18 ranked institutions
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1 (372)Bulgarian Academy of Sciences *BGRGovernmentQ1
2 (394)Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGRGovernmentQ1
3 (424)Sofia UniversityBGRUniversityQ1
4 (432)University of Chemical Technology and MetallurgyBGRUniversityQ1
5 (437)University of Plovdiv Paisii HilendarskiBGRUniversityQ1
6 (443)Institute of Mathematics and Informatics Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGRGovernmentQ2
7 (444)Medical University - PlovdivBGRUniversityQ2
8 (446)Medical University of Sofia *BGRUniversityQ1
9 (451)Academician Emil Djakov Institute of Electronics Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGRGovernmentQ1
10 (465)Trakia UniversityBGRUniversityQ1
11 (469)Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystems Research Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGRGovernmentQ2
12 (471)Institute of Information and Communication Technologies Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGRGovernmentQ3
13 (472)University of RousseBGRUniversityQ3
14 (477)Technical University of SofiaBGRUniversityQ2
15 (480)Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGRGovernmentQ1
15 (480)Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBGRGovernmentQ3
16 (486)Technical University of VarnaBGRUniversityQ4
17 (487)South West University Neofit RilskiBGRUniversityQ3