58 ranked institutions
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1 (334)Quaid-i-Azam UniversityPAKUniversity
1 (334)COMSATS Institute of Information Technology *PAKUniversity
2 (377)International Islamic UniversityPAKUniversity
3 (397)Aga Khan University *PAKUniversity
4 (398)University of AgriculturePAKUniversity
4 (398)University of the Punjab, LahorePAKUniversity
5 (400)University of Veterinary and Animal SciencesPAKUniversity
6 (402)Abdul Wali Khan UniversityPAKUniversity
7 (403)National University of Science and Technology, IslamabadPAKUniversity
8 (404)University of Agriculture, FaisalabadPAKUniversity
9 (410)Government College University, FaisalabadPAKUniversity
10 (418)The Islamia University of BahawalpurPAKUniversity
11 (423)University of Arid AgriculturePAKUniversity
12 (424)University of MalakandPAKUniversity
13 (426)Bahauddin Zakariya UniversityPAKUniversity
14 (429)Kohat University of Science and TechnologyPAKUniversity
14 (429)Mirpur University of Science & TechnologyPAKUniversity
15 (432)Bahria UniversityPAKUniversity
16 (433)University of KarachiPAKUniversity
17 (434)University of Management and TechnologyPAKUniversity
18 (435)University of PeshawarPAKUniversity
19 (437)University of Engineering and Technology, TaxilaPAKUniversity
20 (439)University of SargodhaPAKUniversity
21 (440)Hazara UniversityPAKUniversity
22 (441)University of Central PunjabPAKUniversity
23 (442)University of BalochistanPAKUniversity
24 (443)Mehran University of Engineering and Technology JamshoroPAKUniversity
24 (443)Mohammad Ali Jinnah UniversityPAKUniversity
25 (444)National University of Computer and Emerging SciencesPAKUniversity
26 (445)University of Azad Jammu and KashmirPAKUniversity
26 (445)North West Frontier Province University of Engineering and TechnologyPAKUniversity
27 (450)University of Engineering and Technology, LahorePAKUniversity
28 (453)Lahore College for Women UniversityPAKUniversity
28 (453)University of Health SciencesPAKUniversity
28 (453)Islamia College PeshawarPAKUniversity
29 (455)Aga Khan University Hospital, KarachiPAKHealth
30 (456)Government College University, LahorePAKUniversity
31 (457)Riphah International UniversityPAKUniversity
31 (457)Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission *PAKGovernment
31 (457)The University of LahorePAKUniversity
31 (457)Gomal UniversityPAKUniversity
32 (459)Lahore University of Management SciencesPAKUniversity
33 (461)NED University of Engineering and TechnologyPAKUniversity
33 (461)Dow University of Health SciencesPAKUniversity
34 (463)University of GujratPAKUniversity
34 (463)National Textile UniversityPAKUniversity
35 (464)Institute of Space TechnologyPAKUniversity
36 (466)University of SindhPAKUniversity
37 (469)Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied SciencesPAKUniversity
38 (470)Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management SciencesPAKUniversity
39 (471)King Edward Medical UniversityPAKUniversity
40 (472)Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and TechnologyPAKUniversity
41 (476)Air UniversityPAKUniversity
41 (476)Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and TechnologyPAKUniversity
42 (478)Information Technology UniversityPAKUniversity
43 (485)Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial ResearchPAKGovernment
43 (485)Khyber Medical College *PAKUniversity
44 (492)Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and TechnologyPAKUniversity