14 ranked institutions
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1 (599)University of ZagrebHRVUniversityQ1
2 (1622)Ruder Boskovic Institute *HRVGovernmentQ1
3 (1829)University of SplitHRVUniversityQ1
4 (2790)Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of OsijekHRVUniversityQ1
5 (2808)University of RijekaHRVUniversityQ1
6 (3557)University Hospital Centre ZagrebHRVHealthQ1
7 (6120)Sisters of Charity Hospital, ZagrebHRVHealthQ2
8 (6388)University of ZadarHRVUniversityQ3
9 (6553)Clinical Hospital Center SplitHRVHealthQ2
10 (7138)Clinical Hospital DubravaHRVHealthQ3
10 (7138)Clinical Hospital Centre RijekaHRVHealthQ3
12 (7448)Institute for Medical Research and Occupational HealthHRVHealthQ1
13 (7965)Clinical Hospital MerkurHRVHealthQ1
14 (8044)Clinical Hospital Sveti DuhHRVHealthQ4