958 ranked institutions
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1 (2)Facebook Inc, United StatesUSACompany
2 (4)Harvard University *USAUniversity
3 (6)Google Inc, USAUSACompany
4 (9)Microsoft, USAUSACompany
5 (12)Harvard Medical SchoolUSAUniversity
6 (13)U.S. Department of Health and Human Services *USAGovernment
7 (14)National Institutes of HealthUSAHealth
8 (17)Stanford University *USAUniversity
9 (18)University of Washington *USAUniversity
10 (20)Johns Hopkins University *USAUniversity
11 (22)University of Michigan, Ann Arbor *USAUniversity
12 (25)Veterans Affairs Medical Centers *USAHealth
13 (26)University of Pennsylvania *USAUniversity
14 (27)Columbia University *USAUniversity
15 (28)Massachusetts Institute of Technology *USAUniversity
16 (30)University of California, Los Angeles *USAUniversity
17 (33)Yale University *USAUniversity
18 (34)Cornell University *USAUniversity
19 (38)Duke University *USAUniversity
20 (39)University of California, Berkeley *USAUniversity
21 (40)University of California, San Diego *USAUniversity
22 (41)Mayo Clinic *USAHealth
23 (42)University of Minnesota, Twin Cities *USAUniversity
24 (43)University of California, San Francisco *USAUniversity
25 (44)University of Wisconsin, Madison *USAUniversity
26 (50)New York University *USAUniversity
26 (50)University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill *USAUniversity
27 (52)Ohio State University, Columbus *USAUniversity
28 (54)Northwestern University, Evanston *USAUniversity
29 (55)Pennsylvania State University *USAUniversity
30 (57)University of Maryland, BaltimoreUSAUniversity
30 (57)University of Florida *USAUniversity
31 (60)University of California, Davis *USAUniversity
31 (60)University of Pittsburgh *USAUniversity
32 (61)Massachusetts General HospitalUSAHealth
33 (66)University of Chicago *USAUniversity
34 (67)United States Department of AgricultureUSAGovernment
35 (69)National Aeronautics and Space Administration *USAGovernment
36 (70)Washington University in Saint Louis *USAUniversity
37 (71)Brigham and Women's HospitalUSAHealth
38 (73)Emory University *USAUniversity
39 (74)University of Southern California *USAUniversity
40 (75)Johns Hopkins MedicineUSAHealth
41 (77)University of Texas, AustinUSAUniversity
41 (77)University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUSAUniversity
42 (78)Vanderbilt University *USAUniversity
43 (80)Rutgers, The State University of New JerseyUSAUniversity
44 (81)Boston University *USAUniversity
45 (83)University of California, Irvine *USAUniversity
45 (83)Michigan State UniversityUSAUniversity
46 (84)University of Arizona *USAUniversity
47 (87)Centers for Disease Control and PreventionUSAHealth
48 (88)University of Utah *USAUniversity
49 (89)Princeton UniversityUSAUniversity
50 (90)University of Maryland, College Park *USAUniversity
51 (91)Purdue UniversityUSAUniversity
52 (94)University of Virginia *USAUniversity
53 (95)University of Pennsylvania Health SystemUSAHealth
54 (98)Yale University Health & MedicineUSAHealth
55 (99)University of Colorado, Boulder *USAUniversity
55 (99)University of Iowa *USAUniversity
56 (100)Mount Sinai Health System *USAHealth
57 (102)California Institute of Technology *USAUniversity
57 (102)Arizona State UniversityUSAUniversity
58 (104)Texas A&M University, College StationUSAUniversity
59 (105)National Library of MedicineUSAHealth
59 (105)Brown UniversityUSAUniversity
59 (105)Stanford MedicineUSAHealth
60 (109)Columbia University Medical CenterUSAHealth
61 (111)University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center USAHealth
62 (113)National Center for Biotechnology InformationUSAGovernment
63 (115)University of Colorado, Denver *USAUniversity
64 (116)Cleveland Clinic *USAHealth
65 (117)Duke MedicineUSAHealth
65 (117)NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterUSAGovernment
65 (117)Baylor College of MedicineUSAUniversity
66 (118)UCLA Health SystemUSAHealth
67 (120)University of Illinois, Chicago *USAUniversity
68 (122)City University of New York *USAUniversity
68 (122)Icahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiUSAUniversity
68 (122)University of GeorgiaUSAUniversity
68 (122)North Carolina State UniversityUSAUniversity
69 (123)University of Miami *USAUniversity
70 (124)Georgia Institute of TechnologyUSAUniversity
71 (125)University of Alabama, Birmingham *USAUniversity
72 (126)IBM United StatesUSACompany
73 (127)Indiana University-BloomingtonUSAUniversity
74 (129)National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationUSAGovernment
74 (129)University of Rochester *USAUniversity
74 (129)NYU Langone Medical CenterUSAHealth
74 (129)Case Western Reserve UniversityUSAUniversity
75 (133)United States Geological SurveyUSAGovernment
76 (134)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory *USAGovernment
76 (134)Tufts UniversityUSAUniversity
77 (135)National Cancer InstituteUSAHealth
77 (135)University of Kansas *USAUniversity
78 (136)Carnegie Mellon University *USAUniversity
78 (136)Woodruff Health Sciences CenterUSAHealth
78 (136)Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityUSAUniversity
79 (137)University of California, Santa BarbaraUSAUniversity
79 (137)Iowa State UniversityUSAUniversity
80 (138)University of Kentucky *USAUniversity
81 (139)University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center USAUniversity
81 (139)University of Michigan Health SystemUSAHealth
82 (140)University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical CampusUSAUniversity
82 (140)State University of New York, BuffaloUSAUniversity
83 (141)Washington University Medical Center USAHealth
83 (141)Vanderbilt University Medical CenterUSAHealth
83 (141)George Washington University *USAUniversity
84 (142)University of Cincinnati *USAUniversity
84 (142)University of Connecticut, Storrs *USAUniversity
84 (142)NASA Ames Research CenterUSAGovernment
85 (143)Oregon State UniversityUSAUniversity
86 (144)Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer CenterUSAHealth
87 (145)Colorado State University, Fort CollinsUSAUniversity
87 (145)Weill Cornell Medical CollegeUSAUniversity
88 (147)Temple University *USAUniversity
89 (148)Oregon Health & Science University *USAUniversity
89 (148)Smithsonian Institution *USAGovernment
89 (148)Florida State University *USAUniversity
89 (148)University of New Mexico *USAUniversity
90 (149)University of South Florida System *USAUniversity
90 (149)NASA Langley Research CenterUSAGovernment
90 (149)Children's Hospital Boston *USAHealth
90 (149)Indiana University-Purdue University IndianapolisUSAUniversity
90 (149)US Food and Drug AdministrationUSAGovernment
91 (150)University of Tennessee, Knoxville *USAUniversity
91 (150)Northwestern MedicineUSAHealth
91 (150)U.S. ArmyUSAGovernment
91 (150)Howard Hughes Medical Institute *USAHealth
92 (151)Wayne State UniversityUSAUniversity
92 (151)NASA Johnson Space CenterUSAGovernment
92 (151)Dartmouth College *USAUniversity
92 (151)NASA Marshall Space Flight CenterUSAGovernment
93 (152)University of Massachusetts, AmherstUSAUniversity
94 (153)State University of New York, Stony Brook *USAUniversity
94 (153)University of Missouri, Columbia *USAUniversity
95 (154)University of Oklahoma *USAUniversity
95 (154)Georgetown University *USAUniversity
95 (154)National Institute of Standards and Technology *USAGovernment
96 (155)University of South FloridaUSAUniversity
96 (155)University of DelawareUSAUniversity
97 (156)Virginia Commonwealth University *USAUniversity
98 (157)University of Nebraska, LincolnUSAUniversity
99 (161)CareGroup Healthcare System *USAHealth
100 (162)US Environmental Protection AgencyUSAGovernment
100 (162)Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterUSAHealth
100 (162)Boston University Medical Campus USAHealth
101 (163)Washington State University, Pullman *USAUniversity
101 (163)University of South Carolina *USAUniversity
102 (165)University of Hawaii, Manoa *USAUniversity
102 (165)University of Notre DameUSAUniversity
102 (165)University of California, RiversideUSAUniversity
103 (166)Dana Farber Cancer Institute USAHealth
103 (166)University of Pittsburgh Health SciencesUSAUniversity
104 (167)University of California, Santa CruzUSAUniversity
105 (168)Jet Propulsion LaboratoryUSAGovernment
106 (169)Rice UniversityUSAUniversity
107 (170)Oak Ridge National LaboratoryUSAGovernment
107 (170)University of Pittsburgh Medical Center USAHealth
108 (171)Argonne National LaboratoryUSAGovernment
108 (171)Montefiore Medical Center *USAHealth
109 (172)Northeastern University, USAUSAUniversity
109 (172)Louisiana State University, Baton RougeUSAUniversity
109 (172)George Mason UniversityUSAUniversity
109 (172)Wake Forest University *USAUniversity
109 (172)Children's Hospital of PhiladelphiaUSAHealth
110 (174)Drexel UniversityUSAUniversity
111 (175)Albert Einstein College of MedicineUSAUniversity
112 (176)University of OregonUSAUniversity
112 (176)Medical University of South Carolina *USAUniversity
112 (176)Center for Drug Evaluation & ResearchUSAGovernment
113 (177)World Bank United StatesUSAGovernment
113 (177)University of HoustonUSAUniversity
113 (177)Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical CenterUSAHealth
114 (178)Siemens AG, USAUSACompany
115 (179)University of Miami Health SystemUSAHealth
115 (179)University of Louisville *USAUniversity
116 (180)University of Southern California Health Sciences CampusUSAHealth
116 (180)Center for Biologics Evaluation and ResearchUSAGovernment
117 (181)National Center for Toxicological ResearchUSAGovernment
117 (181)Los Alamos National LaboratoryUSAGovernment
117 (181)Georgia State UniversityUSAUniversity
117 (181)Center for Devices and Radiological HealthUSAGovernment
117 (181)University of Texas, Health Science Center at HoustonUSAUniversity
117 (181)University of Central FloridaUSAUniversity
117 (181)Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, USAUSANon-Profit
117 (181)Brigham Young UniversityUSAUniversity
118 (182)Kansas State UniversityUSAUniversity
119 (183)Cisco SystemsUSACompany
119 (183)University of VermontUSAUniversity
119 (183)Thomas Jefferson University *USAUniversity
119 (183)Florida International UniversityUSAUniversity
119 (183)Tulane University *USAUniversity
119 (183)West Virginia University *USAUniversity
120 (185)Ohio State University Wexner Medical CenterUSAHealth
120 (185)University of Mississippi *USAUniversity
120 (185)U.S. Department of Health & Human ServicesUSAHealth
121 (187)University of Texas, DallasUSAUniversity
121 (187)University of Massachusetts Medical SchoolUSAUniversity
121 (187)University of Washington Medicine USAHealth
121 (187)University of Rochester Medical CenterUSAHealth
121 (187)MITRE Corp, Bedford *USACompany
121 (187)Texas Tech UniversityUSAUniversity
122 (188)MITRE Corp, McLeanUSACompany
123 (189)Medical College of WisconsinUSAUniversity
124 (190)University of Alabama, TuscaloosaUSAUniversity
124 (190)Clemson UniversityUSAUniversity
125 (191)Wake Forest University Baptist Medical CenterUSAHealth
125 (191)University of Minnesota Health and MedicineUSAUniversity
126 (192)Auburn UniversityUSAUniversity
126 (192)University of Utah Health CareUSAHealth
126 (192)State University of New York, AlbanyUSAUniversity
126 (192)Oklahoma State University, StillwaterUSAUniversity
127 (193)Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory *USAGovernment
127 (193)UC Davis Health SystemUSAHealth
127 (193)HP Inc, USAUSACompany
127 (193)University of Florida Health Science CenterUSAHealth
127 (193)San Diego State UniversityUSAUniversity
127 (193)Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterUSAHealth
127 (193)Kaiser Permanente, Oakland *USAHealth
127 (193)National Heart Lung and Blood InstituteUSAHealth
128 (194)Saint Louis University, Saint Louis *USAUniversity
128 (194)Brookhaven National LaboratoryUSAGovernment
128 (194)University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio USAUniversity
129 (195)Rush University *USAUniversity
129 (195)University of Wisconsin HealthUSAHealth
129 (195)Utah State University *USAUniversity
130 (196)National Institute of Allergy and Infectious DiseasesUSAHealth
130 (196)University of North TexasUSAUniversity
130 (196)U.S. Department of EnergyUSAGovernment
130 (196)University of Wisconsin, MilwaukeeUSAUniversity
131 (197)University of Kansas Medical CenterUSAHealth
131 (197)University of New HampshireUSAUniversity
132 (198)Rush University Medical CenterUSAHealth
132 (198)University of Texas, ArlingtonUSAUniversity
132 (198)Boston CollegeUSAUniversity
132 (198)Loyola University of Chicago *USAUniversity
133 (199)University of Arkansas, FayettevilleUSAUniversity
133 (199)Cedars-Sinai Medical Center USAHealth
134 (200)Broad Institute of MIT and HarvardUSAHealth
134 (200)Scripps Research InstituteUSAHealth
134 (200)Pfizer Inc, United StatesUSACompany
134 (200)NVIDIA CorpUSACompany
134 (200)Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteUSAUniversity
134 (200)Baylor UniversityUSAUniversity
134 (200)Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryUSAGovernment
135 (201)University of Texas Medical Branch USAUniversity
135 (201)University of Iowa Health CareUSAHealth
136 (202)Kent State UniversityUSAUniversity
136 (202)SLAC National Accelerator LaboratoryUSAGovernment
136 (202)University of Nebraska Medical CenterUSAUniversity
137 (203)City University of New York Graduate CenterUSAUniversity
137 (203)Merck & Co Inc, United StatesUSACompany
137 (203)Lockheed Martin Corp *USACompany
137 (203)National Bureau of Economic ResearchUSANon-Profit
137 (203)Old Dominion UniversityUSAUniversity
137 (203)American Cancer SocietyUSAHealth
137 (203)UC San Diego Health SystemUSAHealth
138 (204)University of Missouri, Kansas CityUSAUniversity
138 (204)University of Nevada-RenoUSAUniversity
138 (204)University of WyomingUSAUniversity
138 (204)University of Cincinnati Medical CenterUSAHealth
138 (204)Rochester Institute of TechnologyUSAUniversity
139 (205)Harvard-Smithsonian Center for AstrophysicsUSAGovernment
139 (205)Montana State University, BozemanUSAUniversity
139 (205)St Jude Childrens Research HospitalUSAHealth
139 (205)University of Tennessee Health Science CenterUSAHealth
139 (205)Southern Methodist UniversityUSAUniversity
139 (205)National Institute of Mental HealthUSAHealth
139 (205)East Carolina UniversityUSAUniversity
139 (205)Portland State UniversityUSAUniversity
139 (205)RAND CorpUSANon-Profit
139 (205)University of Arkansas for Medical SciencesUSAUniversity
139 (205)Mississippi State UniversityUSAUniversity
139 (205)University of Virginia Health SystemUSAHealth
139 (205)Temple HealthUSAHealth
139 (205)Syracuse UniversityUSAUniversity
140 (206)International Monetary FundUSANon-Profit
140 (206)National Institute of Environmental Health SciencesUSAHealth
140 (206)Nationwide Children's Hospital USAHealth
140 (206)National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney DiseasesUSAHealth
140 (206)Ohio UniversityUSAUniversity
140 (206)Seattle Children's HospitalUSAHealth
141 (207)Northern Illinois UniversityUSAUniversity
141 (207)Brandeis UniversityUSAUniversity
141 (207)University of Nevada-Las VegasUSAUniversity
142 (208)The North Shore-LIJ Health System *USAHealth
142 (208)University of IdahoUSAUniversity
142 (208)University of Alaska, FairbanksUSAUniversity
142 (208)National Institute of Child Health and Human DevelopmentUSAHealth
142 (208)Augusta University *USAUniversity
142 (208)United States Fish and Wildlife ServiceUSAGovernment
142 (208)Sandia National Laboratories, New MexicoUSAGovernment
142 (208)The Rockefeller University *USAUniversity
143 (209)University of Texas, San AntonioUSAUniversity
143 (209)New Mexico State UniversityUSAUniversity
143 (209)New York Presbyterian HospitalUSAHealth
143 (209)US National Science FoundationUSAGovernment
143 (209)Hoffmann-La Roche, Ltd., United StatesUSACompany
143 (209)University of North Carolina, CharlotteUSAUniversity
143 (209)American UniversityUSAUniversity
143 (209)University Hospitals of Cleveland *USAHealth
143 (209)University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyUSAUniversity
143 (209)College of William and MaryUSAUniversity
144 (210)Georgetown University Medical CenterUSAHealth
144 (210)Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterUSAHealth
144 (210)Michigan Technological UniversityUSAUniversity
144 (210)University of Rhode IslandUSAUniversity
144 (210)Arizona Health Sciences Center University of Arizona TucsonUSAHealth
144 (210)Texas Children's Hospital USAHealth
144 (210)Fordham UniversityUSAUniversity
145 (211)Southern Illinois University, Carbondale *USAUniversity
145 (211)Northern Arizona UniversityUSAUniversity
145 (211)Carnegie Institution for Science *USANon-Profit
145 (211)Henry Ford Health SystemUSAHealth
145 (211)H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research InstituteUSAHealth
145 (211)U.S. Air ForceUSAGovernment
145 (211)University of Oklahoma Health Sciences CenterUSAUniversity
145 (211)National Institute on Drug AbuseUSAHealth
145 (211)Florida Atlantic UniversityUSAUniversity
145 (211)Uniformed Services University of the Health SciencesUSAUniversity
145 (211)University of DenverUSAUniversity
145 (211)American Museum of Natural HistoryUSAGovernment
146 (212)US Naval Research LaboratoryUSAGovernment
146 (212)University of Montana, MissoulaUSAUniversity
146 (212)Children’s National Health SystemUSAHealth
146 (212)National Institute on AgingUSAHealth
146 (212)University of Toledo *USAUniversity
146 (212)University of Massachusetts, BostonUSAUniversity
147 (213)Lehigh UniversityUSAUniversity
147 (213)Houston MethodistUSAHealth
147 (213)National Institute of Neurological Disorders and StrokeUSAHealth
147 (213)North Dakota State UniversityUSAUniversity
147 (213)University of Louisville Health Sciences CenterUSAHealth
147 (213)San Francisco State UniversityUSAUniversity
148 (214)National Renewable Energy LaboratoryUSAGovernment
148 (214)University of Maine, OronoUSAUniversity
148 (214)Ford Motor Co, USAUSACompany
148 (214)General Electric Co, USAUSACompany
148 (214)Woods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionUSANon-Profit
148 (214)University of Kentucky HealthCareUSAHealth
148 (214)Miami University of OhioUSAUniversity
148 (214)University of Mississippi Medical CenterUSAUniversity
148 (214)Fermi National Accelerator LaboratoryUSAGovernment
148 (214)University of North Carolina, GreensboroUSAUniversity
148 (214)Genentech IncUSACompany
148 (214)University of Texas, El PasoUSAUniversity
149 (215)University of North DakotaUSAUniversity
149 (215)State University of New York at BinghamtonUSAUniversity
149 (215)University of Connecticut Health CenterUSAUniversity
149 (215)Tufts Medical CenterUSAHealth
149 (215)National Center for Atmospheric ResearchUSAGovernment
149 (215)Federal Reserve SystemUSAGovernment
149 (215)Texas Instruments, USUSACompany
149 (215)VCU Medical CenterUSAHealth
149 (215)Western Michigan UniversityUSAUniversity
150 (216)California State University, NorthridgeUSAUniversity
150 (216)Oakland UniversityUSAUniversity
150 (216)City of HopeUSAHealth
150 (216)University of North Carolina Health CareUSAHealth
150 (216)City University of New York, City CollegeUSAUniversity
150 (216)USF HealthUSAUniversity
150 (216)Creighton UniversityUSAUniversity
150 (216)City University of New York, Hunter CollegeUSAUniversity
150 (216)Loma Linda University *USAUniversity
150 (216)University of MemphisUSAUniversity
151 (217)Illinois Institute of TechnologyUSAUniversity
151 (217)DePaul UniversityUSAUniversity
151 (217)Smithsonian National Museum of Natural HistoryUSAGovernment
151 (217)California State University, FullertonUSAUniversity
151 (217)San Jose State UniversityUSAUniversity
151 (217)Eli Lilly and Company, United StatesUSACompany
151 (217)University of AkronUSAUniversity
151 (217)Texas State University, San MarcosUSAUniversity
151 (217)Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, United StatesUSACompany
151 (217)University of Chicago Medical Center USAHealth
151 (217)California Polytechnic State University, San Luis ObispoUSAUniversity
151 (217)Wright State UniversityUSAUniversity
151 (217)Space Telescope Science InstituteUSAGovernment
151 (217)Marquette UniversityUSAUniversity
151 (217)Nova Southeastern University, Estados UnidosUSAUniversity
152 (218)Hospital for Special SurgeryUSAHealth
152 (218)Louisiana State University, Health Sciences CenterUSAUniversity
152 (218)Educational Testing ServiceUSANon-Profit
152 (218)Children's Hospital Los Angeles USAHealth
152 (218)California State University, Los AngelesUSAUniversity
152 (218)George Washington The School of Medicine & Health SciencesUSAHealth
152 (218)University of Massachusetts, LowellUSAUniversity
152 (218)California State University, Long BeachUSAUniversity
152 (218)University of Southern MississippiUSAUniversity
152 (218)Howard University *USAUniversity
153 (219)DuPontUSACompany
153 (219)Colorado School of MinesUSAUniversity
153 (219)University of Maryland Medical CenterUSAHealth
153 (219)Bowling Green State UniversityUSAUniversity
153 (219)Worcester Polytechnic InstituteUSAUniversity
153 (219)ABB, United StatesUSACompany
153 (219)ABB Corporate Research Center, United StatesUSACompany
153 (219)Texas Tech University Health Sciences CenterUSAUniversity
153 (219)Qualcomm Inc, USAUSACompany
153 (219)Emory HealthcareUSAHealth
153 (219)Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Care SystemUSAHealth
153 (219)National Human Genome Research InstituteUSAHealth
153 (219)Boeing Co, USAUSACompany
154 (220)James Madison UniversityUSAUniversity
154 (220)Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationUSANon-Profit
154 (220)Florida Institute of TechnologyUSAUniversity
154 (220)Boise State UniversityUSAUniversity
154 (220)Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children s HospitalUSAHealth
154 (220)RTI Health SolutionsUSACompany
154 (220)SUNY Downstate Medical CenterUSAUniversity
154 (220)Teachers College of Columbia UniversityUSAUniversity
154 (220)New Jersey Institute of TechnologyUSAUniversity
154 (220)Illinois State UniversityUSAUniversity
154 (220)Roswell Park Cancer InstituteUSAHealth
155 (221)The New SchoolUSAUniversity
155 (221)University Corporation for Atmospheric ResearchUSANon-Profit
155 (221)South Dakota State UniversityUSAUniversity
155 (221)Boston Medical Center USAHealth
155 (221)Children's Hospital ColoradoUSAHealth
155 (221)Amgen, USAUSACompany
155 (221)Villanova UniversityUSAUniversity
155 (221)Santa Clara UniversityUSAUniversity
155 (221)VA Palo Alto Health Care SystemUSAHealth
155 (221)National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and AlcoholismUSAHealth
155 (221)State University of New York Upstate Medical University *USAUniversity
155 (221)VA San Diego Healthcare SystemUSAHealth
155 (221)Rhode Island Hospital USAHealth
155 (221)Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, United StatesUSACompany
155 (221)University of California, MercedUSAUniversity
155 (221)Appalachian State UniversityUSAUniversity
156 (222)Ball State UniversityUSAUniversity
156 (222)Loyola MedicineUSAHealth
156 (222)New York Medical CollegeUSAUniversity
156 (222)Dow Chemical Co USAUSACompany
156 (222)Central Michigan UniversityUSAUniversity
156 (222)General Motors Company, United StatesUSACompany
156 (222)University of Missouri, Saint LouisUSAUniversity
156 (222)Chapman UniversityUSAUniversity
156 (222)Texas A&M University, Health Science CenterUSAUniversity
156 (222)University of New Mexico Health Sciences CenterUSAHealth
156 (222)Swarthmore CollegeUSAUniversity
156 (222)University of Nebraska, OmahaUSAUniversity
156 (222)Missouri University of Science & TechnologyUSAUniversity
156 (222)San Francisco VA Medical CenterUSAHealth
156 (222)East Tennessee State UniversityUSAUniversity
157 (223)Montclair State UniversityUSAUniversity
157 (223)Western Washington UniversityUSAUniversity
157 (223)Janssen Biotech IncUSACompany
157 (223)University of Minnesota, DuluthUSAUniversity
157 (223)Rowan UniversityUSAUniversity
157 (223)University of San FranciscoUSAUniversity
157 (223)University of North Carolina, WilmingtonUSAUniversity
157 (223)Georgia Southern UniversityUSAUniversity
157 (223)Wesleyan University, MiddletownUSAUniversity
157 (223)Indiana University HealthUSAHealth
157 (223)Sandia National Laboratories, CaliforniaUSAGovernment
157 (223)Grand Valley State UniversityUSAUniversity
157 (223)Smith CollegeUSAUniversity
157 (223)Bucknell UniversityUSAUniversity
157 (223)University of RichmondUSAUniversity
157 (223)Baylor Scott & White HealthUSAHealth
157 (223)University of DaytonUSAUniversity
158 (224)Yeshiva UniversityUSAUniversity
158 (224)University of South DakotaUSAUniversity
158 (224)GlaxoSmithKline, United StatesUSACompany
158 (224)Kaiser Permanente Southern California, PasadenaUSAHealth
158 (224)Clark UniversityUSAUniversity
158 (224)Universities Space Research AssociationUSANon-Profit
158 (224)Kennesaw State UniversityUSAUniversity
158 (224)University of California, Irvine HealthcareUSAHealth
158 (224)Children's Healthcare of Atlanta USAHealth
158 (224)Intermountain HealthcareUSAHealth
158 (224)Fox Chase Cancer CenterUSAHealth
158 (224)Salk Institute for Biological StudiesUSAHealth
158 (224)College of CharlestonUSAUniversity
158 (224)Towson UniversityUSAUniversity
158 (224)Procter & Gamble, USAUSACompany
158 (224)OHSU Knight Cancer InstituteUSAHealth
158 (224)Carleton CollegeUSAUniversity
158 (224)Duquesne UniversityUSAUniversity
158 (224)Texas Christian UniversityUSAUniversity
158 (224)The Catholic University of AmericaUSAUniversity
158 (224)Cleveland State UniversityUSAUniversity
158 (224)University of Alabama, HuntsvilleUSAUniversity
158 (224)Hofstra University *USAUniversity
158 (224)Middlebury CollegeUSAUniversity
159 (225)Mount Sinai HospitalUSAHealth
159 (225)California State University, SacramentoUSAUniversity
159 (225)St Josephs Hospital and Medical Center USAHealth
159 (225)Saint Louis University CareUSAHealth
159 (225)City University of New York, Queens CollegeUSAUniversity
159 (225)Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Los AngelesUSAHealth
159 (225)Albany Medical Center *USAHealth
159 (225)Sam Houston State UniversityUSAUniversity
159 (225)Wellesley CollegeUSAUniversity
159 (225)City University of New York, Brooklyn CollegeUSAUniversity
159 (225)VA Ann Arbor Healthcare SystemUSAHealth
159 (225)California State University, FresnoUSAUniversity
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