56 ranked institutions
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1 (41)State Grid Corporation of China *CHNCompanyQ1
2 (80)Microsoft Research, AsiaCHNCompanyQ1
3 (198)Huawei Software Technology Co Ltd, ChinaCHNCompanyQ1
4 (252)TencentCHNCompanyQ1
5 (285)Baidu Inc, ChinaCHNCompanyQ1
6 (379)China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation *CHNCompanyQ1
7 (401)China National Petroleum Corp *CHNCompanyQ1
8 (405)China Southern Power Grid Co Ltd *CHNCompanyQ1
9 (426)Alibaba Group, ChinaCHNCompanyQ1
10 (473)ZTE, ChinaCHNCompanyQ1
11 (490)PetroChina Co LtdCHNCompanyQ1
12 (532)China State Institute of Pharmaceutical IndustryCHNCompanyQ1
13 (541)State Grid Shandong Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ1
14 (555)Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry SciencesCHNCompanyQ1
15 (557)Guangdong Power Grid Co LtdCHNCompanyQ1
16 (578)China Electronics Technology Group CorpCHNCompanyQ1
17 (611)China Electric Power Research InstituteCHNCompanyQ1
18 (623)Jiangsu Electric Power CompanyCHNCompanyQ1
19 (659)Wuhan Textile UniversityCHNCompanyQ2
20 (664)GE Healthcare China Co LtdCHNCompanyQ2
20 (664)State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Research InstituteCHNCompanyQ1
21 (667)State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ1
22 (680)Ningde Normal UniversityCHNCompanyQ3
23 (712)Beijing Institute of Aeronautical MaterialsCHNCompanyQ3
24 (713)State Grid Hunan Electric Power CorpCHNCompanyQ3
25 (714)China National Offshore Oil Corp *CHNCompanyQ2
26 (716)State Grid Beijing Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ2
27 (717)State Grid Shandong Electric Power Research InstituteCHNCompanyQ3
28 (718)State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co LtdCHNCompanyQ2
29 (719)China Railway Engineering Corp *CHNCompanyQ2
30 (720)General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals *CHNCompanyQ2
31 (721)State Grid Energy Research InstituteCHNCompanyQ3
32 (726)Beijing Aerospace Automatic Control InstituteCHNCompanyQ2
33 (728)State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Co *CHNCompanyQ2
34 (732)State Grid Tianjin Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ3
35 (737)Shanghai Municipal Electric Power CompanyCHNCompanyQ3
35 (737)Daqing Oilfield Co Ltd, CNCHNCompanyQ3
36 (742)China Railway Group LtdCHNCompanyQ2
37 (746)State Grid Hubei Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ3
37 (746)State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, SichuanCHNCompanyQ3
38 (748)State Grid Qinghai Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ3
39 (751)Henan Electric Power CorporationCHNCompanyQ3
39 (751)Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics TechnologyCHNCompanyQ3
40 (752)China Coal Research InstituteCHNCompanyQ4
41 (761)State Grid Jibei Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ4
42 (763)State Grid Gansu Electric Power CoCHNCompanyQ3
43 (771)China General Nuclear Power Corp *CHNCompanyQ3
44 (772)State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, NanjingCHNCompanyQ4
45 (775)Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.CHNCompanyQ3
46 (778)China Academy of Space TechnologyCHNCompanyQ4
46 (778)China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co LtdCHNCompanyQ3
47 (782)Shanghai Aerospace Control Technology InstituteCHNCompanyQ3
48 (788)China Nuclear Power Engineering CoCHNCompanyQ4
49 (790)Lanzhou Institute of PhysicsCHNCompanyQ4
50 (807)China Guangdong Nuclear Power Research Institute Co LtdCHNCompanyQ4
51 (815)Marine Design and Research Institute of ChinaCHNCompanyQ4