70 ranked institutions
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1 (190)Cairo University *EGYUniversityQ1
2 (217)Ain Shams University *EGYUniversityQ1
3 (220)Alexandria University *EGYUniversityQ1
4 (221)Mansoura University *EGYUniversityQ1
5 (224)National Research Centre *EGYGovernmentQ1
6 (229)Zagazig University *EGYUniversityQ1
7 (231)Assiut University *EGYUniversityQ1
8 (233)Al-Azhar University *EGYUniversityQ1
9 (236)Tanta UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
10 (238)Benha University *EGYUniversityQ1
10 (238)Beni Suef University *EGYUniversityQ1
10 (238)Suez Canal University *EGYUniversityQ1
11 (239)Menoufia University *EGYUniversityQ1
11 (239)Helwan University Cairo *EGYUniversityQ1
12 (240)Minia University *EGYUniversityQ1
12 (240)The American University in CairoEGYUniversityQ1
13 (241)Agricultural Research Center Egypt *EGYGovernmentQ1
14 (242)Kafr El-Sheikh UniversityEGYUniversityQ1
15 (243)British University in EgyptEGYUniversityQ2
15 (243)Egypt-Japan University of Science and TechnologyEGYUniversityQ1
16 (244)Sohag University *EGYUniversityQ2
16 (244)Fayoum University *EGYUniversityQ2
17 (245)South Valley University *EGYUniversityQ2
17 (245)Zewail City of Science and TechnologyEGYUniversityQ2
17 (245)Aswan University *EGYUniversityQ2
17 (245)Academy of Scientific Research and Technology *EGYNon-ProfitQ2
17 (245)Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority *EGYGovernmentQ2
18 (246)Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime TransportEGYUniversityQ2
18 (246)Egyptian Network of High Energy PhysicsEGYNon-ProfitQ1
18 (246)Damanhour UniversityEGYUniversityQ2
18 (246)Suez UniversityEGYUniversityQ2
18 (246)City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications *EGYGovernmentQ1
19 (247)German University in CairoEGYUniversityQ2
19 (247)Port Said UniversityEGYUniversityQ2
19 (247)University of Sadat CityEGYUniversityQ2
19 (247)Ministry of Health and Population of EgyptEGYHealthQ2
19 (247)Damietta UniversityEGYUniversityQ3
19 (247)Egyptian Petroleum Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
19 (247)Egyptian National Cancer InstituteEGYHealthQ1
20 (248)Nile UniversityEGYUniversityQ3
20 (248)National Institute of Oceanography and FisheriesEGYGovernmentQ1
20 (248)Egyptian Drug AuthorityEGYGovernmentQ2
20 (248)National Centre for Radiation Research and TechnologyEGYGovernmentQ3
20 (248)October University for Modern Sciences and ArtsEGYUniversityQ2
20 (248)Future University in EgyptEGYUniversityQ2
20 (248)Misr University for Science and TechnologyEGYUniversityQ1
20 (248)Pharos University in AlexandriaEGYUniversityQ1
20 (248)Central Metallurgical Research and Development InstituteEGYGovernmentQ2
20 (248)Animal Health Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
20 (248)Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
20 (248)National Research Institute of Astronomy and GeophysicsEGYGovernmentQ3
21 (249)Assiut University HospitalEGYHealthQ2
21 (249)Military Technical CollegeEGYUniversityQ3
21 (249)Nuclear Research CenterEGYGovernmentQ4
21 (249)October 6 UniversityEGYUniversityQ3
21 (249)Misr International UniversityEGYUniversityQ2
21 (249)Plant Pathology Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
21 (249)Theodor Bilharz Research InstituteEGYHealthQ1
21 (249)Delta University for Science and TechnologyEGYUniversityQ4
21 (249)Nahda UniversityEGYUniversityQ4
21 (249)Desert Research CenterEGYGovernmentQ1
21 (249)Electronics Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ2
21 (249)Hot Laboratory and Waste Management CenterEGYGovernmentQ1
21 (249)Plant Protection Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ3
21 (249)Deraya UniversityEGYUniversityQ3
21 (249)Nuclear Materials AuthorityEGYGovernmentQ3
21 (249)Higher Technological InstituteEGYUniversityQ4
21 (249)Advanced Technology and New Materials Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1
21 (249)National Institute for StandardsEGYGovernmentQ4
21 (249)Environment and Natural Materials Research InstituteEGYGovernmentQ1