13 ranked institutions
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1 (939)Vilnius Gediminas Technical UniversityLTUUniversityQ1
2 (2343)Kaunas University of Technology LTUUniversityQ1
3 (2779)Vilnius UniversityLTUUniversityQ1
4 (3085)Lithuanian University of Health SciencesLTUUniversityQ1
5 (3160)Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and ForestryLTUGovernmentQ2
6 (3545)Vytautas Magnus UniversityLTUUniversityQ2
7 (4548)Mykolo Romerio UniversitetasLTUUniversityQ2
8 (5247)Lithuanian Academy of Sciences *LTUGovernmentQ3
9 (5326)Lithuanian Sports UniversityLTUUniversityQ3
10 (5493)Nature Research CentreLTUGovernmentQ3
11 (5568)Klaipeda UniversityLTUUniversityQ2
12 (6143)Center for Physical Sciences and TechnologyLTUGovernmentQ1
13 (6199)Lithuanian Energy InstituteLTUGovernmentQ2