13 ranked institutions
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1 (4942)University of BelgradeSRBUniversityQ1
2 (5222)University of KragujevacSRBUniversityQ1
3 (5270)University of Novi SadSRBUniversityQ1
4 (5473)Clinical Center of SerbiaSRBHealthQ2
5 (6042)University of NisSRBUniversityQ1
6 (6486)Institute of Field and Vegetable CropsSRBGovernmentQ2
7 (6932)Univerzitet SingidunumSRBUniversityQ1
8 (7154)Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts *SRBGovernmentQ2
9 (7511)Military Academy *SRBUniversityQ3
10 (7561)Military Medical AcademySRBHealthQ2
11 (7645)Clinical Center of VojvodinaSRBHealthQ4
12 (7908)University of Defence *SRBUniversityQ2
13 (8083)Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and ArtsSRBGovernmentQ3