12 ranked institutions
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1 (3035)International Clinical Research CenterCZEHealthQ1
2 (3509)St. Anne's University Hospital Brno *CZEHealthQ1
3 (3532)Masaryk Memorial Cancer InstituteCZEHealthQ1
4 (3546)Motol University HospitalCZEHealthQ1
5 (3596)University Hospital BrnoCZEHealthQ1
6 (4024)University General HospitalCZEHealthQ2
7 (4376)Institute for Clinical and Experimental MedicineCZEHealthQ2
8 (4477)University Hospital Hradec KraloveCZEHealthQ2
9 (5165)National Institute of Public Health, Czech RepublicCZEHealthQ2
10 (5789)University Hospital in OlomoucCZEHealthQ2
11 (5905)University Hospital VinohradyCZEHealthQ3
12 (5942)National Institute of Mental HealthCZEHealthQ2