13 ranked institutions
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1 (608)International Rice Research Institute FilipinasPHLGovernmentQ1
2 (732)University of the Philippines *PHLUniversityQ1
3 (780)University of the Philippines DilimanPHLUniversityQ1
4 (801)University of the Philippines ManilaPHLUniversityQ2
5 (812)De La Salle UniversityPHLUniversityQ1
6 (827)Mindanao State University *PHLUniversityQ2
6 (827)Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of TechnologyPHLUniversityQ2
7 (828)Ateneo de Manila UniversityPHLUniversityQ2
8 (833)University of San CarlosPHLUniversityQ2
9 (834)University of Santo TomasPHLUniversityQ2
10 (835)Philippine General HospitalPHLHealthQ2
11 (837)Mapua UniversityPHLUniversityQ2
12 (841)University of the Philippines Los BanosPHLUniversityQ2