9 ranked institutions
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1 (369)Research Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics of MaraghaIRNGovernmentQ1
2 (413)Institut for Research in Fundamental SciencesIRNGovernmentQ1
3 (420)Academic Center for Education Culture and ResearchIRNGovernmentQ1
4 (432)National Institute of Genetic Engineering and BiotechnologyIRNGovernmentQ1
5 (444)Institute for Color Science and TechnologyIRNGovernmentQ1
6 (456)Agricultural Research Education and Externsion OrganizationIRNGovernmentQ3
7 (471)Materials and Energy Research CentreIRNGovernmentQ1
8 (476)Iran Polymer and Petrochemical InstituteIRNGovernmentQ1
9 (477)Research Institute of Petroleum Industry TehranIRNGovernmentQ1