19 ranked institutions
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1 (581)Slovak Academy of Sciences *SVKGovernmentQ1
2 (627)Comenius University in BratislavaSVKUniversityQ1
3 (670)University of Veterinary Medicine and PharmacySVKUniversityQ1
4 (745)Slovak University of Agriculture in NitraSVKUniversityQ1
5 (760)Slovak University of TechnologySVKUniversityQ1
5 (760)Technical University of KosiceSVKUniversityQ1
6 (762)Pavol Jozef Safarik University in KosiceSVKUniversityQ1
7 (763)Institute of Experimental Physics of the Slovak Academy of SciencesSVKGovernmentQ1
8 (774)University of ZilinaSVKUniversityQ1
9 (777)Constantine the Philosopher University in NitraSVKUniversityQ2
10 (791)Slovak Medical University in BratislavaSVKUniversityQ1
11 (794)Univerzita Mateja Bela v Banskej BystriciSVKUniversityQ2
12 (801)Technical University in ZvolenSVKUniversityQ2
13 (808)University of St Cyril and Methodius in TrnavaSVKUniversityQ2
14 (811)Institute of Physics of the Slovak Academy of SciencesSVKGovernmentQ2
15 (812)University of Presov in PresovSVKUniversityQ3
16 (819)Trnava University in TrnavaSVKUniversityQ3
17 (820)Alexander Dubcek University of TrencinSVKUniversityQ3
18 (837)University of Economics in BratislavaSVKUniversityQ4