10 ranked institutions
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1 (196)The Chinese University of Hong Kong *HKGUniversityQ1
2 (257)The University of Hong Kong *HKGUniversityQ1
3 (348)Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityHKGUniversityQ1
4 (408)City University of Hong Kong *HKGUniversityQ1
5 (489)The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyHKGUniversityQ1
6 (2053)Hong Kong Baptist UniversityHKGUniversityQ2
7 (4851)Hong Kong Institute of EducationHKGUniversityQ2
8 (6617)Lingnan UniversityHKGUniversityQ3
9 (7257)Hong Kong Metropolitan UniversityHKGUniversityQ4
10 (8054)Hong Kong Shue Yan UniversityHKGUniversityQ4