Group Corp *MULCompany
23 (313)China Southern Power Grid Co Ltd *CHNCompany
24 (316)Rolls-Royce Holdings plc *MULCompany
25 (323)Hyundai Motor Co, South KoreaKORCompany
26 (329)Qualcomm Inc *MULCompany
27 (330)CRRC Corp Ltd, ChinaCHNCompany
28 (340)Saudi Arabian Oil Co, Saudi ArabiaSAUCompany
29 (342)Honda Motor Co Ltd *MULCompany
30 (352)Huawei Software Technology Co Ltd, ChinaCHNCompany
31 (367)Qualcomm Inc, USAUSACompany
32 (375)Hyundai Motor Group *MULCompany
33 (385)Hitachi *MULCompany
34 (388)China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation *CHNCompany
35 (396)Volkswagen AG, GermanyDEUCompany
36 (401)Toyota Motor Corp, JapanJPNCompany
37 (406)Manipal Global Education Group *MULCompany
38 (422)General Motors Company, United StatesUSACompany
39 (425)VTT Technical Research Centre of FinlandFINCompany
40 (448)China National Petroleum Corp *CHNCompany
41 (451)SINTEF Group *NORCompany
42 (460)AB Volvo *MULCompany
43 (464)IMEC InternationalBELCompany
44 (472)Tata Group, IndiaINDCompany
45 (485)Capgemini *MULCompany
46 (491)PetroChina Co LtdCHNCompany
47 (493)Toyota Central R&D Labs Inc, JapanJPNCompany
48 (528)Alibaba Group *MULCompany
49 (551)State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power CoCHNCompany
50 (571)CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co LtdCHNCompany
51 (653)Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, IndiaINDCompany
52 (662)State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power CoCHNCompany
53 (688)Airbus SAS *MULCompany
54 (690)Volvo Car CorpSWECompany
55 (751)Alibaba Group, ChinaCHNCompany
56 (845)CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co LtdCHNCompany
57 (981)China Railway Engineering Corp *CHNCompany
58 (1011)China Railway Group LtdCHNCompany