45 ranked institutions
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1 (929)Simula Research LaboratoryNORGovernmentQ1
2 (1693)Oslo University HospitalNORHealthQ1
3 (1752)Institute for Energy TechnologyNORGovernmentQ1
4 (2344)Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture ResearchNORGovernmentQ1
5 (2370)Equinor ASA, NorwayNORCompanyQ1
6 (2508)University of OsloNORUniversityQ1
7 (2578)Norwegian University of Science and TechnologyNORUniversityQ1
8 (2772)Haukeland University HospitalNORHealthQ1
9 (2932)National Veterinary InstituteNORGovernmentQ1
10 (3153)St. Olavs University HospitalNORHealthQ1
11 (3520)Stavanger University HospitalNORHealthQ1
12 (3758)University of BergenNORUniversityQ1
13 (3791)SINTEF GroupNORCompanyQ2
14 (3847)Cancer Registry of Norway Institute of Population-Based Cancer ResearchNORGovernmentQ2
14 (3847)Norwegian University of Life SciencesNORUniversityQ1
16 (4089)University Hospital of Northern NorwayNORHealthQ2
17 (4105)Akershus University HospitalNORHealthQ1
18 (4135)University of Tromso - The Arctic University of NorwayNORUniversityQ1
19 (4644)Kristiania University CollegeNORUniversityQ2
20 (4655)University of StavangerNORUniversityQ1
21 (4678)Diakonhjemmet HospitalNORHealthQ2
22 (4759)Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy ResearchNORGovernmentQ2
23 (4858)University of South-Eastern NorwayNORUniversityQ2
24 (4930)Ostfold University CollegeNORUniversityQ3
25 (5102)Nord UniversityNORUniversityQ2
26 (5821)University of AgderNORUniversityQ2
27 (5906)Oslo Metropolitan UniversityNORUniversityQ1
27 (5906)Norwegian Institute for Air ResearchNORGovernmentQ1
29 (6218)Norwegian Geotechnical InstituteNORGovernmentQ3
30 (6332)Norwegian Institute of Public HealthNORHealthQ1
31 (6515)Institute of Marine ResearchNORGovernmentQ1
32 (6588)Norwegian Institute for Water ResearchNORGovernmentQ2
33 (6606)Western Norway University of Applied SciencesNORUniversityQ2
34 (7370)Norwegian School of Sport SciencesNORUniversityQ2
35 (7494)University Centre in SvalbardNORUniversityQ4
36 (7610)Norwegian School of EconomicsNORUniversityQ3
37 (7682)Molde University CollegeNORUniversityQ4
38 (7786)Geological Survey of NorwayNORGovernmentQ3
39 (8019)Inland Norway University of Applied SciencesNORUniversityQ3
40 (8083)Norwegian Polar InstituteNORGovernmentQ1
40 (8083)BI Norwegian Business SchoolNORUniversityQ3
40 (8083)International Peace Research Institute OsloNORGovernmentQ2
40 (8083)Bjerknes Centre for Climate ResearchNORGovernmentQ1
40 (8083)VID Specialized UniversityNORUniversityQ4
40 (8083)Norwegian Institute for Nature ResearchNORGovernmentQ1