44 ranked institutions
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1 (850)Institute of Molecular Biology and BiotechnologyGRCGovernmentQ1
2 (1698)Institute of Computer ScienceGRCGovernmentQ1
2 (1698)Centre for Research and Technology HellasGRCGovernmentQ1
4 (1780)Academy of AthensGRCGovernmentQ1
5 (1909)Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas *GRCGovernmentQ1
6 (1914)Athens University of Economics and BusinessGRCUniversityQ1
7 (2099)Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Chemical ProcessesGRCGovernmentQ1
8 (2716)Institute of Electronic Structure and LaserGRCGovernmentQ1
9 (3062)University of CreteGRCUniversityQ1
10 (3117)University of AthensGRCUniversityQ1
11 (3153)Heraklion University General HospitalGRCHealthQ1
12 (3174)Attikon Athens University HospitalGRCHealthQ2
13 (3196)Demokritos, National Centre for Scientific ResearchGRCGovernmentQ1
14 (3378)University of PeloponneseGRCUniversityQ2
15 (3705)Aristotle University of ThessalonikiGRCUniversityQ1
16 (3709)University of ThessalyGRCUniversityQ1
17 (3820)Technical University of CreteGRCUniversityQ2
18 (4091)National Hellenic Research FoundationGRCGovernmentQ2
19 (4153)University of PatrasGRCUniversityQ1
20 (4159)University of PiraeusGRCUniversityQ2
21 (4255)Hellenic Mediterranean UniversityGRCUniversityQ2
22 (4264)National Technical University of AthensGRCUniversityQ1
23 (4469)Aghia Sophia Children's HospitalGRCHealthQ3
24 (4663)Harokopio UniversityGRCUniversityQ3
25 (4675)University Hospital of LarissaGRCHealthQ3
26 (4816)University of IoanninaGRCUniversityQ1
27 (4974)General University Hospital of PatrasGRCHealthQ3
28 (5244)International Hellenic UniversityGRCUniversityQ2
29 (5372)Democritus University Of ThraceGRCUniversityQ1
30 (5609)General Hospital of Athens LaikoGRCHealthQ2
31 (5983)University General Hospital of Thessaloniki AHEPAGRCHealthQ3
32 (6013)Hippokration General HospitalGRCHealthQ3
33 (6117)Agricultural University of AthensGRCUniversityQ1
34 (6154)University of Western MacedoniaGRCUniversityQ2
35 (6198)University of West AtticaGRCUniversityQ1
36 (6362)Evaggelismos HospitalGRCHealthQ2
37 (6371)Aegean UniversityGRCUniversityQ1
38 (6448)University Hospital of IoanninaGRCHealthQ4
39 (6519)Ionian UniversityGRCUniversityQ3
40 (7784)University of MacedoniaGRCUniversityQ2
41 (8152)National Observatory of AthensGRCGovernmentQ1
42 (8431)Hellenic Open UniversityGRCUniversityQ2
43 (8769)Panteion University of Social and Political SciencesGRCUniversityQ2
43 (8769)School of Pedagogical and Technological EducationGRCUniversityQ1