11 ranked institutions
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1 (507)Canadian Institute for Advance ResearchCANGovernmentQ1
2 (509)National Research Council Canada *CANGovernmentQ1
3 (607)Agriculture and Agri-Food CanadaCANGovernmentQ2
4 (649)Douglas Mental Health University InstituteCANGovernmentQ2
5 (682)Environment CanadaCANGovernmentQ1
6 (706)Natural Resources CanadaCANGovernmentQ2
7 (711)Defence Research and Development CanadaCANGovernmentQ1
8 (734)TRIUMF - National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear PhysicsCANGovernmentQ3
9 (752)Royal Ontario MuseumCANGovernmentQ3
9 (752)Bedford Institute of OceanographyCANGovernmentQ4
10 (831)Institute of Particle PhysicsCANGovernmentQ4