34 ranked institutions
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1 (1268)National Veterinary Institute SwedenSWEGovernmentQ1
2 (1605)Simula Research LaboratoryNORGovernmentQ1
3 (1946)Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture ResearchNORGovernmentQ1
4 (2116)RISE Research Institutes of Sweden *SWEGovernmentQ1
5 (2170)National Veterinary InstituteNORGovernmentQ1
6 (2226)Norwegian Institute for Air ResearchNORGovernmentQ1
7 (2235)The Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle PhysicsSWEGovernmentQ1
8 (2585)Helsinki Institute of PhysicsFINGovernmentQ1
9 (2702)Institute of Marine ResearchNORGovernmentQ1
10 (2779)Finnish Environment InstituteFINGovernmentQ1
11 (2821)Institute for Energy TechnologyNORGovernmentQ1
12 (2876)Cancer Registry of Norway Institute of Population-Based Cancer ResearchNORGovernmentQ2
13 (2896)Bjerknes Centre for Climate ResearchNORGovernmentQ1
14 (2996)Region StockholmSWEGovernmentQ2
15 (3019)National Research Centre for the Working EnvironmentDNKGovernmentQ3
16 (3022)Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological InstituteSWEGovernmentQ2
17 (3058)Stockholm Environment InstituteSWEGovernmentQ2
18 (3169)Finnish Meteorological InstituteFINGovernmentQ2
19 (3173)Norwegian Polar InstituteNORGovernmentQ1
20 (3219)Natural Resources Institute FinlandFINGovernmentQ3
21 (3267)Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy ResearchNORGovernmentQ2
22 (3320)Statens Institut for FolkesundhedDNKGovernmentQ3
23 (3395)Norwegian Institute for Nature ResearchNORGovernmentQ1
24 (3453)Norwegian Institute for Water ResearchNORGovernmentQ2
25 (3869)International Peace Research Institute OsloNORGovernmentQ2
26 (4030)Swedish Museum of Natural HistorySWEGovernmentQ3
27 (4371)Swedish Research Council *SWEGovernmentQ2
28 (4462)Onsala Space ObservatorySWEGovernmentQ2
29 (4574)Geological Survey of FinlandFINGovernmentQ3
30 (4594)Swedish Institute of Space PhysicsSWEGovernmentQ3
31 (4626)Norwegian Geotechnical InstituteNORGovernmentQ3
32 (4739)Geological Survey of Denmark and GreenlandDNKGovernmentQ3
33 (5431)Geological Survey of NorwayNORGovernmentQ3
34 (6080)Swedish Defence Research AgencySWEGovernmentQ3