40 ranked institutions
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1 (95)Charles University *CZEUniversity
2 (127)Russian Academy of Sciences *RUSGovernment
3 (228)Hungarian Academy of Sciences *HUNGovernment
4 (366)Carol Davila University of Medicine and PharmacyROUUniversity
5 (392)Semmelweis UniversityHUNUniversity
6 (397)University of Medicine and Pharmacy CraiovaROUUniversity
7 (481)Medical University of LodzPOLUniversity
8 (486)University of SzegedHUNUniversity
9 (500)Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Institute of OncologyPOLHealth
10 (551)Jagiellonian UniversityPOLUniversity
11 (619)Polish Academy of Sciences *POLGovernment
12 (627)University of BelgradeSRBUniversity
13 (661)Russian Academy of Medical SciencesRUSHealth
14 (679)Masaryk UniversityCZEUniversity
15 (690)Wroclaw Medical UniversityPOLUniversity
16 (708)University of Ljubljana *SVNUniversity
17 (731)Medical University of GdanskPOLUniversity
18 (741)Motol University HospitalCZEHealth
19 (746)Medical University of WarsawPOLUniversity
20 (748)Poznan University of Medical SciencesPOLUniversity
21 (799)University of Medicine and Pharmacy Victor BabesROUUniversity
22 (824)Lomonosov Moscow State UniversityRUSUniversity
23 (826)University of DebrecenHUNUniversity
24 (856)University of Medicine and Pharmacy Grigore T. Popa of IasiROUUniversity
25 (889)University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology of Targu MuresROUUniversity
26 (891)I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical UniversityRUSUniversity
27 (892)Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj NapocaROUUniversity
28 (925)University of PecsHUNUniversity
29 (969)Medical University of SilesiaPOLUniversity
30 (1003)Comenius University in BratislavaSVKUniversity
31 (1012)Kharkiv National Medical UniversityUKRUniversity
32 (1013)National Academy of Medical Sciences of UkraineUKRHealth
33 (1030)Research Institute of Human Morphology of the Russian Academy of Medical SciencesRUSHealth
34 (1036)Saint Petersburg State UniversityRUSUniversity
35 (1042)Institute of Cytology Russian Academy of SciencesRUSGovernment
36 (1052)N.I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod *RUSUniversity
37 (1053)Pirogov Russian National Research Medical UniversityRUSUniversity
38 (1062)St Petersburg Pavlov State Medical UniversityRUSUniversity
39 (1063)Moscow State University of Medicine and DentistryRUSUniversity
40 (1064)Privolzhsky Research Medical UniversityRUSUniversity