114 ranked institutions
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1 (162)National Taiwan UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
2 (262)Academia Sinica *TWNGovernmentQ1
3 (296)China Medical University, Taichung *TWNUniversityQ1
4 (300)Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei *TWNHealthQ1
5 (308)Chang Gung UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
6 (309)National Yang-Ming UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
7 (310)National Cheng Kung UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
8 (316)National Taiwan University HospitalTWNHealthQ1
9 (335)Taipei Medical UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
10 (336)China Medical University HospitalTWNHealthQ1
11 (337)National Tsing Hua UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
12 (346)Taipei Veterans General HospitalTWNHealthQ1
12 (346)Institute of Astrophysics and Astronomy, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
13 (347)Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, TaoyuanTWNHealthQ1
14 (350)Kaohsiung Medical UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
15 (352)National Chiao Tung UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
16 (354)Institute of Biomedical Science, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
17 (358)National Health Research InstitutesTWNHealthQ1
18 (363)Chung-Ho Memorial HospitalTWNHealthQ1
18 (363)Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, KaohsiungTWNHealthQ1
19 (368)National Defense Medical CenterTWNHealthQ1
20 (371)Linkou Chang Gung Memorial HospitalTWNHealthQ1
21 (374)Genomics Research Center, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
22 (377)Chung Shan Medical UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
23 (379)Biodiversity Research Center, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
24 (380)Mackay Medical CollegeTWNUniversityQ1
24 (380)Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, ChiayiTWNHealthQ1
25 (383)Mackay Memorial HospitalTWNHealthQ1
26 (384)Tri-Service General HospitalTWNHealthQ1
26 (384)Taipei Medical University HospitalTWNHealthQ1
26 (384)Chung Shan Medical University HospitalTWNHealthQ1
27 (385)National Cheng Kung University HospitalTWNHealthQ2
27 (385)National Chung Hsing UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
27 (385)Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, KeelungTWNHealthQ2
28 (386)Buddhist Tzu Chi General HospitalTWNHealthQ2
28 (386)Tzu Chi UniversityTWNUniversityQ2
29 (387)Taichung Veterans General HospitalTWNHealthQ2
29 (387)Wan Fang HospitalTWNHealthQ2
30 (388)Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
31 (390)National Central UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
32 (392)Changhua Christian HospitalTWNHealthQ2
33 (398)Chi Mei Medical CenterTWNHealthQ2
33 (398)National Sun Yat-sen UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
34 (399)National Taiwan Normal UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
34 (399)Shuang Ho HospitalTWNHealthQ1
34 (399)Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial HospitalTWNHealthQ2
34 (399)Kaohsiung Veterans General HospitalTWNHealthQ2
35 (400)Taipei City HospitalTWNHealthQ2
36 (401)Chang Gung University of Science and TechnologyTWNUniversityQ2
37 (403)Asia University, TaiwanTWNUniversityQ1
37 (403)National Taiwan University of Science and TechnologyTWNUniversityQ1
38 (405)Institute of Physics, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ2
39 (406)Far Eastern Memorial HospitalTWNHealthQ2
40 (408)Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and ScienceTWNUniversityQ2
41 (411)Fu Jen Catholic UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
42 (415)Cathay General HospitalTWNHealthQ2
43 (419)Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
44 (421)National Taipei University of TechnologyTWNUniversityQ2
45 (426)Institute of Chemistry, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
46 (427)Hung Kuang UniversityTWNUniversityQ2
47 (428)I-Shou UniversityTWNUniversityQ2
48 (431)Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.TWNCompanyQ1
49 (438)National Taipei College of NursingTWNUniversityQ3
50 (439)National Center for Theoretical SciencesTWNUniversityQ3
50 (439)National Dong Hwa UniversityTWNUniversityQ2
51 (448)National Taiwan Ocean UniversityTWNUniversityQ2
52 (449)Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ3
52 (449)National Kaohsiung University of Science and TechnologyTWNUniversityQ2
52 (449)Da-Yeh UniversityTWNUniversityQ3
52 (449)Chung Yuan Christian UniversityTWNUniversityQ2
53 (451)Fooyin UniversityTWNUniversityQ3
53 (451)National Pingtung University of Science and TechnologyTWNUniversityQ2
54 (453)Feng Chia UniversityTWNUniversityQ2
55 (454)Institute of Information Science, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
56 (455)Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
56 (455)Chang Jung Christian UniversityTWNUniversityQ3
57 (456)Ming Chi University of TechnologyTWNUniversityQ3
58 (457)Tamkang UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
59 (459)National Chung Cheng UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
59 (459)Yuan-Ze UniversityTWNUniversityQ2
60 (460)Chinese Culture UniversityTWNUniversityQ3
60 (460)National Chiayi UniversityTWNUniversityQ2
61 (461)National Changhua University of EducationTWNUniversityQ2
62 (462)Central Taiwan University of Science and TechnologyTWNUniversityQ2
63 (463)Southern Taiwan University of Science and TechnologyTWNUniversityQ3
63 (463)National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center TaiwanTWNGovernmentQ3
63 (463)Tunghai UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
64 (464)National Taipei UniversityTWNUniversityQ3
65 (466)University of TaipeiTWNUniversityQ4
66 (467)National Chengchi UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
66 (467)Providence UniversityTWNUniversityQ3
67 (470)Tatung UniversityTWNUniversityQ2
67 (470)National Kaohsiung Normal UniversityTWNUniversityQ3
68 (473)Chaoyang University of TechnologyTWNUniversityQ3
69 (475)Cheng Shiu UniversityTWNUniversityQ4
70 (476)Soochow University, TaipeiTWNUniversityQ3
71 (479)National Applied Research LaboratoriesTWNNon-ProfitQ2
72 (480)National Ilan UniversityTWNUniversityQ2
73 (481)Industrial Technology Research Institute of TaiwanTWNGovernmentQ1
73 (481)National Chin-Yi University of TechnologyTWNUniversityQ3
73 (481)Ming Chuan UniversityTWNUniversityQ2
74 (482)National Formosa UniversityTWNUniversityQ3
75 (483)National University of TainanTWNUniversityQ3
75 (483)National University of KaohsiungTWNUniversityQ3
76 (484)Lunghwa University of Science and TechnologyTWNUniversityQ4
76 (484)National Taichung University of Science and TechnologyTWNUniversityQ4
77 (486)National Pingtung UniversityTWNUniversityQ3
77 (486)National Yunlin University of Science and TechnologyTWNUniversityQ2
78 (490)National Chi Nan UniversityTWNUniversityQ2
79 (491)National Defense UniversityTWNUniversityQ4
79 (491)Chung-Hua UniversityTWNUniversityQ4
79 (491)Institute of Nuclear Energy ResearchTWNGovernmentQ1
80 (493)National United UniversityTWNUniversityQ3
81 (501)Kun Shan UniversityTWNUniversityQ2