72 ranked institutions
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1 (443)National Institute of GeneticsJPNHealthQ1
2 (452)National Cancer CenterJPNHealthQ1
3 (479)National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and NutritionJPNHealthQ1
4 (501)Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical ScienceJPNHealthQ1
4 (501)Japanese Foundation for Cancer ResearchJPNHealthQ1
5 (541)Aichi Cancer Center ResearchJPNHealthQ1
6 (546)National Institute of Public Health of JapanJPNHealthQ1
7 (554)National Institute of Health SciencesJPNHealthQ1
8 (570)Saitama Cancer CenterJPNHealthQ1
9 (577)Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of GerontologyJPNHealthQ1
10 (580)National Center of Neurology and PsychiatryJPNHealthQ1
11 (588)National Research Institute for Child Health and DevelopmentJPNHealthQ1
12 (589)Chiba Cancer CenterJPNHealthQ1
13 (592)Kyoto University HospitalJPNHealthQ1
14 (594)Kanagawa Cancer CenterJPNHealthQ1
15 (596)National Hospital Organization Nagoya Medical CenterJPNHealthQ1
15 (596)National Center for Global Health and MedicineJPNHealthQ1
16 (604)National Cerebral and Cardiovascular CenterJPNHealthQ1
17 (615)National Kyushu Cancer CenterJPNHealthQ2
18 (617)Okayama University HospitalJPNHealthQ1
18 (617)Tohoku University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
19 (619)National Institute of Radiological SciencesJPNHealthQ1
19 (619)Kobe University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
20 (621)Nagoya University HospitalJPNHealthQ1
20 (621)National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical CenterJPNHealthQ1
21 (623)University of Tokyo HospitalJPNHealthQ1
21 (623)Osaka National HospitalJPNHealthQ1
22 (624)Shizuoka Cancer CenterJPNHealthQ1
23 (626)University Hospital Kumamoto UniversityJPNHealthQ1
24 (629)Chiba University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
25 (630)Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital and Institute of GerontologyJPNHealthQ2
26 (635)Hokkaido University HospitalJPNHealthQ1
27 (641)Toranomon HospitalJPNHealthQ1
28 (645)Osaka University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
28 (645)Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome HospitalJPNHealthQ2
29 (647)St. Lukes International HospitalJPNHealthQ1
30 (654)Osaka Police HospitalJPNHealthQ2
30 (654)Kyushu University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
31 (655)Aichi Medical University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
32 (657)Yokohama City University Medical CenterJPNHealthQ1
33 (659)Saitama Medical University Saitama International Medical CenterJPNHealthQ2
34 (666)Japanese Red Cross Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
34 (666)Hiroshima University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
35 (670)Ichikawa General HospitalJPNHealthQ2
36 (672)National Hospital Organization Tokyo Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
37 (673)Nagasaki University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
37 (673)Mie University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
38 (674)Osaka General Medical CenterJPNHealthQ2
38 (674)Kanazawa University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
39 (676)Gifu University HospitalJPNHealthQ3
40 (677)Niigata University Medical and Dental HospitalJPNHealthQ3
41 (681)Shizuoka General HospitalJPNHealthQ2
41 (681)Kurashiki Central HospitalJPNHealthQ3
42 (683)Toho University Sakura Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
43 (686)Jichi Medical University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
44 (687)Sendai Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
45 (690)National Hospital Organization Kyushu Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
45 (690)Saitama Medical University Saitama Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
46 (691)Kanagawa Children's Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
46 (691)Tokyo Womens Medical University HospitalJPNHealthQ3
47 (692)Juntendo University Urayasu HospitalJPNHealthQ3
48 (696)Teikyo University Group HospitalsJPNHealthQ3
48 (696)Yokohama City University HospitalJPNHealthQ3
49 (697)Toho University Ohashi Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
49 (697)Tokushima University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
50 (699)Osaka City General HospitalJPNHealthQ3
51 (701)Saitama Children's Medical CenterJPNHealthQ3
52 (706)Kokura Memorial HospitalJPNHealthQ2
53 (708)Kansai Rosai HospitalJPNHealthQ3
54 (709)Tenri HospitalJPNHealthQ3
55 (710)Juntendo University Shizuoka HospitalJPNHealthQ3
56 (727)Osaka Rosai HospitalJPNHealthQ3