223 ranked institutions
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1 (19)University of OxfordGBRUniversityQ1
2 (23)University College LondonGBRUniversityQ1
3 (28)DeepMind Technologies LtdGBRCompanyQ1
4 (35)University of Cambridge *GBRUniversityQ1
5 (50)Imperial College LondonGBRUniversityQ1
6 (88)Microsoft Research, CambridgeGBRCompanyQ1
7 (93)Medical Research CouncilGBRHealthQ1
8 (98)Kings College LondonGBRUniversityQ1
9 (101)The University of ManchesterGBRUniversityQ1
10 (112)European Bioinformatics Institute EMBLGBRGovernmentQ1
11 (115)The University of Edinburgh *GBRUniversityQ1
12 (120)Wellcome Trust Sanger InstituteGBRHealthQ1
13 (143)Cancer Research UKGBRHealthQ1
14 (208)University of Nottingham *GBRUniversityQ1
15 (211)Babraham InstituteGBRGovernmentQ1
16 (219)University of BristolGBRUniversityQ1
17 (222)University of Glasgow *GBRUniversityQ1
18 (227)Institute of Cancer ResearchGBRHealthQ1
18 (227)University of BirminghamGBRUniversityQ1
19 (231)Wellcome TrustGBRHealthQ1
20 (236)University of SouthamptonGBRUniversityQ1
21 (241)The University of SheffieldGBRUniversityQ1
22 (242)University of LeedsGBRUniversityQ1
23 (252)Queen Mary, University of LondonGBRUniversityQ1
24 (270)GlaxoSmithKline, United KingdomGBRCompanyQ1
25 (272)Newcastle University, Newcastle upon TyneGBRUniversityQ1
26 (273)The Sainsbury LaboratoryGBRGovernmentQ1
27 (294)AstraZeneca, United KingdomGBRCompanyQ1
28 (296)Cardiff UniversityGBRUniversityQ1
29 (302)University of WarwickGBRUniversityQ1
30 (313)University of Liverpool *GBRUniversityQ1
31 (327)Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council *GBRGovernmentQ1
32 (354)The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ1
33 (361)Pfizer Inc, United KingdomGBRCompanyQ1
34 (365)John Innes CenterGBRGovernmentQ1
35 (375)University of ExeterGBRUniversityQ1
36 (388)Oxford University Hospitals NHS TrustGBRHealthQ1
37 (405)London School of Hygiene and Tropical MedicineGBRUniversityQ1
38 (406)Queen's University BelfastGBRUniversityQ1
39 (415)Guys & Saint Thomas NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ1
40 (418)University of DundeeGBRUniversityQ1
41 (424)University of YorkGBRUniversityQ1
42 (427)Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ1
43 (430)University of East Anglia *GBRUniversityQ1
44 (432)University of St. AndrewsGBRUniversityQ1
45 (439)University of BathGBRUniversityQ1
46 (445)University of AberdeenGBRUniversityQ1
47 (446)University of DurhamGBRUniversityQ1
48 (452)University of LeicesterGBRUniversityQ1
49 (454)Manchester Academic Health Science CentreGBRHealthQ1
50 (463)University of SurreyGBRUniversityQ1
51 (474)University of Sussex *GBRUniversityQ1
52 (475)Lancaster UniversityGBRUniversityQ1
53 (483)University of StrathclydeGBRUniversityQ1
54 (489)The Christie NHS TrustGBRHealthQ1
55 (492)Imperial College Healthcare NHS TrustGBRHealthQ1
56 (495)Kavli Institute for CosmologyGBRGovernmentQ1
57 (504)Rothamsted ResearchGBRGovernmentQ1
58 (507)Loughborough UniversityGBRUniversityQ1
59 (508)The University of ReadingGBRUniversityQ1
60 (510)University College London Hospital NHS TrustGBRHealthQ1
61 (513)Manchester University NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ1
62 (516)University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ1
63 (532)Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS TrustGBRHealthQ1
64 (536)Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ1
65 (537)Jaguar Land Rover Ltd.GBRCompanyQ1
66 (539)St Georges University of LondonGBRUniversityQ2
67 (540)Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ1
68 (543)The University of KentGBRUniversityQ1
68 (543)Nottingham University Hospitals NHS TrustGBRHealthQ1
69 (547)Swansea UniversityGBRUniversityQ1
70 (553)Royal Free London NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ1
70 (553)London School of Economics and Political ScienceGBRUniversityQ1
71 (557)Diamond Light SourceGBRGovernmentQ1
72 (558)The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS TrustGBRHealthQ2
73 (562)Royal Veterinary College, University of LondonGBRUniversityQ2
74 (564)NHS TaysideGBRHealthQ1
75 (574)NHS LothianGBRHealthQ2
75 (574)Natural Environment Research Council *GBRGovernmentQ1
76 (575)University of EssexGBRUniversityQ2
77 (578)Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS TrustGBRHealthQ2
78 (581)Plymouth UniversityGBRUniversityQ1
79 (582)Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ2
79 (582)Liverpool School of Tropical MedicineGBRUniversityQ1
79 (582)Aston UniversityGBRUniversityQ2
80 (585)Unilever, United KingdomGBRCompanyQ1
81 (586)Heriot-Watt University, United KingdomGBRUniversityQ2
82 (589)City University LondonGBRUniversityQ2
83 (590)University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ2
84 (593)Brunel UniversityGBRUniversityQ1
84 (593)Northumbria UniversityGBRUniversityQ2
85 (598)Liverpool John Moores UniversityGBRUniversityQ2
86 (602)Science and Technology Facilities Council *GBRGovernmentQ1
87 (605)Royal Holloway - University of LondonGBRUniversityQ1
88 (606)Scottish Universities Environmental Research CentreGBRGovernmentQ2
88 (606)Centre for Ecology and HydrologyGBRGovernmentQ1
88 (606)Salford Royal Hospitals NHS TrustGBRHealthQ2
89 (607)The University of HullGBRUniversityQ2
89 (607)The Nottingham Trent UniversityGBRUniversityQ2
90 (612)Rutherford Appleton LaboratoryGBRGovernmentQ2
91 (613)University of PortsmouthGBRUniversityQ2
91 (613)The Pirbright InstituteGBRGovernmentQ1
91 (613)Bangor UniversityGBRUniversityQ2
92 (614)NHS Greater Glasgow and ClydeGBRHealthQ2
92 (614)The Manchester Metropolitan UniversityGBRUniversityQ2
93 (616)University of StirlingGBRUniversityQ2
93 (616)Keele UniversityGBRUniversityQ2
94 (619)The Open UniversityGBRUniversityQ1
94 (619)University of BradfordGBRUniversityQ2
95 (621)Aberystwyth UniversityGBRUniversityQ2
96 (624)North Bristol NHS TrustGBRHealthQ2
97 (627)University Hospitals Leicester NHS TrustGBRHealthQ2
98 (628)Barts and the London NHS TrustGBRHealthQ2
99 (631)Zoological Society of LondonGBRNon-ProfitQ2
99 (631)Birkbeck, University of LondonGBRUniversityQ2
100 (634)South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ2
101 (635)University of UlsterGBRUniversityQ2
102 (637)Cranfield UniversityGBRUniversityQ2
103 (639)University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ2
103 (639)University of Brighton *GBRUniversityQ2
104 (640)Heart of England NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ2
104 (640)Belfast Health and Social Care TrustGBRHealthQ2
105 (643)University of LincolnGBRUniversityQ3
106 (644)University of the West of EnglandGBRUniversityQ2
107 (645)St Georges Healthcare NHS TrustGBRHealthQ2
107 (645)Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS TrustGBRHealthQ2
108 (647)Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ2
109 (648)University of HertfordshireGBRUniversityQ2
110 (649)University of HuddersfieldGBRUniversityQ2
110 (649)Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ1
110 (649)National Physical LaboratoryGBRGovernmentQ2
110 (649)Birmingham Women's NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ2
111 (653)Sheffield Hallam UniversityGBRUniversityQ2
111 (653)The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS TrustGBRHealthQ2
112 (654)Centre for Economic Policy ResearchGBRNon-ProfitQ2
112 (654)Oxford Brookes UniversityGBRUniversityQ2
113 (655)Plymouth Marine LaboratoryGBRGovernmentQ2
114 (656)National Oceanography Centre SouthamptonGBRGovernmentQ2
114 (656)British Geological SurveyGBRGovernmentQ2
114 (656)Bournemouth UniversityGBRUniversityQ2
115 (657)University of Central LancashireGBRUniversityQ2
116 (658)Cardiff and Vale NHS TrustGBRHealthQ2
117 (659)Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS TrustGBRHealthQ2
117 (659)UK Astronomy Technology CentreGBRGovernmentQ2
118 (660)Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ2
119 (662)The University of SalfordGBRUniversityQ2
119 (662)Rolls-Royce plc, United KingdomGBRCompanyQ2
120 (665)University of GreenwichGBRUniversityQ3
121 (666)Scottish Association for Marine ScienceGBRGovernmentQ2
121 (666)Met OfficeGBRGovernmentQ2
122 (668)University of WolverhamptonGBRUniversityQ3
123 (670)Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ2
124 (673)Kingston UniversityGBRUniversityQ3
124 (673)Natural History Museum LondonGBRGovernmentQ1
125 (674)University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS TrustGBRHealthQ2
126 (675)British Antarctic SurveyGBRGovernmentQ2
127 (677)Aintree University Hospitals NHS TrustGBRHealthQ2
127 (677)Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ3
128 (678)Glasgow Caledonian UniversityGBRUniversityQ3
129 (679)University of the West of ScotlandGBRUniversityQ3
130 (680)The University of BoltonGBRUniversityQ2
131 (681)Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS TrustGBRHealthQ2
131 (681)University of WestminsterGBRUniversityQ3
132 (682)University of the Highlands and IslandsGBRUniversityQ2
133 (683)Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ2
134 (685)Robert Gordon UniversityGBRUniversityQ3
135 (686)Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ3
135 (686)Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ3
135 (686)European Centre for Medium-Range Weather ForecastsGBRGovernmentQ2
136 (692)Culham Centre for Fusion EnergyGBRGovernmentQ3
136 (692)Middlesex UniversityGBRUniversityQ2
136 (692)Goldsmiths, University of LondonGBRUniversityQ2
137 (693)Leeds Beckett UniversityGBRUniversityQ3
138 (696)Anglia Ruskin UniversityGBRUniversityQ3
139 (701)Edge Hill UniversityGBRUniversityQ3
140 (703)Royal Botanic Gardens KewGBRGovernmentQ2
141 (704)Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS TrustGBRHealthQ3
142 (706)Coventry UniversityGBRUniversityQ2
142 (706)De Montfort UniversityGBRUniversityQ3
143 (707)University of SunderlandGBRUniversityQ3
143 (707)Harper Adams University CollegeGBRUniversityQ3
144 (711)Plymouth Hospitals NHS TrustGBRHealthQ2
145 (717)Edinburgh Napier UniversityGBRUniversityQ3
146 (718)University of East LondonGBRUniversityQ3
146 (718)BMJ GroupGBRCompanyQ1
147 (719)South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ3
147 (719)University of BedfordshireGBRUniversityQ3
148 (720)Staffordshire UniversityGBRUniversityQ3
149 (721)London Business SchoolGBRUniversityQ3
149 (721)Portsmouth Hospitals NHS TrustGBRHealthQ3
150 (722)University of TeessideGBRUniversityQ3
150 (722)University of Abertay DundeeGBRUniversityQ3
151 (724)Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS TrustGBRHealthQ4
152 (727)Cardiff Metropolitan UniversityGBRUniversityQ3
153 (731)Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS TrustGBRHealthQ3
153 (731)University of DerbyGBRUniversityQ3
154 (732)Schlumberger, United KingdomGBRCompanyQ2
155 (734)Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University NHS TrustGBRHealthQ3
156 (736)University of ChesterGBRUniversityQ4
157 (737)Roehampton UniversityGBRUniversityQ3
158 (739)University of GloucestershireGBRUniversityQ4
158 (739)London South Bank UniversityGBRUniversityQ3
158 (739)London North West Healthcare NHS TrustGBRHealthQ3
159 (740)Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ3
159 (740)University of WorcesterGBRUniversityQ4
160 (745)London Metropolitan UniversityGBRUniversityQ3
161 (749)The University of NorthamptonGBRUniversityQ4
162 (754)University of ChichesterGBRUniversityQ4
163 (755)Royal Botanic Garden EdinburghGBRGovernmentQ4
164 (757)University of West LondonGBRUniversityQ4
165 (758)Canterbury Christ Church UniversityGBRUniversityQ4
166 (761)School of Oriental and African StudiesGBRUniversityQ3
166 (761)Liverpool Hope UniversityGBRUniversityQ4
167 (765)University of South WalesGBRUniversityQ3
167 (765)University of WinchesterGBRUniversityQ4
168 (773)Birmingham City UniversityGBRUniversityQ3
169 (774)York St John UniversityGBRUniversityQ4
170 (775)Queen Margaret University, EdinburghGBRUniversityQ4
171 (788)Atomic Weapons EstablishmentGBRCompanyQ4
172 (794)Bath Spa UniversityGBRUniversityQ4
173 (829)School of Advanced Study *GBRUniversityQ4
174 (836)Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation TrustGBRHealthQ4
175 (847)ARUPGBRCompanyQ4