59 ranked institutions
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1 (184)King Saud University *SAUUniversityQ1
2 (336)King Abdulaziz University *SAUUniversityQ1
3 (585)Ministry of HealthSAUHealthQ1
4 (792)King Saud University Medical CitySAUHealthQ1
5 (1228)King Khalid UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
6 (1234)King Fahd Medical Research CenterSAUHealthQ1
7 (1268)Umm Al-Qura UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
8 (1280)Taif UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
9 (1363)Princess Nourah bint Abdul Rahman University *SAUUniversityQ1
10 (1375)King Abdulaziz University Hospital, JeddahSAUHealthQ1
11 (1378)Taibah UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
12 (1386)Qassim UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
13 (1697)King Abdullah University of Science and TechnologySAUUniversityQ1
14 (1827)King Faisal UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
15 (1976)Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
16 (2009)King Fahd University of Petroleum and MineralsSAUUniversityQ1
17 (2023)King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre SAUHealthQ1
18 (2088)Jazan UniversitySAUUniversityQ2
19 (2327)Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University *SAUUniversityQ1
20 (2493)Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
21 (2915)Majmaah UniversitySAUUniversityQ2
22 (3212)King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences *SAUUniversityQ1
23 (3302)Tabuk UniversitySAUUniversityQ2
24 (3325)Aljouf UniversitySAUUniversityQ2
25 (3358)Najran UniversitySAUUniversityQ2
26 (3439)University of JeddahSAUUniversityQ2
27 (3469)King Fahad Medical City SAUHealthQ2
28 (3604)Ministry of National Guard - Health AffairsSAUHealthQ2
29 (3609)Saudi Electronic UniversitySAUUniversityQ2
30 (3921)Alfaisal UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
31 (4087)Prince Sultan UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
32 (4142)University of Hafr Al-BatinSAUUniversityQ3
33 (4315)Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd UniversitySAUUniversityQ2
34 (4400)University of BishaSAUUniversityQ3
35 (4507)Northern Border UniversitySAUUniversityQ3
36 (4721)Security Forces Hospital SAUHealthQ2
37 (4740)Albaha UniversitySAUUniversityQ3
38 (4759)King Khaled Eye Specialist HospitalSAUHealthQ3
39 (4864)Shaqra UniversitySAUUniversityQ2
40 (4945)Islamic University of MadinahSAUUniversityQ2
41 (5300)University of HailSAUUniversityQ3
42 (5479)Effat UniversitySAUUniversityQ1
43 (5712)Johns Hopkins Aramco HealthcareSAUHealthQ1
44 (6110)Almaarefa UniversitySAUUniversityQ2
45 (6177)King Abdullah Medical CitySAUHealthQ3
46 (6382)Batterjee Medical CollegeSAUUniversityQ3
47 (6452)King Fahad Specialist Hospital, DammamSAUHealthQ3
48 (6489)King Saud Medical CitySAUHealthQ2
48 (6489)King Abdullah International Medical Research CenterSAUHealthQ1
50 (6590)King Abdulaziz City for Science and TechnologySAUGovernmentQ1
51 (6839)King Abdulaziz Medical City, RiyadhSAUHealthQ2
52 (6983)Saudi Arabian Oil Co, Saudi ArabiaSAUCompanyQ1
53 (6998)Prince Sultan Military College of Health SciencesSAUUniversityQ3
54 (7153)Prince Sultan Military Medical CitySAUHealthQ2
55 (7340)King Abdulaziz Medical City, JeddahSAUHealthQ3
56 (7424)King Fahd University Hospital, KhobarSAUHealthQ3
57 (7660)Exploration and Petroleum Engineering Advanced Research Center, SAUSAUCompanyQ1
58 (7961)Riyadh Elm UniversitySAUUniversityQ4
59 (8956)King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable EnergySAUGovernmentQ1