161 ranked institutions
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1 (394)Tehran University of Medical Sciences *IRNUniversityQ1
2 (482)University of TehranIRNUniversityQ1
3 (561)Mashhad University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
4 (585)Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health ServicesIRNUniversityQ1
5 (602)Tarbiat Modares UniversityIRNUniversityQ1
6 (617)Tabriz University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
7 (634)Shiraz University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
8 (645)Sharif University of TechnologyIRNUniversityQ1
9 (654)Amirkabir University of TechnologyIRNUniversityQ1
10 (660)Iran University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
11 (677)Iran University of Science and TechnologyIRNUniversityQ1
12 (680)Isfahan University of TechnologyIRNUniversityQ1
13 (690)Institute for Color Science and TechnologyIRNGovernmentQ1
14 (691)Isfahan University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
15 (695)Academic Center for Education Culture and ResearchIRNGovernmentQ1
15 (695)National Institute of Genetic Engineering and BiotechnologyIRNGovernmentQ1
16 (696)University of Science and CultureIRNUniversityQ1
17 (700)North Khorasan University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
18 (701)Iran Polymer and Petrochemical InstituteIRNGovernmentQ1
19 (702)Institut Pasteur of IranIRNHealthQ1
20 (705)Shiraz UniversityIRNUniversityQ1
21 (706)Baqiyatallah Medical Sciences UniversityIRNUniversityQ1
21 (706)University of TabrizIRNUniversityQ1
21 (706)Babol Noshirvani University of TechnologyIRNUniversityQ1
22 (711)Islamic Azad University, Science and ResearchIRNUniversityQ1
23 (715)Islamic Azad University, KhomeinishahrIRNUniversityQ1
24 (721)Ferdowsi University of MashhadIRNUniversityQ1
25 (724)Islamic Azad University of LahijanIRNUniversityQ1
26 (730)Mazandaran University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
27 (733)Research Institute of Petroleum Industry TehranIRNGovernmentQ1
27 (733)Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences *IRNUniversityQ1
28 (734)Shahid Beheshti UniversityIRNUniversityQ1
29 (735)Institut for Research in Fundamental SciencesIRNGovernmentQ1
30 (737)Alborz University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
31 (743)Shahrekord University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
32 (744)Gorgan University of Agriculture and Natural ResourcesIRNUniversityQ1
33 (746)University of KashanIRNUniversityQ1
34 (748)Bushehr University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
34 (748)University of Kurdistan, SanandajIRNUniversityQ1
35 (749)Lorestan University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
35 (749)Medical University of KermanIRNUniversityQ1
36 (751)Kashan University of Medical Sciences and Health ServicesIRNUniversityQ1
37 (752)Hamadan University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
38 (753)Zabol University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
39 (754)Bam University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
40 (755)Urmia UniversityIRNUniversityQ1
40 (755)Ilam University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
40 (755)Golestan University of Medical Sciences and Health ServicesIRNUniversityQ1
41 (757)Neshabur University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
42 (758)Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
43 (759)Shahroud University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
44 (760)Imam Khomeini Hospital ComplexIRNHealthQ1
44 (760)Aja University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ2
45 (762)Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
46 (763)Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences *IRNUniversityQ1
46 (763)Shahed UniversityIRNUniversityQ1
47 (764)Zanjan University of Medical Sciences *IRNUniversityQ2
47 (764)Shahid Chamran UniversityIRNUniversityQ2
48 (766)Imam Khomeini HospitalIRNHealthQ1
48 (766)Urmia University of Medical Sciences *IRNUniversityQ2
49 (768)University of IsfahanIRNUniversityQ1
49 (768)Children Medical Center HospitalIRNHealthQ2
50 (769)Payame Noor UniversityIRNUniversityQ1
51 (771)Qazvin University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ2
51 (771)Arak University of Medical Sciences *IRNUniversityQ2
51 (771)Islamic Azad University Sari BranchIRNUniversityQ1
52 (772)Shariati HospitalIRNHealthQ2
52 (772)Razi UniversityIRNUniversityQ1
53 (773)Kurdistan University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ2
54 (774)Babol University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
54 (774)Farabi HospitalIRNHealthQ1
54 (774)University of GuilanIRNUniversityQ1
55 (775)Ilam UniversityIRNUniversityQ1
55 (775)Razi Vaccine and Serum Research InstituteIRNHealthQ2
55 (775)K.N.Toosi University of TechnologyIRNUniversityQ1
55 (775)Lorestan UniversityIRNUniversityQ2
56 (777)Alzahra UniversityIRNUniversityQ2
56 (777)Fasa University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ2
57 (779)Guilan University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
57 (779)Torbat Heydarieh University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ2
57 (779)Imam Khomeini International UniversityIRNUniversityQ2
58 (780)Rafsanjan University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ2
59 (781)Ministry of Health and Medical EducationIRNHealthQ2
59 (781)Islamic Azad University, Najafabad BranchIRNUniversityQ2
59 (781)Materials and Energy Research CentreIRNGovernmentQ1
60 (782)Ardabil University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ2
60 (782)University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation SciencesIRNUniversityQ1
61 (783)Qom UniversityIRNUniversityQ2
61 (783)Islamic Azad University, MarvdashtIRNUniversityQ1
61 (783)Birjand University of Medical Sciences *IRNUniversityQ2
61 (783)University of Mohaghegh ArdabiliIRNUniversityQ1
61 (783)Semnan UniversityIRNUniversityQ2
62 (785)Islamic Azad University, YazdIRNUniversityQ1
62 (785)Zanjan UniversityIRNUniversityQ2
63 (786)Sina HospitalIRNHealthQ2
63 (786)University of MazandaranIRNUniversityQ2
64 (787)Zahedan University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ2
65 (788)Shahid Bahonar University of KermanIRNUniversityQ1
65 (788)Golestan UniversityIRNUniversityQ3
65 (788)Semnan University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ2
66 (789)Islamic Azad University, RashtIRNUniversityQ3
66 (789)Yasuj University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ3
67 (790)Qom University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ2
67 (790)Gonabad University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ2
68 (791)Sabzevar University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ2
69 (792)Yasouj UniversityIRNUniversityQ2
70 (793)University of MaraghehIRNUniversityQ2
70 (793)Malek-Ashtar University of TechnologyIRNUniversityQ1
71 (794)Islamic Azad University, TabrizIRNUniversityQ2
71 (794)Sahand University of TechnologyIRNUniversityQ2
72 (796)Agricultural Research Education and Externsion OrganizationIRNGovernmentQ2
73 (797)Kharazmi UniversityIRNUniversityQ2
73 (797)Petroleum University of TechnologyIRNUniversityQ2
73 (797)Bu-Ali Sina UniversityIRNUniversityQ2
74 (798)Shahrood University of TechnologyIRNUniversityQ2
75 (800)Atomic Energy Organization of Iran *IRNGovernmentQ2
75 (800)Azarbaijan University of Tarbiat MoallemIRNUniversityQ3
75 (800)Shahrekord UniversityIRNUniversityQ2
76 (801)University of ZabolIRNUniversityQ3
77 (802)Yazd UniversityIRNUniversityQ1
77 (802)Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training UniversityIRNUniversityQ2
77 (802)Nuclear Science and Technology Research InstituteIRNGovernmentQ2
78 (803)High Institute for Research and Education in Transfusion MedicineIRNUniversityQ3
78 (803)Maragheh University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ2
79 (804)University of BonabIRNUniversityQ2
79 (804)Islamic Azad University, Ayatollah Amoli Science And Research BranchIRNUniversityQ2
80 (806)Shiraz University of TechnologyIRNUniversityQ3
80 (806)Mazandaran University of Sciences and TechnologyIRNUniversityQ3
80 (806)University of BojnordIRNUniversityQ3
81 (807)Islamic Azad University, QazvinIRNUniversityQ2
82 (808)Islamic Azad University, UrmiaIRNUniversityQ3
83 (809)Kermanshah University of TechnologyIRNUniversityQ2
84 (810)Islamic Azad University, Shahrekord BranchIRNUniversityQ3
85 (812)Islamic Azad University, QaemshahrIRNUniversityQ3
86 (813)Islamic Azad University, KarajIRNUniversityQ3
87 (814)Medical Biology Research CenterIRNHealthQ3
87 (814)Islamic Azad University, ShirazIRNUniversityQ3
88 (815)Islamic Azad University of MashhadIRNUniversityQ2
89 (816)Hakim Sabzevari UniversityIRNUniversityQ3
89 (816)Islamic Azad University - Isfahan Khorasgan BranchIRNUniversityQ3
90 (817)Hormozgan University of Medical SciencesIRNUniversityQ3
91 (819)Islamic Azad University - North Tehran BranchIRNUniversityQ3
91 (819)Tehran Heart CenterIRNHealthQ3
92 (820)Urmia University of TechnologyIRNUniversityQ3
92 (820)Islamic Azad University, Ahvaz BranchIRNUniversityQ3
93 (825)Allameh Tabatabai UniversityIRNUniversityQ3
93 (825)Islamic Azad University, Shahr-e-RayIRNUniversityQ2
93 (825)Islamic Azad University,Central Tehran branchIRNUniversityQ2
94 (826)University of Sistan and BaluchestanIRNUniversityQ2
94 (826)Islamic Azad University of ArakIRNUniversityQ3
95 (828)Arak UniversityIRNUniversityQ2
95 (828)Islamic Azad University of KermanshahIRNUniversityQ4
95 (828)Hamedan University of TechnologyIRNUniversityQ2
96 (830)Damghan UniversityIRNUniversityQ3
96 (830)Persian Gulf UniversityIRNUniversityQ3
97 (831)Islamic Azad University, South Tehran branchIRNUniversityQ3
98 (834)Islamic Azad University, SanandajIRNUniversityQ4
99 (835)Vali-e-Asr UniversityIRNUniversityQ3
100 (838)University of BirjandIRNUniversityQ3
101 (843)Islamic Azad University, HamedanIRNUniversityQ4
101 (843)University of HormozganIRNUniversityQ4