14 ranked institutions
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1 (306)University of ZagrebHRVUniversityQ1
2 (2093)University of SplitHRVUniversityQ1
3 (2347)Ruder Boskovic Institute *HRVGovernmentQ1
4 (2643)University of RijekaHRVUniversityQ1
5 (3754)Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of OsijekHRVUniversityQ1
6 (4548)Clinical Hospital Center SplitHRVHealthQ2
7 (4663)University Hospital Centre ZagrebHRVHealthQ1
8 (4831)Clinical Hospital DubravaHRVHealthQ2
9 (4956)University of ZadarHRVUniversityQ2
10 (5301)Catholic University of CroatiaHRVUniversityQ3
11 (5319)Clinical Hospital Centre RijekaHRVHealthQ3
12 (5454)Sisters of Charity Hospital, ZagrebHRVHealthQ3
13 (5575)Institute for Medical Research and Occupational HealthHRVHealthQ1
14 (6833)Clinical Hospital Sveti DuhHRVHealthQ3