14 ranked institutions
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1 (146)Singapore Immunology NetworkSGPGovernmentQ1
2 (253)Agency for Science, Technology and Research Singapore *SGPGovernmentQ1
3 (321)Genome Institute of SingaporeSGPGovernmentQ1
4 (512)Institute of Molecular and Cell BiologySGPGovernmentQ1
5 (538)Institute of Materials Research and EngineeringSGPGovernmentQ1
6 (590)Institute of Chemical and Engineering SciencesSGPGovernmentQ1
7 (748)Institute for Infocomm ResearchSGPGovernmentQ1
8 (799)Bioinformatics InstituteSGPGovernmentQ2
9 (807)Singapore-MIT AllianceSGPGovernmentQ2
10 (1002)Mechanobiology InstituteSGPGovernmentQ2
11 (1336)Institute of MicroelectronicsSGPGovernmentQ2
12 (1836)Singapore Institute for Clinical SciencesSGPGovernmentQ2
13 (2179)Singapore Institute of Manufacturing TechnologySGPGovernmentQ3
14 (2758)Institute of High Performance ComputingSGPGovernmentQ2