16 ranked institutions
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1 (1808)Johns Hopkins Aramco HealthcareSAUHealthQ1
2 (2384)King Fahd Medical Research CenterSAUHealthQ1
3 (2818)King Abdullah International Medical Research CenterSAUHealthQ1
4 (2950)Ministry of HealthSAUHealthQ1
5 (3219)King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre *SAUHealthQ1
6 (4015)King Abdulaziz Medical City, RiyadhSAUHealthQ1
7 (4155)King Saud Medical CitySAUHealthQ1
8 (4305)King Fahad Medical City SAUHealthQ1
9 (4506)Ministry of National Guard - Health AffairsSAUHealthQ2
10 (5029)Prince Sultan Military Medical CitySAUHealthQ2
11 (5157)King Saud University Medical CitySAUHealthQ2
12 (5203)King Fahd University Hospital, KhobarSAUHealthQ2
13 (5580)King Fahad Specialist Hospital, DammamSAUHealthQ2
14 (5844)King Abdulaziz University Hospital, JeddahSAUHealthQ3
15 (6105)King Abdulaziz Medical City, JeddahSAUHealthQ3
16 (6296)King Khaled Eye Specialist HospitalSAUHealthQ3