13 ranked institutions
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1 (237)Kuwait University *KWTUniversityQ1
2 (244)Kuwait University Health Science CenterKWTHealthQ1
3 (247)Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research *KWTGovernmentQ1
3 (247)Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences *KWTNon-ProfitQ1
4 (248)Public Authority for Applied Education and Training *KWTGovernmentQ2
4 (248)Ministry of HealthKWTHealthQ2
4 (248) American University of the Middle EastKWTUniversityQ2
4 (248)Gulf University for Science and TechnologyKWTUniversityQ3
5 (249)Kuwait Oil CompanyKWTCompanyQ3
5 (249)Kuwait Petroleum Corporation *KWTCompanyQ3
5 (249)Environment and Life Sciences Research CenterKWTGovernmentQ2
5 (249)College of Technological StudiesKWTUniversityQ2
5 (249)Kuwait College of Science and TechnologyKWTUniversityQ4