45 ranked institutions
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1 (494)Yonsei University Health SystemKORHealthQ1
2 (502)Samsung Medical Center SeoulKORHealthQ1
3 (511)National Cancer CenterKORHealthQ1
4 (542)Asan Medical Center Seoul *KORHealthQ1
5 (578)Seoul National University Hospital *KORHealthQ1
6 (636)Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical SciencesKORHealthQ2
7 (639)Seoul National University Bundang HospitalKORHealthQ1
8 (640)Seoul St. Mary's HospitalKORHealthQ1
9 (655)Kyungpook National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
10 (657)Hallym University Medical CenterKORHealthQ1
11 (664)Wonkwang University School of Medicine & HospitalKORHealthQ2
12 (671)Dongguk University Medical CenterKORHealthQ2
13 (672)Bundang Cha Medical CenterKORHealthQ2
14 (674)Korea University Medical CenterKORHealthQ1
15 (675)Chonnam National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
16 (680)Ajou University Medical CenterKORHealthQ2
17 (684)Gachon University Gil Medical CenterKORHealthQ2
18 (687)Gangnam Severance HospitalKORHealthQ1
19 (693)Gyeongsang National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
20 (696)Chonbuk National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
21 (698)Chonnam National University Hwasun HospitalKORHealthQ2
22 (701)Incheon St. Mary's HospitalKORHealthQ2
23 (702)Hanyang University Medical CenterKORHealthQ2
23 (702)Yonsei University Severance HospitalKORHealthQ1
24 (703)Ewha Women University Medical CenterKORHealthQ2
25 (704)Chungnam National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
26 (705)Ulsan University HospitalKORHealthQ2
27 (706)Pusan National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
28 (708)Seoul National University Boramae HospitalKORHealthQ1
29 (712)Inje University Sanggye-Paik HospitalKORHealthQ2
30 (720)Yeouido St Marys HospitalKORHealthQ2
31 (722)Kyung Hee University Medical CenterKORHealthQ2
32 (723)Holy Family HospitalKORHealthQ3
33 (728)Chung-Ang University HospitalKORHealthQ3
33 (728)St. Vincent's HospitalKORHealthQ2
34 (730)Inje University Busan-Paik HospitalKORHealthQ3
35 (732)Chungbuk National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
36 (735)Konkuk University Medical CenterKORHealthQ2
37 (741)Kangwon National University HospitalKORHealthQ2
38 (746)Inje University Ilsan-Paik HospitalKORHealthQ2
38 (746)Inje University Haeundae-Paik HospitalKORHealthQ3
39 (748)Inje University Seoul-Paik HospitalKORHealthQ2
40 (758)Uijeongbu St Mary's HospitalKORHealthQ2
41 (763)Seoul National University Children's HospitalKORHealthQ3
41 (763)Yeungnam National University Medical CenterKORHealthQ3