120 ranked institutions
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1 (20)State Grid Corporation of China *CHNCompanyQ1
2 (73)Microsoft Research Asia, ChinaCHNCompanyQ1
3 (93)Microsoft, ChinaCHNCompanyQ1
4 (181)Samsung Electronics, South KoreaKORCompanyQ1
5 (196)Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.TWNCompanyQ1
6 (208)Tencent Holdings Ltd, ChinaCHNCompanyQ1
7 (221)Baidu Inc, ChinaCHNCompanyQ1
8 (232)Huawei Software Technology Co Ltd, ChinaCHNCompanyQ1
9 (239)Samsung Research, South KoreaKORCompanyQ1
10 (495)LG Electronics, South KoreaKORCompanyQ1
11 (502)Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp, JapanJPNCompanyQ1
12 (601)Sony JapanJPNCompanyQ1
13 (635)Fujitsu, JapanJPNCompanyQ1
14 (644)Microsoft, IndiaINDCompanyQ1
15 (659)NEC JapanJPNCompanyQ1
16 (697)Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, IndiaINDCompanyQ1
17 (709)Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Inc, JapanJPNCompanyQ1
18 (710)China Southern Power Grid Co Ltd *CHNCompanyQ1
19 (753)China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation *CHNCompanyQ1
20 (771)Shionogi & Co LtdJPNCompanyQ1
21 (801)China National Petroleum Corp *CHNCompanyQ1
22 (810)Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, Hong KongHKGCompanyQ1
23 (819)Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. JapanJPNCompanyQ1
24 (825)Alibaba Group, ChinaCHNCompanyQ1
25 (986)ZTE, ChinaCHNCompanyQ1
26 (1261)Mitsubishi Electric Corp, JapanJPNCompanyQ1
27 (1310)PetroChina Co LtdCHNCompanyQ1
28 (1332)China Electronics Technology Group Corp *CHNCompanyQ1
29 (1355)Panasonic Corp, JapanJPNCompanyQ1
30 (1413)Hyundai Motor Co, South KoreaKORCompanyQ1
31 (1593)Guangdong Power Grid Co LtdCHNCompanyQ1
32 (1653)Astellas Pharma IncJPNCompanyQ1
33 (1779)State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ1
34 (1798)Toshiba Corp, JapanJPNCompanyQ1
35 (1819)China Electric Power Research InstituteCHNCompanyQ1
36 (2054)State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ1
37 (2078)State Grid Shandong Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ1
38 (2448)Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry SciencesCHNCompanyQ1
39 (2690)Toyota Motor Corp, JapanJPNCompanyQ1
40 (2712)State Grid Tianjin Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ1
41 (2800)Tata Group, IndiaINDCompanyQ1
42 (2975)The Kansai Electric Power CompanyJPNCompanyQ2
43 (2995)Hitachi Ltd, JapanJPNCompanyQ1
44 (3087)State Grid Henan Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ1
45 (3096)State Grid Shanghai Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ1
46 (3210)State Grid Liaoning Electric Power Co LtdCHNCompanyQ1
47 (3213)China National Offshore Oil Corp *CHNCompanyQ1
48 (3529)State Grid Sichuan Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ1
49 (3727)State Grid Jiangxi Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ1
50 (3788)State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Research InstituteCHNCompanyQ1
51 (3791)State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co LtdCHNCompanyQ1
52 (3961)Wuhan Textile UniversityCHNCompanyQ2
53 (3991)State Grid Hubei Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ2
54 (4139)State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ1
55 (4185)State Grid Hebei Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ2
56 (4275)State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Research InstituteCHNCompanyQ1
57 (4345)CRRC Corp Ltd, ChinaCHNCompanyQ2
58 (4385)Min LabCHNCompanyQ1
59 (4423)State Grid Jibei Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ2
60 (4436)State Grid Hunan Electric Power CorpCHNCompanyQ2
61 (4513)State Grid Shanxi Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ2
62 (4603)Toyota Central R&D Labs Inc, JapanJPNCompanyQ1
63 (4626)Nippon Steel Corp, JapanJPNCompanyQ2
64 (4672)State Grid Qinghai Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ2
65 (4898)State Grid Chongqing Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ2
66 (4904)E United Group *TWNCompanyQ2
67 (4944)State Grid Anhui Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ2
68 (4967)State Grid Information & Telecommunication CompanyCHNCompanyQ2
69 (5042)State Grid Beijing Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ2
70 (5179)State Grid Gansu Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ2
71 (5185)Korea Electric Power Corp *KORCompanyQ1
72 (5301)Ant GroupCHNCompanyQ1
73 (5341)China Railway Engineering Corp *CHNCompanyQ2
74 (5375)Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics TechnologyCHNCompanyQ1
75 (5497)CNPC Tubular Goods Research InstituteCHNCompanyQ1
76 (5594)Siemens AG, ChinaCHNCompanyQ2
77 (5831)NARI Group CorpCHNCompanyQ2
78 (5933)GE Healthcare, ChinaCHNCompanyQ1
79 (6193)Shanghai Electric Group *CHNCompanyQ2
80 (6223)Siemens Healthineers, ChinaCHNCompanyQ2
81 (6229)China Energy Investment Corp *CHNCompanyQ2
81 (6229)State Grid Energy Research InstituteCHNCompanyQ2
83 (6266)State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ2
84 (6427)CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co LtdCHNCompanyQ2
85 (6504)Daqing Oilfield Co Ltd, CNCHNCompanyQ1
86 (6579)State Grid Hebei Electric Power Research InstituteCHNCompanyQ2
87 (6731)State Grid Ningxia Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ2
88 (6764)China Gas Turbine EstablishmentCHNCompanyQ2
89 (6796)China Three Gorges CorpCHNCompanyQ2
90 (7027)China Railway Group LtdCHNCompanyQ3
91 (7129)Philips Healthcare, ChinaCHNCompanyQ2
92 (7181)National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon EnergyCHNCompanyQ2
93 (7267)NARI Technology CoCHNCompanyQ2
94 (7429)JFE Steel Corp, JapanJPNCompanyQ3
95 (7680)Tata Steel Ltd, IndiaINDCompanyQ1
96 (7701)General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals *CHNCompanyQ3
97 (7786)Shanghai Power Equipment Research InstituteCHNCompanyQ1
98 (8007)China Aircraft Strength Research InstituteCHNCompanyQ2
99 (8115)BGRIMM Technology GroupCHNCompanyQ3
100 (8118)CCCC Highway Consultants Co LtdCHNCompanyQ2
101 (8150)Beijing Institute of Aeronautical MaterialsCHNCompanyQ3
102 (8170)PowerChina Huadong Engineering Corp Ltd, ChinaCHNCompanyQ3
103 (8215)Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute Group Co LtdCHNCompanyQ3
104 (8226)State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Research InstituteCHNCompanyQ2
105 (8240)CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co LtdCHNCompanyQ2
106 (8381)Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.CHNCompanyQ2
107 (8456)Petroliam Nasional BerhadMYSCompanyQ2
108 (8486)Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, JapanJPNCompanyQ3
109 (8643)China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co LtdCHNCompanyQ3
110 (8674)China General Nuclear Power Corp *CHNCompanyQ3
111 (8702)Smart Grid Research InstituteCHNCompanyQ2
112 (8792)China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co LtdCHNCompanyQ4
113 (8795)Yellow River Engineering Consulting Co Ltd, ChinaCHNCompanyQ3
114 (8799)China Coal Technology and Engineering GroupCHNCompanyQ3
115 (8846)China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group *CHNCompanyQ4
116 (8860)Marine Design and Research Institute of ChinaCHNCompanyQ2
117 (8881)Ningde Normal UniversityCHNCompanyQ3
118 (8937)China Nuclear Power Engineering CoCHNCompanyQ4
119 (9000)China Railway Design CorporationCHNCompanyQ4
120 (9047)China Guangdong Nuclear Power Research Institute Co LtdCHNCompanyQ4