22 ranked institutions
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1 (299)Academy of Scientific Research and TechnologyEGYGovernment
2 (369)National Research CentreEGYGovernment
2 (369)Research Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics of MaraghaIRNGovernment
3 (406)Agricultural Research OrganizationISRGovernment
4 (410)Agricultural Research Center EgyptEGYGovernment
5 (413)Institut for Research in Fundamental SciencesIRNGovernment
6 (420)Academic Center for Education Culture and ResearchIRNGovernment
7 (423)King Abdulaziz City for Science and TechnologySAUGovernment
8 (431)Egyptian Petroleum Research InstituteEGYGovernment
8 (431)Ministry of HealthTURGovernment
9 (432)National Institute of Genetic Engineering and BiotechnologyIRNGovernment
10 (444)Institute for Color Science and TechnologyIRNGovernment
11 (451)Tubitak Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey *TURGovernment
12 (456)Agricultural Research Education and Externsion OrganizationIRNGovernment
13 (460)Central Metallurgical Research and Development InstituteEGYGovernment
14 (463)Geological Survey of IsraelISRGovernment
15 (469)Egyptian Atomic Energy AuthorityEGYGovernment
16 (471)Kuwait Institute for Scientific ResearchKWTGovernment
16 (471)Materials and Energy Research CentreIRNGovernment
17 (476)Iran Polymer and Petrochemical InstituteIRNGovernment
18 (477)Research Institute of Petroleum Industry TehranIRNGovernment
19 (528)Kuwait Oil CompanyKWTGovernment