11 ranked institutions
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1 (1268)National Veterinary Institute SwedenSWEGovernmentQ1
2 (2116)RISE Research Institutes of Sweden *SWEGovernmentQ1
3 (2235)The Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle PhysicsSWEGovernmentQ1
4 (2996)Region StockholmSWEGovernmentQ2
5 (3022)Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological InstituteSWEGovernmentQ2
6 (3058)Stockholm Environment InstituteSWEGovernmentQ2
7 (4030)Swedish Museum of Natural HistorySWEGovernmentQ3
8 (4371)Swedish Research Council *SWEGovernmentQ2
9 (4462)Onsala Space ObservatorySWEGovernmentQ2
10 (4594)Swedish Institute of Space PhysicsSWEGovernmentQ3
11 (6080)Swedish Defence Research AgencySWEGovernmentQ3