9 ranked institutions
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1 (598)Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas *GRCGovernmentQ1
2 (613)Centre for Research and Technology HellasGRCGovernmentQ1
3 (627)Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Chemical ProcessesGRCGovernmentQ1
4 (630)Demokritos, National Centre for Scientific ResearchGRCGovernmentQ1
5 (635)Institute of Electronic Structure and LaserGRCGovernmentQ1
6 (645)Academy of AthensGRCGovernmentQ1
7 (679)National Hellenic Research FoundationGRCGovernmentQ1
8 (693)Institute of Computer ScienceGRCGovernmentQ2
9 (720)National Observatory of AthensGRCGovernmentQ1