28 ranked institutions
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1 (495)BioMediTechFINGovernment
2 (558)Simula Research LaboratoryNORGovernment
3 (596)National Veterinary InstituteNORGovernment
4 (601)National Veterinary Institute SwedenSWEGovernment
5 (662)National Research Centre for the Working EnvironmentDNKGovernment
6 (663)Norwegian Institute for Air ResearchNORGovernment
7 (675)Helsinki Institute of PhysicsFINGovernment
8 (677)Cancer Registry of Norway Institute of Population-Based Cancer ResearchNORGovernment
9 (679)Institute for Energy TechnologyNORGovernment
10 (680)The Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle PhysicsSWEGovernment
11 (683)Institute of Marine ResearchNORGovernment
12 (687)NOFIMANORGovernment
13 (688)Stockholm Environment InstituteSWEGovernment
14 (698)Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological InstituteSWEGovernment
15 (699)Norwegian Institute for Water ResearchNORGovernment
15 (699)Onsala Space ObservatorySWEGovernment
16 (708)Norwegian Polar InstituteNORGovernment
16 (708)Finnish Meteorological InstituteFINGovernment
17 (712)Norwegian Institute for Nature ResearchNORGovernment
18 (714)Swedish Research Council *SWEGovernment
19 (720)Finnish Environment InstituteFINGovernment
20 (724)Swedish Museum of Natural HistorySWEGovernment
21 (745)Statens Institut for FolkesundhedDNKGovernment
22 (746)Geological Survey of Denmark and GreenlandDNKGovernment
23 (754)Swedish Defence Research AgencySWEGovernment
24 (776)Norwegian Geotechnical InstituteNORGovernment
25 (797)Swedish Institute of Space PhysicsSWEGovernment
26 (807)Geological Survey of NorwayNORGovernment